Peter Briger: Fortress Investment Group Incredible Principal

Peter Briger is the co-chairman and principal of Fortress Investment Group. He is a prominent financial professional and business leader. Peter operates from San Francisco in California. He has great experience in asset management counting to more than 20 years. Fortress Investment Group is a well-known investment management firm in the world. It takes care of institutional and private investors as well as overseeing their assets. Peter began serving in their wonderful firm in 2009 upon election as a board co-chairman. Peter Briger has taken the company through significant growth through guidance in various management roles since the year 2002. Currently, Peter oversees and monitors the firm’s real estate business and credit funds.

Peter Briger graduated from Princeton University. He has an MBA from Wharton School of Business in Pennsylvania University. He has worked at Goldman Sachs as a partner where he was overseeing the operations in various businesses. He also served on multiple committees such as the Global Control and Compliance Committee as well as Asian management Committee. Peter has also helped in managing divisions such as Goldman Sachs Special Opportunities Fund and Asian Distressed Debt business. Besides the career story, Peter is a significant contributor to various philanthropic activities and community projects. He is a member of the Silicon Valley Leadership Council in Global Fund docket for children. He is also a member in the Council of Foreign Relations. This non-partisan organization works exclusively in promoting the understanding of foreign policies and issues within the citizens and the elected officials.

Fortress Investment Group is a leading firm in investment management. It has assets under their control worth $43.6 billion by last year. This great company was founded in 1998. It currently manages assets for more than 1,750 private and institutional investors in the world whose needs range from real estate to credit fund. Other services available include capital investment strategies and private equity. The company prides in having more than 953 employees and 216 investment professional. The headquarter for Fortress Investment Group is at New York with other affiliate offices located in different places in the world. Their significant competencies include asset-based services, quality industry knowledge, operations management services to customers, skills in corporate mergers & acquisitions, and capital markets enlightenment. The company has acquired a title of being a global investment manager for many clients around the world. It has a team of seasoned and most qualified executives in the management team and other staff positions. This sets them apart for excellent services.

The Unbelievable Artist Dream Of Alex Pall That Sounds As Real Revelation To All

Alex Pall is an international artist in the music group famously known as the Chainsmokers. He grew up being a DJ without realizing his artist talent until he met Taggart Andrew whom they worked together in making their artist identity known to all people. Alex Pall met Taggart Andrew when he was working with his boss who also happened to be the manager to Andrew.

They briefly shared about their interests and what each one of them aspired in becoming in the future and realized that they were all living in the same dream. Therefore, they both started working together majoring in what seemed to interest them. They were all passionate about growing their musical talent to higher heights and thus worked tirelessly in making it real. They were able to share and discuss the challenges that hindered them from success in their music career.

Their meetings were more often working on those areas that acted as great problems to them and learning new ideas each time they met. Alex argues that they were hopeful in making their dream come true and that is what motivated them in working harder in their goal. It was hard at first to attempt trying a new idea but what they are today is a real revelation of what someone can become after many trials of their aspirations.

Being artists, they acts differently from others in trying to deliver messages about their real lives in their songs hence leaving an inspiration to many. They realize that is what people want to hear, and therefore they provide it entirely. Due to their advancement in their audiences, they are currently aiming at attempts of bringing changes to accommodate their demands. Chainsmokers as a team is trying to avoid doing similar things they have been doing since their early ages of music but making changes on their shows to suit their audiences. Even in their recent song called Closer, they featured Hasley a unique female artist whom they believed helped in making their song standout.

As a team, Alex Pall claims that they believe in being among the topmost artist doing shows to their fans across international boundaries.

Chris Linkas’s Unique Experience and Investing Insight Offers the Younger Generation a Better Financial Future

Chris Linkas is well educated in the financial realm carrying over 25 years of experience. After college, Chris Linkas hit the ground running and in no time, he landed a position with Goldman Sachs in New York. After serving in the commercial real estate area Chris moved on to Credit Investor for a UK-based investment group. His working knowledge of top companies makes his expertise in high demand.


Investing while young

If a person starts investing young they will benefit from advantages that only time can offer. One benefit with time is it allows the customer to take risks when not usually advised. Ventures range from low to high risk, but the higher risk ventures can yield a higher return on investment. Chris Linkas advises to review any investments periodically, as staying atop of performances can help reduce the risk of failure. Time will only allow for chances to be taken, as then time can be allotted to recover if the investment goes bad.


