Dr. Avi Weisfogel’s Dental Sleep Master Program


Maybe you came across a promotional material about Dr Avi Weisfogel and his very effective method of treating sleep apnea. You maybe searching now to know more about Dr Weisfogel and his model for helping patients suffering from sleep apnea. I want to let you know that you are at the right place. This article will tell you all you will like to know about Dr Avi Weisfogel and Dental Sleep Master program.

What is sleeping apnea?

Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder that causes you to experience one or more pauses in breath, or shallow breath while sleeping. Some of the common symptoms of apnea are snoring, hard breathing, and choking noises during sleep. It is an under diagnosed disorder.

Who is Dr Avi Weisfogel?

Dr Avi Weisfogel is the founder of Dental Sleep Masters, a firm that specializes in treating various types of sleeping disorders. He is a dentist with an extensive experience in the field of sleep disorders treatment. Dr Avi Weisfogel graduated from Rutgers University with BA in Biology, then got his dental degree [ DDS ] from New York University. He started his first dental practice at Old Bridge Dental Care. Dr Avi Weisfogel practiced for over 15 years at Old Brigde Dental Care; a period during which he won many accolades from the community. While he was at Old Bridge, Dr Weisfogel carried out researches about sleep disorders and effective ways of treating them.

Dr Weisfogel’s Dental Sleep Master Program

Dental sleep master program is a sleep apnea treatment regiment which gives sleep disorder patients a platform to receive treatment from a physician in a positive environment. The program uses cutting-edge science and technology developed through many years of Dr Avi Weisfogel’s research. The model guarantees patient treatment compliance to 90%, a level that is impossible to attain previously.


Dr Avi Weisfogel’s Dental Sleep Master program gives you the sleep disorder solution you are looking for. Try it out today!



Stephen Rotella Takes His Financial Expertise to LIFT

Stephen Rotella, the current president of SCP (Stone Castle Partners) LLC, and renowned philanthropist, was recently appointed to a superior post at a prestigious company. LIFT announced that Rotella would be the new chair of their national board following after outgoing Chairman Micheal Gilligan. Making the announcement, LIFT CEO, Kirsten Lodal said that they were excited to pass the mantle of leadership from one remarkable professional to another at a defining moment in the history of the company. Steve was formerly the chair of their development committee and was lauded for his credible advice as LIFT dealt with the issue of poverty.



In response to his appointment, Stephen expressed his gratitude towards being appointed to a position where he would make a difference in people’s lives. The addition of Stephen to the LIFT organization brings some fresh ideas and insight into the management of the charity.



About Stephen Rotella



Steve has over 30 years experience in strategic and operational leadership with a focus in financial services. His expertise includes retail banking, asset management, marketing, and organizational development. Steve is also known for his role in helping the underprivileged in community and for promoting the arts. He has served on numerous boards including the Seattle Foundation, BalletMet Columbus, and YouthCare. He is also supports Jazz at the Lincoln Center.



Stephen Rotella formerly worked at Chase Mortgage as CEO, it is here that he grew to become the best in finance management. His role was to ensure Chase Mortgage was able to fund many loans. In the days Stephen worked as CEO at Chase Mortgage, the loan rates and terms were good. Stephen later advanced his career by starting StoneCastle. This company is a lending firm that offers short term loans to businesses or other individuals who are interested in financial investments. Furthermore any business that has a cash shortage and is in dire need of a cash advance, can contact StoneCastle for assistance. Stephen’s new position at LIFT is a demonstration of his dedication towards helping others. His charitable works are all in line with his intentions of offering financial empowerment to change the lives of people.


End Citizen United Making their Name a Reality

In 2010, the United States Supreme Court made a ruling that will alter the American Election for years to come. The Court established that corporations are people and thus they should be allowed to make contributions towards the election. The ruling has paved the way for the billionaires to contribute untraceable money toward the elections. The rich will be able to alter the elections to their advantage.
That means there will be no accountability and transparency amongst the politicians and the leaders of the Country. According to the End Citizen United, elections need to be democratic as that is the only ticket that the people have a better life.
End Citizen United, established in 2015, want to fight back. Their goal is to pass a constitutional amendment to reverse the Supreme Court ruling. The Court was responding to a case that was presented by Citizen United. Citizen United are conservatives, and that means that they support the Republicans. The group wanted to air a documentary about Hilary Clinton. Airing the documentary would have been a violation of the United States Constitution.
End Citizen United has established a goal of raising $25 million towards the cause. The PAC was able to raise $2 million within the first month. They had also gained 325,000 signatures from different people who support the vision.
The PAC is Democrat support, and they participated in the various campaigns. The group also helps all the other individuals who are against the Supreme Court ruling. It is ironic that End Citizen United are not supporting the Republicans. They, however, stated that they wanted to support leaders whose dreams aligned with their ambition.
The move to have the constitution amended is a long short according to the analysts. The constitution has not been amended since 1992. It is, therefore, going to take a lot of effort to have that dream achieved. The critics say that it is a pipe dream as the members of the Congress may be not inclined to change. It is not a matter of money: the group can raise $100 million and still nothing will be done.
Whether or not the Group succeeds one thing is very clear, they have significantly improved the community through education. Today, many people know about the court ruling because of End Citizen United’s efforts.
The main activists aligned to the group are from the grassroots. It is a strategy that has enabled them to reach many people.
The mission of the Group is to:
ü Elect leaders who are reformers who will overturn the ruling
ü Raise the money issue as a national threat
ü Demonstrate political power on the issues by targeting the grassroots

