Susan McGalla Shares Her Solution For Gender Discrimination in Workplace

Recent research indicates that companies with gender-diversity are 15 percent more likely to stand out among their competitors, while ethnically diverse businesses are 35 percent more likely compared to organizations that are not diverse. The reason for this performance is because these companies are open to new ideas from different kinds of people from various backgrounds. Surprisingly, even with these figures, it’s only a handful of C-level rated in S&P 500 businesses are led by women.

The problem isn’t the abilities of women; in fact, there are many qualified women out there. Susan McGalla is an extraordinary woman. She has made it possible for women to pursue top leadership positions in their organizations. Susan grew in a family of two boys, and a he father was a football coach. Nothing was handed to her on a silver platter; she had to work for everything that she wanted.

When McGalla started working at the American Eagle Outfitters, all the executives were men. She worked her way up and become the President of the company. She left the company and started her own, P3 Executive Consulting. Currently, she is working as Vice President at an organization that’s dominated by men – Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers. She was part of the team that spearheaded the campaign “wear what we wear” to motivate consumers to invest in Steeler gear.

One solution that’s recommended to end gender discrimination in the workplace is to form what’s known as sponsorship opportunities. Successful women like McGalla should work as sponsors to mentor other women. This initiative will help many women to work their way up in their companies the way Susan did.

About Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla is a successful businesswoman and the Vice President of a company dominated by men- Business Strategy and Creative Development. She is famously known as the former President of American Eagle Outfitters. She is also a board member of Magee Women’s Hospital and HFF Inc. –a public listed commercial real estate company.

McGalla has held various positions and worked hard to be where she is today. She has talked to many audiences about how women in businesses can achieve their dreams of being senior executives.

IDLife Partners with Garmin to Improve Lives through Lifestyle Changes

IDLife has recently partnered with Garmin to offer their clients better lives through lifestyle changes. Garmin was the first company to develop high-quality GPS devices. It also manufactures wearable fitness devices. IDLife incorporated an option that clients can use this summer to buy Vivo fitness tracker from Garmin. The tracker is created such that it synchronizes IDWellness app, which was designed by IDLife. The device is used together with the app to make it easier for clients to calculate nutrition needs and track their exercises. The synchronization of the app and the device will also help people to attain their health goals simpler than before.

IDLife partnered with Garmin because the two companies share the belief that there is more to health than a number on a scale or about nutrition. The two companies have come up with plans for clients to attain their overall health objectives by embracing a holistic approach. Part of contribution given by Garmin is its Index Smart Scale. It measures skeletal muscle mass, water percentage, body mass index, and boy fat percentage among other useful metrics. The above metrics provide a more accurate view of an individual’s health than using weight alone and BMI. Garmin also has several devices for measuring walking and pulse among other activities. Every customer can find styles and sizes that fit their needs.

IDLife customers can now buy Vivo tracker through IDLife’s website. Customers can also streamline measurements using IDWellness app. The gadget gathers information about certain metrics then sends it to the app continuously so that the user can get accurate information all the time. Customers are required to enter their meals manually even if it measures activity metrics. Vivo gadgets measure activity and sleep, which assists IDLife clients to get a better assessment at weekly sleep quality. The app automatically updates itself when a user enters meals, and activity is tracked to indicate the calories burned and other essential data. IDLife clients are benefiting from the partnership because they use less time to input numbers, which means more exercise time.

IDLife deals with an array of products of vitamins and high-quality nutritional supplements. It collects information from each person using a membership platform. A nutrition specialist from IDLife uses the information provided by an individual on the platform to offer a customized list of products to use. Clients are required to complete a quick online assessment that also addresses personal health goals so that they get personalized suggestions. The supplement suggestions given differ depending on the health goals of an individual.

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Chenevert’s Long and Successful Career

Some people are born genius. Others learn how to be a genius, while the rest are bestowed with that honor. Chenevert is one individual who was born with a genius business mind. His long and successful career spells it all. He has left a mark to be remembered everywhere he stepped, and he continues to inspire more people to be as successful as him. Read more about Louis Chenevert at Affiliate Dork.