Earning Interest

Compound interest is a great way to make free money within a person’s investments. Earning interest off of already earned interest money is a great benefit that time can increase also. Years of investing earlier can equal substantial differences later after interest is compounded.

Other benefits of investing earlier in life are all along the lines of making the investor’s life better. When a person starts focusing on savings earlier, the person is more in tuned to follow a budget day-to-day and spend less money impulsively. A person who saves early on will also be able to afford more down the road and be more prepared for financial hardships, as the person’s overall financial situation will be better. Early investors will also improve their quality of life, as they diminished the opportunity for the financial stress and allowed the peace in knowing they have a stable retirement plan. Even with Chris’s experience, he takes the time to grow with the current opportunity groups and market cycles. Heed Chris Liskas’s advice and stay atop of investments to insure a more profitable future.

Try our volcanic bottle water

Hawaii is known for its tropical weather and the volcanoes for which formed it. The Kilauea volcano has erupted continuously since 1983. It made the news again in recent days as it became more active. Homes have been threatened, but there is another little known benefit of Hawaii’s volcano. Some of the best bottled water on the planet. This lets consumers enjoy the some of the freshest and some of the best tasting bottled water on the planet. These volcanic springs offer another benefit to health-conscious consumers. That is they offer another benefit besides removing chlorine consumption from a consumer’s worries.

What makes this volcanic water better than its competitors? Its makers hope the users choose it because they prefer the taste over its competitors, but taste is not the only selling point. The water is sourced from organic sources, and the filtering process makes it more pure than the products of many other bottled water companies on the market.

Drinkers gain another advantage from the product. It helps boost body pH. Unlike most waters, which are moderate acids, the finished product for the volcanic bottled water from Waiakea has a pH of 8. Anyone who remembers their high school chemistry class knows that this makes the product a slight base. This means it can help restore and regulate the body’s natural pH.

The volcanic water also contains essential minerals that the body needs to function. These minerals also exist in most city’s tap water, but the tap water contains chlorine and other harmful chemicals that alter the taste. Why not skip the chlorine altogether and gain another benefit from drinking bottled water? Most people decide to make the switch after they take the first sip. A few stubborn hold outs decide to make the switch after they consume an entire bottle.

Southridge Capital Takes Corporate Responsibility Seriously

Southridge Capital recognizes that corporations have a larger social responsibility in today’s world and they take that responsibility seriously. The investment firm pursues a number of philanthropic endeavors, both through official means and in an unofficial capacity. For the management team at Southridge Capital, giving back to the community involves more than just donating money. While financial contributions do comprise some of their philanthropic efforts, they also participate in volunteer work and attempt to establish the firm as a leader in the community.

Southridge Capital’s leaders believe that giving back to the community strengthens their own infrastructure by giving personnel a worthwhile cause to support. By giving back to their community, they believe they can help to improve society on a larger scale as well. In addition to providing assistance to individuals, Southridge Capital’s philanthropic programs also provide help to non-profit and religious organizations.


Stephen M. Hicks, who is the founder and CEO of Southridge Capital, began Daystar Foundation with the help of his wife, Mary. Daystar works with a number of charities towards the betterment of society. Stephen and Mary hope that providing assistance to those in need will create a ripple effect that can heal society in a broader way.

Some of the organizations to receive assistance from Southridge Capital and Daystar Foundation include:


  • Bradford Peterson Memorial Scholarship Fund


  • Western Connecticut Health Network Foundation/Danbury Hospital


  • Ridgefield Visiting Nurses Association


  • Save a Child’s Heart Foundation


  • Beit Issie Shapiro Organization


  • Walnut Community Hill Church


  • Christ and St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church (NYC)



In addition to CEO Stephen Hicks, Southridge Capital is managed by Narine Persaud (Controller and CFO), Laurence J. Ditkoff (Director of Research), Henry B. Sargent (COO and General Counsel), and Linda Carlsen. Over the past two decades, this team has led the firm to make direct investments totaling more than $1.8 billion in growth companies throughout the world. Their strategy for success involves developing customized plans for each client and striving to execute that plan in a way that maximizes the chances for success. You can visit their facebook and twitter account for more info.


In the time since its founding, Southridge Capital has invested in over 250 companies. This vast experience has helped the firm develop sound strategies that minimize the risks associated with their investments. The team at Southridge prides itself on being able to offer a wide range of corporate services to its clients from finance techniques to helping with balance sheet management.