Vinny Parascandola: Leads The Team at AXA Advisors With Confidence

AXA advisors, a French multinational insurance firm, has been providing help and supporting families and small business’s to take mini, manageable steps towards financial freedom since the early 1800’s. Founded by Henry Hyde, AXA has locations worldwide including areas like the United States, Canada, the UK, Mexico, Asia Pacific, Africa, the Isle of Man, and its main headquarters which are found in Paris, France. AXA is not an acronym for anything but was created for its ease of use in multiple languages. The company has many philanthropic pursuits and one of these is AXA Hearts in Action. This program helps to create a culture of trust, community engagement, achievement, and collaboration and is run by teams of volunteers across the United States that donate their energy and time by assisting local nonprofit organizations. More specifically it focuses on disaster preparedness, environmental sustainability, health and/or disease prevention, financial education, accident prevention, and at-risk youth.

At the head of AXA Advisors is the Senior Executive Vice President Vinny Parascandola who brings with him over 25 years of experience in the insurance industry. Vinny takes care of developing experienced and new financial professionals, sales, management development, retention, recruiting, and productivity at AXA and has won many awards for his excellent business acumen and awareness. Two of these were the GAMA’s Career Development and Master Agency awards and he accepted them with humility. Anyone who works with Vinny will tell you that his commitment to providing high quality insurance and taking care of real people are second to none.

Vinny Parascandola started out as an agent with Prudential, in 1987, and he was named National Rookie of the Year. After Prudential, Vincent held numerous regional and local field management positions at MONY Life Insurance Company. Before becoming the Senior Vice President of AXA Advisors, he was president of The Advantage Group, which is a division of AXA Equitable that was formed to bring in experienced financial professionals. Vinny Parascandola earned his Bachelor’s degree in computer science from Pace University, New York. He is an alumnus there and returned in 2014 to give a commencement speech to the class that was graduating at the time.


Desiree Perez’s Contribution To The Renaissance Of Tidal In 2016

In 2016, Tidal’s rapid improvement was visible in the iTunes store ratings, right after The Life of Pablo, Kanye West’s album. Since the 2nd of February 2017, Tidal has opened more than one million trial members to its database. Before the rise, Tidal was undergoing a massive fail and following resignations from its top executives. One of the recent app’s administrators includes Jeff Toig, who also worked as the chief business officer at Soundcloud. After his resignation, Tidal experienced the sudden resurrection from failure by showcasing album debuts from major artists. Sources close to Tidal’s owner, Jay-Z, disclosed the Desiree Perez orchestrated the serial album exclusives, higher ratings, and increased profitability.  See crunchbase.com.

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Jay-Z added Desiree Perez to the enterprise’s administrative team for more than just her illustrative leadership career. Desiree is a long time manager of SC Enterprise which she co-runs with her husband, OG Juan Perez. Desiree is a member of the Hova Circle and has substantial knowledge of the details of managing Jay Z’s app. She has a long history of associating with Jay-Z and principal singers such a Rihanna, Kanye West, T.I and Beyoncé. Desiree pulled strings during the planning of Beyoncé’s Formation Tour to reach an amicable negotiation solution. She uses her husband’s influence to sharpen her skills in managing artists and dealings in the music industry. Desiree has worked with Jay-Z for years and helped him transition into the music industry, as she is helping him transition into music commercialization. Jay-Z began gained music interest at a young age after overcoming the hardships of growing up with gang violence, poverty, and drugs. In 1989, he teamed up with Jaz-O to receive mentorship and inspiration. More recently, he proved his business skills in music by promoting the album, Watch the Throne. Jay-Z is determined to rival Spotify and Apple music with the trusted services of Desiree Perez.  Source:  templeofthecave.com


Check this  http://www.complex.com/music/2016/03/tidal-reveals-kanye-west-the-life-of-pablo-streaming-numbers

White Shark Media: How Pay-Per-Click Campaign Management Works


If you are in need of fast traffic to your business or offers, it is advisable to explore White Shark Media’s pay per click advertising solutions.


