Mark McKenna, the Doctor with an Eye for Real Estate

Mark McKenna, MD, MBA is a highly respected Medical Doctor who holds a license in Surgery and Medicine from Georgia and Florida’s State Boards of Medical Examiners. Mr. McKenna has an unshakeable passion for patient advocacy and is a dedicated servant of his community. He is a native of New Orleans, LA, and graduated from Tulane University’s Medical School.

Early Career

After he completed his medical training, Mark McKenna joined his father’s medical practice and at the same time founded McKenna Venture Investments, which is a boutique real estate company. In time, he went on to acquire Universal Mortgage Lending and launch Uptown Title Incorporated. His portfolio of companies quickly grew to more than 50 employees, providing clients with turnkey finance, design and build, as well as real estate closing solutions. In August 2015, the city of New Orleans was devastated by Hurricane Katrina destroying most of Mark McKenna’s business interests in the city. Following the storm, he took an active part in the rebuilding of New Orleans by developing low to moderate income housing.

Launch of ShapeMed and OVME

McKenna relocated to Atlanta in November 2007, where he launched a wellness medical practice called ShapeMed. He sold the company to NYSE-listed Time Life Fitness Inc. in 2014. Mark was then appointed by Time Life Fitness to serve as its National Medical Director. Dr. McKenna then founded and became the chief executive of OVME, which is a consumer-facing pharmaceutical aesthetic firm dedicated to changing the face of elective healthcare. According to Mark, he thought of starting OVME following his ten-year experience in the medical aesthetics industry. By growing one of the biggest elective medicine practices in the country and selling it to a publicly traded company, he saw an opportunity to disrupt the industry.

Personal Life and Philosophy

Dr. Mark McKenna is married to Gianine McKenna. The two are blessed with a daughter, Milana Elle. They also own a four-year-old Pomeranian known as Ryder. Mark says that he gains business inspiration by practicing visualization and regularly setting goals. He is also a firm believer in the power of meditation.

Reaching Business Heights with Don Ressler

Creating a business is no small undertaking. However, building a successful business is a whole different page in the book. Not all businesses succeed, but it takes very talented individuals to be determined enough to set up a new venture without knowing how it would turn out. Don Ressler knows a lot about the feelings involved in this process. His own business became a success, but it didn’t happen without a lot of work and care put into it. Ressler is certainly the person to learn about if you are not sure if starting a business is worth it.


Sportswear today is a big industry. Yoga pants are one of those pieces of clothing that have climbed the ladder of popularity and earned a respected place among other items. The demand is still high, so the market is still growing and exceeds 100 billion dollars.


People are seen in a better light if they seem to focus on health and well-being. Activity and good lifestyle overall appear to be the qualities other people respect; therefore, a lot of people wear Yoga pants and hoodies instead of jeans because they want to leave exactly that kind of impression. They want to leave an impression on others as being concerned about healthy habits regardless if that is the real lifestyle.


Fabletics came into the industry with a confidence and a clear message. Their niche was good quality sports clothing that people could afford. They wanted stylish clothes for a stylish brand, and Don Ressler was hand on the business from the start. He wanted the shopping process itself to become more relaxed and enjoyable.


Many people were left out by other companies because there were no flexible size options. There were a lot of sportswear companies out there that offered clothes for only a category of people with a severe body type. Don Ressler wanted Fabletics to provide active wear to people of all shapes and sizes and without drying their wallets.


The company comes to the clients with a clear message. They created an online shopping system that is easy to use, easy to navigate and doesn’t involve people getting confused. Don Ressler believes that using modern technology is a fundamental element for businesses today and he enjoys seeing his company implement new methods for their clients.


Brands with this kind of market positioning and smart campaigns are more popular with clients than ever since people live in the digital age.

Dr. Mark McKenna, a Medical Doctor in Surgery and Medicine

Dr. Mark McKenna lives in Atlanta, United States. He is the founder of ShapeMed (Shape Medical Wellness Center located in Atlanta GA. Dr. Mark McKenna is a licensed medical practitioner by the Louisiana and Georgia State Board of Medical Examiners. He holds a degree in medicine and surgery from the University of Tulane, School of medicine. Dr. Mark McKenna is a dedicated practitioner as well as being an aggressive entrepreneur. He is one person who is dedicated very much to helping the community in the provision of medical services. One of the areas of health care that Dr. McKenna is involved in is in helping patients who have weight loss problems. He has a comprehensive solution to weight loss challenges. He is also good in Non-Surgical Aesthetic procedures. After completing his medical studies at the Tulane University, McKenna stayed in New Orleans and assist his father in his medical practice. He also took his time to establish a real estate venture capital firm. Dr. McKenna is known to very knowledgeable in his areas of practice. It is for that reason that he was able to start and run ShapeMed.