Born on the 25th of June 1957 in Farmington, Chenevert started his life as an outstanding boy by doing things different from what other kids did. His passion for business began while he was still very young. This led him to pursue a bachelor’s degree in commerce majoring in production management at the University Of Montreal.

His graduation from this prestigious university saw him being absorbed by the General Motors where he served as the production manager for 14 years. Being an adventurous person, he saw that he had achieved enough at the General Motors. Therefore, in 1993, he got himself a lucrative job at the Pratt and Whitney company. Here he served as the company’s president for 13 years. In 2006, Louis Chenevert again shifted attention to the UTC where he got recruited to serve as the CEO and the chairman at the same time.

These, however, are not the only positions he has held in his career. Mr. Chenevert has been involved in other numerous projects like tax and finance committee and the Yale cancer centre advisory body among other crucial positions. His hard work and determination have seen him being awarded on various occasions as being one of the best business minds there have ever been. These awards include the monument for the fellow of the American Institute of the Aeronautics and award from the national building museum which is just to mention but a few. Read more about Louis Chenevert at Daily Forex Report.

Chenevert has traversed across many industries during his career all in which he received praises for being committed to turning their dreams into reality. He has been involved in new technological innovations and advancements in the companies he has served. Truly, he is a force to be reckoned when it comes to business.



The ClassDojo App the Changes Communication

ClassDojo has become an excellent app for people that want to know exactly how their children are progressing in school. This app definitely benefits parents that may have busy schedules but still have a desire to stay connected with the teachers or their children.

It definitely is good for people that want to know about homework assignments that their children may have. Teachers appreciate the ClassDojo app because it creates an effective communication platform between teachers, students and parents. Everyone can get involved if they have a smart device so there is no confusion about assignments throughout the year.

The ClassDojo app has been featured in many magazines, and one of the areas where parents have been able to read more about ClassDojo and the founders of this app is through Entrepreneur magazine. This app was created in the Silicon Valley, and it has become an app that is used in many different countries for parents that really want to have an active role in the life of their children inside classrooms.

There is a tremendous amount of possibility for this app to grow because teachers know that they can stay connected with parents and build a community where there is a positive culture that is created on classroom environment. This is definitely the app that brings about a ground-up change when it comes to education and the communication that parents and teachers are having these days. Technology has been the great resource for this. It really allows parents to maximize your time because they don’t have to go directly to a school for meetings with the teachers. They get the chance to get the information that is needed in order to help their children along the way with certain assignments without actually taking off work to schedule a meeting with a teacher.

ClassDojo continues to be effective because it also gives a teacher connection to other teachers using ClassDojo. This is an even a bigger extension of the community that is created by ClassDojo. Teachers get the chance to explore new ideas with other teachers that teach similar subjects.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Receives From Reviews from Patients Throughout United States

Dr. Jennifer Walden is really helping people see that there is a way to regain confidence if people are interested in changing certain aspects in their lives. She is the plastic surgeon that is able to provide consultation on things like breast augmentations and vaginal rejuvenation. These are areas that Dr. Walden has helped women get comfortable with if they need consultation on this. She has done many of these procedures before so she knows exactly what kind of questions most patients are going to ask. Dr. Jennifer Walden has become a very special part of the plastic surgery industry, and people can appreciate what she has done and is area.

Jennifer Walden has given a wealth of advice to those that are considering plastic surgery for the first time. Many women have come to her for their plastic surgery needs, but there are also men that may be interested in rhinoplasty or procedures that can help with hair loss. Dr. Jennifer Walden has been able to perform a lot of these procedures as well, and she has the advice that people need to know if they are considering these types of procedures. It is things like this that have made Dr. Jennifer Walden one of the most highly respected surgeons in her field.