White Shark Media has been a trusted provider of advertising services for years and has countless clients around the world. The company caters to the needs of small and medium sized companies, and receives raving reviews due to their superior services.


PPC advertising offers a way to jump to the top position on Google and Bing platforms – a faster route to attracting leads than SEO technique, because with the right approach, you can have immediate exposure for even the most lucrative and competitive keywords.


White Shark Media provides real-time tracking and reporting of sales leads help clients make critical adjustments to their project quicker and more productively than ever before. Their pay-per-click organization assigns a dedicated account manager to the client’s ad campaign, an individual with Pay Per Click competence as well as remarkable project management and communication skills.


And also since their PPC solutions start producing very targeted traffic to your website instantly, in most cases you begin making sales before you even have to pay for the pay per click advertising expenses. You just can not find a better internet marketing strategy for your firm compared to White Shark Media’s PPC management solutions.


Maintaining outstanding service requires them to be careful and practical in picking clients. The ad campaign specialists will take the time to examine your business, budget plan and also goals before they work out terms. Check out White Shark Media and request a free consultation with one of their professionals.


Their account manager handles the monitoring of all project activities and is the client’s main point of contact for regular communications and account reviews.



Desiree Perez is Resurrecting Tidal

Tidal, which is the company owned by Jay-Z is making huge strides regarding music streaming. With the Kanye West’s album The Life of Pablo, the company is achieving success. The album is available on Tidal, and music lovers can access it. It is the album that contributed in pushing the Tidal app to the highest level of sales on the iTunes store. In just a few days, there were millions of users signing up as trial members. Jay-Z and other co-owners made the best decisions to seek the services of Desiree Perez who is also making Tidal famous. Check this on  templeofthecave.com


The app is co-owned by others stars such as Kanye West, Beyonce, T.I and Rihanna. Since there are other big names in the industry such as Apple and Spotify, such artists make the company achieve competitive advantage over the Giants. It is because of willing customers who want to sign up to listen to the music of such big names in the entertainment scene. Also, the decision of Jay-Z to work with Desiree is making the app attractive and more people are signing in as users.  Source: musicbusinessworldwide.com


Desiree Perez is an experienced businessman and having run her own business. She knows what it takes to make enterprises to the top in the market. She has also run Jay-Z’s company SC Enterprises, and they also work with her husband Juan Perez to run Roc Nation Sports which is Jay-Z’s sports agency. Many people know the woman as a tough negotiator with experience in the music world as well as football. She has had success in negotiating the Formation tour for Beyoncé. She is also the one who helped Rihanna when she was sealing a deal with Samsung. Meanwhile, she is helped Jay-Z in the management of the 40/40 Club in Manhattan.

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Perez with other members of the Hova Circle runs Jay-Z’s entertainment company Roc Nation. They are also the people behind the success of Tidal in offering music streaming services. With Perez Tidal together with Jay-Z will go far. Jay-Z himself has been successful in the music industry, and with the right person, they will push Tidal.


Jay-Z bought Tidal from Aspiro which is a Swedish tech company. After buying it, they launched it as a new corporation for hip hop startup. Its aim is to offer streaming service with young stars, and young hip hop fans. It pays artists their royalties and the pay is higher than Spotify.

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Christopher Burch’s Achievements

Mr. Chris Burch is the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital. He is a serial entrepreneur with a quite diverse business background in a range of industries which include real estate, technology and fashion both locally and globally. He has been in these industries for almost forty years as an active investor and entrepreneur hence acquired a broad range of experience. Burch has profoundly contributed to the rise of multiple luxury brands and technology such as Voss water, Poppin, Jawbone, Feana Hotel plus Universe. Mr. Burch started his career journey at Ithica College as an undergraduate. While still in college together with his brother Bob they invested $2000 and started Eagles Eye apparel, which later grew to about $165 million before selling it. On the other hand, he was on the board of Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation as well as the past president of Pierre Hotel Co-op Board. He helped and contributed funding towards the philanthropic and research initiatives. Mr. Burch is currently the principal of Burch Creative Capital which has boosted a new brand portfolio which includes Poppin, Nihiwatu, Cocoon9 and ED by Ellen DeGeneres.


Mr. Burch’s entrepreneurial success journey started in 1976 after selling Eagle’s Eye and became one of the first investors in the Internet Capital Group as well as a known IPO story in internet space. He increasingly relied on his adequate ability to find and establish the nexus between implementation and innovation. He has also invested in some international and domestic real estate ventures which include Palm Beach, Southampton, Florida, New York and Nantucket hence increased his market share globally. He has participated in more than 50 companies hence improving their performance. By combining international and direct sourcing experience and intuitive understanding of the customer behavior, he has been able to build quite a long track record of connecting matter to do with innovation impact.