Jeff Aronin CEO of Paragon Biosciences Passion for Healthcare and Rare Diseases

Paragon Biosciences develops innovative companies that transfers essential medical supplies to patients ( Paragon’s companies are overseen by leaders in the healthcare industry. Biotech developers and entrepreneurs are dedicated to producing better outcomes for patients. The leadership and management at Paragon Biosciences has a strong history for FDA drug approvals, including 13 in the past year, and a success rate equivalent to much larger companies. Paragon’s team is continuously developing new techniques that will increase the scientific breakthroughs the company is achieving.

Paragon has developed a three step process in order to continue to serve its patients. Firstly, the company identifies diseases. Paragon focuses on areas where access to treatments scarce. Next, Paragon develops companies that expands the possibilities of biotechnology. The company provide long-term support including resources and business models. Lastly, Paragon develops pharmaceuticals that are safe to bring to the market. Their success rate equal to the success rate of Big Pharma companies.

Jeff Aronin, with over 20 years of experience, is the Chairman and CEO of Paragon Biosciences (Linkedin). He has worked with multiple pharmaceutical companies including Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals and Harmony Biosciences. He has also served as president to many of these pharmaceutical companies. Jeff Aronin has multiple skills that he contributes to Paragon. He has developed strategic business skills and brand marketing. Due to his past experiences, Aronin brings useful leadership daily to Paragon. Jeff Aronin’s has a diverse background, including experience in marketing, structure of executive corporations, as well as mergers.

Jeff Aronin developed a passion for healthcare while shadowing a physician. His expertise are in complex science, rare disease, and rug development. By 2000, Aronin became a CEO for Ovation Pharmaceuticals. He has also served on multiple boards as the chairman for pharmacy companies. He now encourages other entrepreneurs with his experiences. He continues to promote the availability of treatments to people in third-world areas.


IDLife Will Change Your Life for the Better

IDLife, Individually Designed Life, produces the best combination of supplements for the unique individual. Potential customers start with a personal health assessment, after which, the individual is given a complete complement of supplements to take in the morning and then again at night. The supplements are conveniently packaged in strip packs for each day.

IDLife also offers nutritional shakes, energy drinks and appetite suppressants. The goal of IDLife, the company is to educate the consumer and to prescribe the best supplements to give the individual the most energy and stamina. The formula used to select the nutritional supplements an individual takes consider the overall health of the individual as well as other factors that influences their health. These considerations include the individual’s medical conditions, medications taken, daily nutrition and lifestyle. Once all those considerations have been factored in, the appropriate supplements are chosen for the morning and evening. Then they are neatly packaged into light weight plastic packs, which are sealed into strips that pulls out of a larger container for your convenience. Now, the individual is set with supplements that will add to their lives.

Unlike the arbitrary choices made by the naïve individual who may be consuming supplements that aren’t necessary or that may even be causing some damage, IDLife uses science to identify what’s actually needed. No inappropriate supplement is every added. So the issues that the individual is facing are the only issues, IDLife presents supplements to address.

  • IDLife Energy Sticks- provide up to 6 hours of increased energy without jitters and not followed by a crash. Each stick is only 20 calories.
  • Skin Care Day Cream – gives the user broad spectrum SPF 20 protection from UV rays and skin hydration.
  • Post Workout Jar- helps the athlete regain electrolytes, antioxidants and proteins to recover after a workout.
  • Shake Vanilla Bean Pouches- give the individual 23 grams of protein from grass-fed cows that produce the milk that makes the whey used that’s mixed with chia seeds. It’s a shake mix made with natural sugar.

The individual who has metabolism issues, low immunity or energy, joint pain, bone density concerns or worries about their mental clarity can receive the supplements that can eliminate those problems. IDLife also offers the individual a whole host of products that increase one’s quality of life. These items increase energy, improve the feel of your skin, help you recover after a workout and replace a meal. Effectively, IDLife can improve your life with their quality supplements targeted specifically to solve your health issues and more

What it takes; Nick Vertucci

Real estate business is not a get rich overnight scheme. It requires a plan, calculated risk, patience, honesty, and perseverance. That is what Nick Vertucci believes. Nick Vertucci is an entrepreneur in the real estate business. He is making lot million dollars in his company since its inception. He was raised in a rather struggling family especially after his daddy passed away. At 18 year of age, he ventured into technology business after learning a few things about computer hardware. His company was doing great, and he decided to marry and settle. However, in 2000 his company went down as a result of the dot-com crash.