Shape Medical Wellness Center is the biggest non-surgical aesthetics and weight loss solutions, provider. The firm has highly trained specialists in the areas of dentistry and nutrition. Dr.McKenna helps his patients with affordable, convenient, and sustainable wellness and weight loss solutions. The approach in addressing every individual is unique. Every medical solution is tailor made according to ones’ health status.

Apart from investment in the medical services, McKenna also took time to invest in the real estate sector. He owned a venture firm that was engaged in developing real estate establishments all over New Orleans. He was able to grow the firm to become a leading company in the state. In addition to real estate development, he was also offering mortgage services to the people as well as real estate closing services. He was also able to raise the workforce of the firm to more than 50 employees. In 2017, he established the OVME, another medical firm aimed at providing elective healthcare to the people.

Here Are Several Lessons Preston Smith, CEO of Rocketship Education, Learned in the System’s Initial Decade of Operation

Unfortunately for the families and, even worse, the young, influenceable children that live in impoverished, economically challenged areas in the United States – if not across the entire globe – access to quality schooling is generally not feasible, although typically impossible. Fortunately for such largely disadvantaged children, there’s Rocketship Education, founded by John Danner and Preston Smith in 2007 in the San Francisco Bay Area. Rocketship Education is in no way short of innovation, just like the vast majority of organizations that are birthed out of the Bay Area, as it was one of the first schools to intertwine technology in classrooms – but not just computers or Smartboards – to yield personalized learning.

Rocketship Education’s students often earn ultra-high test scores, especially for being in struggling, low-income neighborhoods. RSED’s eighteen locations regularly outperform nearby private schools, thanks to its charter status, meaning it’s able to receive funding from the government and investors, without having to stick to the rules laid out by school boards, which hardly ever create rules that function in the best interest of schools with low-income families’ students. Since 2007, Preston Smith has learned several valuable lessons as a pioneer of individualized learning in the K-5 sector. Let’s look deeper into them.

Teachers need to visit students’ homes to assess how much free time they have, what distractions they deal with at home, and if they even have Internet access, something that would hinder them from completing work at home.

Rocketship Education pushes parents to demand quality public schools past fifth grade, as RSED only offer K-5 courses. While doing so isn’t always possible, Preston Smith founded two schools, one of which was Rocketship Education. As such, it’s entirely possible for parents, educators, and administrators to band together to form a school of their own.

Parents fill a number of roles at Rocketship Education. An important function of parents is interviewing potential new instructors and administrators – because parents live with the children that actually attend RSED, they’re more familiar with what they want than anybody. Parents also fill out regularly survey cards in respect to teachers, classroom environments, and administrators.


Benefits of the Independent and Unbiased Financial Investment Research from Agora Financial

Agora Financial has a four-minute video on YouTube talking about the challenges regular investors face as they plan for their golden years. The presentation introduces us to a dentist, Bob, who, although smart lacks the necessary information to make correct investments and market bets. Bob, like many investors, constantly get bombarded with insights and analysis from news channels and brokers. It’s no secret that most of the hotshot brokers out there are only interesting in profiting from his accumulated wealth and savings.

Fortunately for Bob, however, there’s Agora Financial. Agora Financial has a decade long experience helping folks like Bob make the right and effective wealth creation and management solutions. Agora uses online publications, documentaries, free newsletters, books, and seminars. The hedge fund has amassed a following of over one million subscribers.

Subscribers receive valuable input on:-

  • Wealth protection strategies
  • Income generating secrets
  • Identifying rapidly growing companies

Buy Cheap, Sell Expensive

The YouTube video introduces us to a common quagmire faced not only by Bob but by all of us. Most people get duped into investing in mainstream stocks, shares, and opportunities. The masses fail to realize thatby the time an opportunity becomes common knowledge, very little profits are forthcoming. Agora Financial funds their R&D department to a tune of over a million dollars, yearly. Agora’s financial experts scour the globe in search of promising investment opportunities to present to their clients.

The hedge fund has employed the services of the leading financial minds and money management experts to help Bob secure his retirement. These experts include:-

  • A self-made billionaire and philanthropist
  • A world-renowned bond markets’ experts
  • A Pulitzer Prize nominated journalist
  • A Harvard University trained Geologist
  • A three-time New York Times Best Selling Author
  • A veteran ex-hedge fund manager
  • A retired banker who used to work for presidents

Past Achievements

Agora Financial is on record for accurately calling the remarked appreciation in the oil sector and gold stocks in the early 2000’s. The venture capital firm also accurately predicted the US Housing bubble burst in ’08.