Dr. Walden has also appeared on the cover of magazines like Texas MD, and she has been praised for her strong work ethic and her strong connection to family. This is the thing that has actually led her back to Texas, and patients that live in Texas are glad that she returned. This is where she is originally from, and now patients that live outside of Texas will also have the ability to get treatment with Dr. Jennifer Walden if they desire to fly into Austin.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden: Anything Is Possible

When reading about Dr. Jennifer Walden, it is amazing to discover what a ray of sunshine she is in today’s world. As a matter of fact, she is exactly what the world needs right now. She has a personal touch that is lacking in the field of plastic surgery. For a lot of people, they might look down on plastic surgery and see it as black and white. There is a lot more to it than that, and Dr. Jennifer Walden knows it as do her patients. They know she is doing a great service for them. Let’s call a spade a spade: looks matter.

Now, the key thing to remember is that beauty is subjective. There is no right or wrong. It is all about what works for the individual and what they want. Because of that, Dr. Jennifer Walden treats each person the same yet differently. She treats them the same in that she is respectful, kind, understanding, and she gets to the heart of the matter for what they are looking for out of this experience. As far as treating him or her differently, she knows that not every person that enters her office is looking for a one-size-fits-all type of surgery. Every person has individual needs that need to be met, and she wants to know what they are for that person.

It all begins with asking questions and communicating. Through that process, she gets to learn as much as possible about the person. A lot of times, when someone enters her office, they might feel a little scared and they might feel a little unsure about themselves. After meeting the doctor and her all-female staff, they are immediately put at ease. They know they are with someone that has their best interests in mind and more

There is a reason she is so popular and why so many people rave about her. That does not happen by accident. She has earned all of the praise and all of the happy clients. Because she loves what she does, it shows in the work and people can recognize that instantly.

Jose Auriemo Neto Leading JHSF to Greater Heights

JHSF is a high-end real estate developer founded in 1972 and listed in 2007. The multi-billion dollar company is based in the Brazilian city of Sao Paolo but has interest in Brazil, Uruguay and in the United States. Some of their major projects include shopping malls, luxury hotels, upmarket apartments and a groundbreaking international business airport in the city of Sao Paolo. Undeniably, JHSF has been instrumental in shaping the Brazilian real estate industry.

Jose Auriemo Neto took over the leadership of the company from his father and has been able to steer it to greater height since he ascended to the helm. His first project, Parque Cidade Jardim has been hailed as a masterpiece and a game changer in the Brazilian real estate industry. It is a mega shopping complex which hosts a large number of retail stores, office blocks, residential towers, a mixed-use complex and a significant portion of the Fasano Hotel group.

Under Jose Auriemo Neto’s exemplary leadership and management talent, JHSF has grown to unprecedented levels and has been able to achieve many firsts in the Brazilian real estate sector. The company has now been augmented into several divisions including the shopping division, the retail division, the hotel division, and residential properties division. In this manner, there has been a specialization of work, with each division striving to be an industry leader in the country. This has been instrumental in keeping JHSF at the very top of the Brazilian real estate industry and making it a globally recognized player in the industry as well.

Further, under Jose Auriemo Neto’s tenure, JHSF has been able to create important business relationships with leading international and local luxury brands such as Daslu, Louis Vuitton, the Reebok Academy, Montblanc and Cinemark among others. The strategic partnerships created with these brands have ensured that the projects that JHSF develops will never lack clients to rent and establish their business therein.

The contribution of Michel Terpins to Brazilian rallying.

The Sertões Rally is one of the most anticipated sporting events in Brazil today in its 26th edition it has grown over time to attract thousands of rallying enthusiast who have seen the sport grow to a cultural phenomenon for Brazil. The event is considered a lash of the best in rallying in the country and as thus participants and winners at every stage are considered widely as among the best there is.This is not only in Brazil as the sport has attracted participants from other countries who come to try their skills in the Brazilian rugged terrain.

The Sertoes rally has been a growing ground for Michel terpins one of the events most prominent drivers he has participated in numerous editions and with every edition, despite the competition becoming stiffer he has managed to become better and prove to all the contribution and quality of rallying he brings on board.As a member of the Bull Sertões Rally Team, he has grown to be a force to reckon with he began the team in conjunction with his brother Rodrigo terpins another well-known driver in Brazil. The Bull Sertões Rally Team has accomplished a lot since it began.