The company is currently engaged in supporting the establishment and development of several consumer products and lifestyle brands ranging from apparel, retail and home furnishing to the organic foods, hospitality, and technology industries which include Soludos, Little Duck Organics, Chubbies, Brad’s Raw Foods, Blink Health and BaubleBar. The company’s investment philosophy is based on the expression of Burch’s entrepreneurial vision and values for applying imagination, incubation, support and scale, creativity hence leading to disruptive business and brands that have a positive, direct and lasting impact on the consumers’ lives.

Clay Siegall’s Contributions in Cancer Therapy


Cancer has been and still is a disease that is dreaded all over the world. However, to a person that has dedicated his life to trying to find its cure is Clay Siegall. From the time he started his biomedical studies, his main aim has been to better the lives of people who have cancer. Since 2002, Siegall has been working at the Seattle Genetics as its CEO and as the chairman of the health Center’s board. Here, he has led others in doing research in trying to find possible ways in which cancer patients can get relief from it. This has also included extensive therapies.

About Siegall’s Career

From George Washington University is where he got his Ph.D. in Genetics. He did not directly rise to his current position, but instead, he started as a Research Investigator in an institute known to provide Pharmaceutical research. He was later promoted to become the head of scientists in the institution. It was at this stage that he developed his Seattle Genetics, which he later officially launched it.

About his achievements

After launching his medical center, he then focused on research. His desire to truly help people with cancer led him to conduct even more and thorough research including cancer therapy in a bid to achieve his goals. Being the leader of Seattle Genetics, he was able to guide other scientists and eventually they developed the first ever antibody-drug conjugates also known as ADCs and in 2011, the drug was approved for use by patients. He together with his group of scientists went on to develop other drugs for the same purpose.

Siegall has also succeeded as a leader by making it possible for Seattle Genetics to receive more funds through fundraising that has seen the health center succeed in its quest without major financial hiccups.

Due to his good work, Siegall has been rewarded with various awards. He has also been named as the entrepreneur of the year because of his leadership skills and ambitions.

According to Peoplze on its official website people.com, their relationship with Siegall is one to be cherished. They view him as one person who holds the key to finally acquiring the necessary treatment for cancer. With the growth of technology, Siegall intends to develop a technological device that will help people determine whether they have any cancer. His efforts to save the community from cancer can therefore not be underestimated.

The Outstanding Eric Lefkofsky

Born on September 2, 1969 in Detroit, Michigan, Eric Lefkofsky is co-founder and CEO of Tempus, co-founder of Groupon, Echo Global Logistics, InnerWorkings, Mediaocean and Uptake. He supports several charities by creating, buying and selling companies then giving a portion of that money back to the communities such as health, education, human rights, arts and culture. He graduated from University of Michigan and went to law school where he sold carpets to make money during his freshman year. His views on how to make people`s lives easier has come to life in these amazing companies. Lately, his startup to cure cancer has influenced many to join his vision.  Check this on investor.groupon.com.



One of his widely-known areas of expertise is his co-foundation of Tempus. Tempus is a health-technology company dedicated to providing cancer care. The company`s motto is to improve positive outcomes for their patients. CEO Eric Lefkofsky`s investments provide successful continuance of genomic sequencing data so that every patient`s tumor is deliberately evaluated. Tempus provides physicians a robotic technological lab to optimize sequencing for an unlimited number of patients. This laboratory provides fast results of patient RNA sequencing within two to three weeks of receiving patients` samples. Many providers such as Dr. David Agus as chairman of The Scientific Advisory Board, University of Michigan collaborates in pancreatic cancer research, the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Gary Palmer as Chief Medical Officer of Tempus, and essentially the University Hospitals: Seidman Cancer Center wholeheartedly believe in this startup and strive to achieve patient satisfaction.


Accelerated Disruption

Business Deals. Altruistic ideas. Investments. These are the main parts of Accelerated Disruption in which Eric Lefkofsky has subserviently invested $1,000,000 into. This disrupted into Groupon and Groupon is currently accelerating into a business deal with Google. Per Lefkofsky, accelerated disruption must be succeeded by 18 laws (in which he wrote a book for those interested in becoming an entrepreneur) to deliver creative businesses one after another and turn them into startup ventures. As disruption increases, acceleration of profits, business relationships, and quick release products improve immensely-there is no doubt that Eric Lefkofsky`s empire will continue to prosper.


More about Lefkofsky on http://www.forbes.com/profile/eric-lefkofsky