Maggie Gill To Implement Significant Changes At Memorial

On Mar. 31, 2011, Margaret “Maggie” Gill was named president/CEO of Memorial University Medical Center. The board of directors appointed Gill permanent president after removing Philip Schaengold on Jan. 5. “We were very impressed with Maggie’s performance over the last three months,” said board chair J.C. Lewis III.


The 16-member board was unanimous in their vote. The board is currently finalizing Gill’s contract, which should be completed by next week.


Gill says she is very encouraged by all the support. She was briefly named interim president for three months after the ouster of Schaengold. “I am looking forward to taking on all of the challenges that come along with my new position,” said Gill.


Gill, 39, joined Memorial in 2004 as vice-president of finance and managed care. She was named COO in 2005. The board agreed to relieve Schaengold of his duties due to mismanagement and complaints from frustrated staff members.


According to an interview with the Morning News, Gill says her objectives are to adhere to the core values that make the hospital great. “Providing quality care and addressing the concerns of patients and their families is first and foremost,” said Gill.


“The only way I can make headway is to listen,” said Gill. She has already made some changes within the leadership team. The billing and collections department was also in need of an overhaul. The new strategic plan will do a better job of addressing questions and concerns of staff. There will also be much-needed emphasis placed on team relations.

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