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Here’s a Brief Rundown of Exactly Who James Dondero Is

James Dondero is best known for founding Highland Capital Management over twenty years ago with help from longtime business partner Mark Okada. Mr. Dondero, often referred to as “Jim” by his friends and family, is currently the President of Highland Capital Management. Jim Dondero is a highly successful businessman, to summarize his biography in simple terms, with his entire resume littered with success. He also holds the titles of Chartered Financial Advisor and Certified Management Accountant, two accolades he earned in the few years following his graduation from college.

Mr. Dondero went to the University of Virginia, studying both accounting and finance from the moment he stopped foot on campus – there was no debate as to what field he wanted to serve in the future. Thanks to his high ACT scores, James Dondero was able to immediately enter the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce. He graduated after only four years, despite that fact that he earned two separate degrees in accounting and finance, also graduating with highest honors as a member of both Beta Gamma Sigma and Beta Alpha Psi. Just months before he graduated more quickly than scheduled, in 1984 he found a job as an analyst at Morgan Guaranty, today known as JP Morgan Chase, after a handful of mergers and acquisitions.

The next year, less than 12 months after earning those dual bachelor’s degrees, James Dondero was hired on at American Express as a financial analyst for corporate bonds. Prior to his departure, he earned the title of portfolio manager, overseeing more than $1,000,000,000 – that’s 1 billion dollars – in fixed income funds. In 1989, he then moved on to Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary, immediately serving as its chief investment officer. Several years later, alongside several acquisitions with help from Mark Okada, James Dondero had formed Highland Capital Management – the rest is history.

Currently, Mr. Dondero is the leading Chairman of the Boards at NexBank, Cornerstone Healthcare, NexPoint, and CCS Medical. Jim is also a member of American Banknote’s and MGM Studios’ board of directors, although not in a leading position.

Adam Milstein Has Become An Inspiration To The Jewish People

The mark of Adam Milstein will forever be a part of the world of real estate and the effect he has had on the Jewish community as a philanthropist is staggering. The foundation he created with his wife has mentored students, reconnected them with their roots, and changed the way they view Israel. The knowledge theses students gained regarding their heritage will make a positive difference in their futures. This is a representation of the beliefs and dedication of Adam Milstein and one of the many reasons his name was added to the top 200 Philanthropists & Social Entrepreneurs.

Adam Milstein established the Israeli-American Council which has been instrumental in strengthening the bond between Israel and the United States. He has been influential in America’s foreign policy, has protected the oppressed, stood up for the Jewish people, and spoken his mind. Adam Milstein has written about his belief the Jewish people should learn to write and read in Hebrew to deepen their connection to their culture and religion. He has made this opportunity available to Jews across the globe and his generosity with his resources is commendable. Unlike most philanthropists, Adam Milstein engages with communities instead of simply writing a check. He searches for avenues that will allow him to affect his community as a force for good.

Adam Milstein held a worldwide pro-Israel memes competition through his foundation. This competition attracted six continents, a dozen countries, brought in 300 submissions, and lasted for fourteen days. Over 16,000 individuals placed their votes in one week. The memes were amazing and showed how much pride and love the Jewish people have for the state of Israel. Once memes featured hundreds of individuals who had wrapped themselves in the Israeli flag with a text that was poignant and accurate. Another special meme depicted two women serving the IDF Air Force with a text letting the people know every woman can be Wonder Woman. Adam Milstein and his wife were so pleased with the entries for the competition and he stated the contest was an incredible success in his eyes. He felt the images were poignant, entertaining, and humorous.

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Anthony Petrello–A Businessman with Heart

Even though Anthony Petrello is a fairly unknown name in the ranks of corporate America, and he does not fill every time slot available on television with long-winded speeches as a politician does, he may still hold the title of one of the most important corporate figures in the United States. Mr. Petrello belongs to the group of United States businesspersons who never gets quite the accurate amount of thanks deserved for the hard work and contributions that have been made towards creating our American way of life.

Once a top-paid CEO, Anthony Petrello earned $68.2 million dollars in 2014 for his work with Nabors Industries. His success has created others to admire him as well as envy him; however, anyone who truly knows Petrello, can vouch the he is a humbling man, well deserving of the money he earns.

Most of Petrello’s success comes from how he treats others. Being the ever accomplished businessman and strategist, he dislikes the greed on Wall Street and the lack of respect for the people of Main Street. For this reason, he has the utmost respect for all humankind, which involves the pursuit of a moral code of ethics. He has created thousands of jobs within the United States, as a modern day “Captain of Industry.” Never giving up on his goal to help others in America achieve the means to obtain an enjoyable life.