Michel was brought into rallying by his brother who was already very active and encouraged him to cross over from the cross country championship where he was already doing exceptionally well as the current champion at the time of his departure. He was so devoted to the sport that he was elected chairman of the governing council and has today made it a very enabling sport that is attracting new talent in droves.

In rallying Michel is also very active and today is involved in the planning of the sertoes rally. He participated in the 25th edition where he was the pilot and was assisted by his navigator Maykel Justo on board the T-Rex #322 a marvel developed by MEM motorsport the T1 prototype vehicle has over the numerous editions become one of the most advanced and today boasts of exceptional handling capabilities. The edition covered three thousand three hundred kilometers and passed through three states with all the different terrains.

Cassio Audi Enjoys Two Distinct Parts To His Career

In 2017, Cassio Audi is known across Brazil and in the global financial industry as one of the world’s leading investment specialists who played a major role in the development of Brazil’s transition into a global economy. Fewer people are aware of the previous career of Cassio Audi which began in his teenage years when he forged a role as one of the preeminent heavy metal drummers in the world with the band, Viper. More than three decades after his career with Viper came to an end, Cassio Audi is still regarded as a pioneer in Brazilian heavy metal by the majority of heavy metal fans and musicians. Read more about Cassio Audi at

Few would have imagined Cassio Audi was forging a hall of fame worthy musical career when he joined forces with a group of teenaged friends to create a band still touring and classed as one of the icons of global heavy metal. Cassio Audi had begun his musical career as a teenager who shared an interest in the legendary British heavy metal bands of the late-1970s and early 1980s; in developing his own skills as a drummer, Cassio Audi cites bands such as Iron Maiden as the main influence on his career. Visit SoundHound to watch music videos of Cassio Audi.

Viper was formed in 1985 by brother Pit and Yves Passarell who joined forces with guitarist Felipe Machad, vocalist Andre Matos, and drummer Cassio Audi to create the band. The band made an impact on their live performances before recording the iconic demo, “The Killera Sword”. Bootleg versions of the demo recordings led to a recording contract and the first studio album from Viper, “Soldiers of Sunrise”. Cassio Audi and his fellow band members were praised for their musical skill but the drummer felt his future lay elsewhere and returned to his studies after leaving Viper in 1989.


Success Marks the Career of James Dondero as a Philanthropist

James Dondero works at the Highland Capital Management, one of the US largest collateralized loan obligations management firms as the Co-founder and President. Besides, he serves on the Board of HCM Acquisition Company as the Chairman as well as its Chief Executive Officer. He has worked in the credit market for over 30 years.

James Dondero worked at Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary as the Chief Executive Officer before establishing Highland Capital Management in 1993. He was instrumental in converting a company that started as a concept to over $2 billion worth of assets from 1989 to 1993. James Dondero’s portfolio management experience includes high-yield bonds, common and preferred stocks, mortgage-backed securities, and leveraged bank loans. During his tenure at America Express, James Dondero was responsible for managing approximately $1 billion in fixed income funds from 1985 to 1989. Visit to know more about James Dondero.

Mr. Dondero completed his financial training program at JP Morgan before joining America Express. His relentless efforts at the University of Virginia earned him a BS in Commerce, Accounting, and Finance option. Besides, being a certified managerial accountant, James Dondero has earned the designation as a chartered financial analyst. Jim also serves on the board of Cornerstone Healthcare Group as the Chairman. Read more at Huffington Post about James Dondero.

As an active philanthropist, James Dondero is involved in various charitable causes. In fact, he has embraced a broad array of projects that address concerns of his local Dallas community. For example, Jim participated in a recent project related to the Dallas Zoo and donated $1 million for the rebuilding of the habitat. He feels thrilled to manage a company that addresses the concerns of the Dallas community. Besides the Dallas Zoo, Highland Capital Management has also donated money to the Geroge W. Bush Presidential Library, Perot Museum, Uplift Education, and the Snowball Express. His primary goal at Highland Capital Management has been to support various philanthropic causes. Due to its impressive growth and success, Highland Capital Management now collaborates with the President of the Dallas Foundation, Mary Jalonick to further develop the Dallas community. James Dondero has committed over $3 million as his annual philanthropic budget.