He became unstable financially. He had big debts that result in him losing his home. The situation remained the same until 2004 when he decided to learn about real estate business. It did not make sense at first. He worked hard on it. Over time, he ventured into the business where he bought homes and later sell them or rent them. Ten years later, he had achieved financial freedom. In early 2014 he launched the NV Real Estate Academy which aimed at offering outstanding training in real estate business.

In his interview with ideamesch, Nick says that staying focused and setting goal often has been the key to his success in business. He also apparently explains how actualizes his ideas. Envisioning, believing no matter what, writing down a workable plan and acting are the principles that help him realize his ideas. He is happy that the country is experiencing a rise in the number of entrepreneurs. Nick Vertucci describes himself as a persistent person. He will keep pushing no matter the situation. He has no room to listen to haters and critics.

He encourages the young to accept and plan for change, spend less, save and invest. He feels that believing in oneself and working out your mind is the start point to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Nick Vertucci recommend his book “Seven Figure Decisions” to readers. It is about the principles that propelled to him to financial success.

Vijay Eswaran Says His 2005 Book Is More Relevant Than Ever Today

Dr. Vijay Eswaran has changed how a lot of people view multilevel marketing, a business system that sometimes is questioned about how it’s run, but one that Eswaran has shown can help just about anyone make their own wealth. He also writes books and blog articles about how spiritualism should be practiced daily and how to overcome distractions while at work. His most popular book is “In The Sphere Of Silence” which was written in 2005, but Eswaran says it’s philosophy is still every bit as important today.

The book goes through different rituals that Vijay Eswaran says have helped him, and some are as practical as they are religious. Eswaran doesn’t advocate anyone’s religion to be any more important than another, but one thing he does always emphasize is that generosity and self sacrifice to help others should be a part of your beliefs. He believes what he’s done both in business and philanthropy have demonstrated that making personal sacrifices for others actually does work and it’s a big part of building a legacy.

Vijay Eswaran grew up in Malaysia, attended college in the UK and US and helped start QI Group Ltd. which is the parent company to several direct selling companies.

QNet sells most of the company’s products through sales representatives, and those products include air purifiers, clean water systems, beauty and cosmetics brands, vacation package tickets and other lifestyle products. QI Group also has a business financing and loan as well as asset management company, a logistics company, and a university that they’ve co-owned with the Malaysian government.

Eswaran cofounded RYTHM Foundation to support humanitarian aid groups with the mission of improving the Asian communities and stopping hunger. He also named his family foundation the Vijayratnam Foundation in honor of his father’s work and impact on his life. Eswaran has made prominent lists in business magazine Forbes Asia including being named in its Heroes of Philanthropy and top wealthiest in the region. He was honored in 2012 at the Global Indian Meet summit in New York for his business growth and philanthropy accomplishments, and he was also a featured speaker at India’s 6th Pravasi Divas.

Upwork: Tips on Task Management

Many individuals dream of being able to work for themselves on their own time at a location that they desire. In the age of the Internet, this dream is far more attainable than you may have been led to believe earlier in life. Thanks to the interconnectivity of the Internet in the platform that is offered by companies such as Upwork you can now work as a freelance professional from anywhere that has an Internet connection.

Upwork is one of the world’s leading freelance platforms. They were originally formed in 2015 after the reorganization of their parent company Elance. Today the platform has 12 million registered freelance confessionals who conduct $1 billion in business annually through the platform. The company also has over 5 million registered clients. In addition to their freelance platform Upwork also has a blog where they post advice on how to be more productive.

They have recently posted some advice on how to use a to-do list most effectively. The advice can be broken down into several categories. The most important categories would be organization and approach.

It is possible to create a to-do list that is organized and is far easier to use compared to when on organized one. There are several methods of organization; however, the three most important are: energy level, time requirements, and priority level. Organizing tasks by energy level allow you to see which tasks require the highest level of focus. In this way, you can approach high energy level tasks whenever you are at your peak energy levels. Tasks that are organized by time requirements can allow you to see when you have the time to complete the tasks. Tasks that are organized by priority level can allow you to tackle the most important tasks of the day at the start of your work.

The approach that you take to your to-do list can be varied. Upwork states that it is important for you to get every possible task down on your list. This way you are not distracted by random tasks throughout the day. You should also put all of your tasks on one central list. This will allow you to be more focused.