Anthony Petrello did not have wealthy parents, he was forced to work very hard for his success. Even though he is the leader of an oil giant industry, he is still very humble about Petrello’s success. Growing up he did not have a trust fund or world-class tutors. He lived in a predominantly Italian neighborhood, in Newark, New Jersey, where everyone was taught the values of hard work.

Newark is known for its culture, strong work ethics, and honor. The people there do not simply go to work, pay bills and go home, they take care of each other within the community, working together to ensure everyone in the community is taken care of. Honesty if rewarded, lying or dishonesty is shunned. It is clear that Petrello was instilled with Newark’s strong value sense of honesty and integrity.

He attended Yale University, and became a mathematics scholar. Later to attend Harvard Law School. After college, he married his college sweetheart, some people thinking he was planning on settling into a quiet life, how wrong they were. Despite Petrello’s humble beginnings, he was emerging to become one of the most capable business leaders in America.

Unlike most wealthy business leaders, he did not hoard his wealth for himself, instead, he and his wife donate millions of dollars each year to charities. He also gives back to community of Newark.

He bases his earnings on that of the revenue of the business, not at a cost to the average workers. If Nabors Industries fails, his earnings will take a decrease as well.

Anthony Petrello should be an inspiration to the American people. He is proof that a strong work ethic, and a good sense integrity and honesty, is all one needs to overcome any overwhelming situation to become successful at what you want to do in life.

Igor Cornelsen Highlights the Positives and Negatives of Brazil and Offers Investor Tips

In 2014, Igor Cornelsen penned an article for, and he outlined the problems and some of the solutions surrounding the Brazilian economy. The article was written around the time the world was in awe of Brazil, and they thought the nation was a beautiful melting pot. This was because of the World Cup, and the 2016 Summer Olympics had the same result. Most people were interested in the sport side of Brazil, but there is a lot going on there economically too. The entire article that covers all everything, including the investing and small business building tips, can be found by clicking here.

The primary problem Igor Cornelsen has is his dislike for Brazilian President Dilma Roussef. She began the “new economic matrix” and implemented a lot of populist policies that have done the country no good. The GDP is practically drowning, and it is doing all it can to stay afloat with a rate under two percent, which has led Brazil’s GDP to $2.5 trillion. Although a trillion seems like a lot of money, for a country the size of Brazil, especially being the second biggest economy in the Americas, to have a GDP that low is troubling. At the time, investors had been let down for more than six years.

Despite the obvious problems and the fuel scandal highlighted in the full article, Brazil has enormous potential. It has a competitive agricultural production industry, tons of natural resources that cover the entire nation and a middle class that is growing in number and wealth. Considering the country already has the eighth largest economy, Igor Cornelsen believe it could explode onto the world stage as long as it has the right economic policies. He believes the way to get onto the right track is to let Finance Minister Joaquin Levy enact a plan containing fiscal austerity and market focused reform. This could bring the country back on track economically after six years of poor decisions.

Paul Mampilly- The Profits Whisperer

Few people would leave behind earning a good salary, even better benefits, and go into business, more so helping other people all day long. Paul Mampilly is one of the few individuals who left an illustrious career on one of the biggest firms on Wall Street, to start his practice in helping people make money. He has come a long way to be one of the most respected moguls on Wall Street, and now he is a research and investment analyst with his investment-consulting firm.

Education and Career

Mampilly arguably has an uncanny gift for picking out stocks that will perform well before the market lurches on. He is not a gambler, but he puts in long hours into research and study of market trends as well as the acquisition of the latest information. This hard work has made him a successful research and investment analyst.

Between 1986 and 1991, Mampilly went to Montclair State University and graduated with honors in BBA, Finance, and Accounting. Four years later, he enrolled at Fordham Graduate School of Business and got his MBA in Finance, until 1997.

His career started as an assistant portfolio manager for Bankers Trust. He learned the ropes quickly and had a fast ascent on the corporate ladder to become a trusted investor for multi-billion global companies such as ING, Deutsche Bank. When he left Wall Street as an employee, his efforts as a senior Portfolio Manager, saw Kinetics Asset Management named among the World’s Best hedge funds. He founded Capuchin Consulting in January 2013, as a side project while working at Kinetics Asset Management.

Capuchin Consulting

In a recent interview, Mampilly is of the opinion that the market is rigged in certain ways. This is because insiders have access to all the information before it gets to the public. Mampilly wanted to give the ordinary investors working hard all day the knowledge they need to make money in the securities markets.

Mampilly is still as good as he was while at Wall Street, in the 2008/09 fiscal year, Paul Mampilly participated in a high stakes investment competition, with a starting investment amount of $50 million; he grew it to $88 million in a single year, despite the financial meltdown of the period.

His record speaks of a trend setter with a heart of gold.

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