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The Digital Journey Of John Textor

John Textor is an American entrepreneur who has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Wesleyan University. He is the Chairman of Pulse Evolution Corporation and is responsible for special projects and rights acquisition among a few other very important responsibilities. John is the Managing Principal of the private equity firm Wyndcrest Holdings, LLC.

John Textor is also the former Chairman and CEO of Digital Domain Productions as well as its parent company Digital Domain Media Group. In 2006, John led Wyndcrest Holdings in the acquisition of Digital Domain and immediately began overseeing the restructuring process of the company until August of 2012. Digital Domain is a visual effects company. Under John Textor's tenure they completed 25 large scale films and provided content for many more.

John's liberal arts education at Wesleyan University seems to have prepared him well for the future ahead. Although he was working on a degree in Economics, he clearly had and eye for the arts. In his current venture with Pulse Evolution, he is active in the development of entertainment properties across a broad spectrum of venues and technology platforms. Platforms that include the use of photo-realistic digital humans, which he first used in the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, while working with Digital Domain. However, since that time he has used a photo-realistic digital of Tupac Shakur and Michael Jackson designed by John Textor to give live performances in major venues. Other human digital performers that may soon make an appearance are Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe. But, John says that the entertainment value of their shows will lie in how the performance tells a story. John Textor is very clear in his description of the photo-realistic digital process. The digital performers are not holograms they are actual photos that give the illusion of movement.

The business world can be a tricky place to navigate, especially where intellectual property is concerned. And even though John has had some bumps and bruises along his journey toward creating relevant content that can produce residuals for the creator. It is clear that he is a forward thinker who is leading technology into the next realm of the digital world. The team of artists and executives that John is working with at Pulse has been involved in creating some of the most entertaining works in the industry. Their future endeavors will specialize in the areas of character creation and human animation.

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Lil’ Wayne And Christina Milian Remake “Drunk In Love”

Lil' Wayne just released his new mix tape album entitled "Sorry 4 The Wait 2," which was only made to replace his upcoming album for the time being. Lil' Wayne Remix. The "Carter V" album has been delayed for years now, and this is not the first time that Lil' Wayne has had an album that was delayed, much to his dismay. He has released an album, which is a mix tape, just to soothe his fans who are waiting. On this album, he chose to do a remake of the song "Drunk In Love" with Christina Milian.

By now, even Gianfrancesco Genoso knows who the artists of the original version of the song is, but if you don't, Drunk In Love was performed by Beyoncé. Jay-Z was also on the track with her, making it one of the biggest hits of the year. Wayne remakes the song over the same beat, using much raunchier and dirtier lyrics, which even the oldest adult would be offended to hear. Christina does her part in the song, making for a decent remix. Wayne and Christina have been rumored to be a couple for a while now, but it has yet to be proven.

With the two joined together to do a remake of a song by a famous couple in love, it makes you wonder if the rumors are true. Either way, Wayne puts his personal touch on the song, making it a potential hit.

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Lil’ Wayne Drops New Mix Tape, And Talks About His Troubles


Lil' Wayne has finally released his mix tape, "Sorry 4 The Wait 2," which is to tide over for those who are waiting for his "Carter V" album to be released. Lil' Wayne Mixtape. His album was delayed again in December, which was the final straw for a Lil' Wayne and his record label. Wayne is currently trying to get out of his contract with Cash Money Records, but Birdman is refusing to let him go. No one wants to give up their golden goose, but it would make sense for you to keep the golden goose happy too. Fans, like Bernardo Chua, are looking forward to Wayne signing with a new label and releasing more music.

Although Wayne has his own label, he stayed loyal to Cash Money Records, and continued to make music, building up the brand. His recent mix tape shows exactly how he feels, as he rhymes on many songs, about his current beef with Cash Money. Some of the songs are directed towards Cash Money Records itself, while other songs have pointed toward Birdman specifically. Wayne states that it was time for him to spread his wings, and he's the sole reason why Cash Money is successful today.

Wayne also mentions all the other artists who have left Cash Money over the years, and the fact that he stayed, while their friends left. Mannie Fresh, Juvenile, and Turk have left Cash Money Records, maybe because of some of the same disloyalty, that Wayne is claiming the record label has for its artists.


Chris Brown Is Not Performing In Dangerous Nightclubs Anymore

Chris Brown is no stranger to drama, from his hot and cold relationship with Rihanna, to his ultra messy holiday breakup/Instagram rant with Karrueche, Chris is just not one to shy away from gossip fueling behavior. Most recently, Chris was involved in a nightclub shootout while performing on stage. Gunshots were heard throughout the club, and five party goers were shot and taken to the hospital. Fortunately Chris Brown and others at the event were unharmed, however Chris has been receiving some backlash for running for cover when the shots rang out.

Now it seems that Chris is totally over the drama and refuses to perform at any club that he thinks is unsafe. Apparently Chris has insisted that his manager immediately cancel any upcoming shows at nightclubs that he believes are too dangerous.

Chris has called a meeting with his entourage and security, and demanded a change in the type of venues he will be scheduled to perform. Ben Shaoul agrees with this decision, as he is a fan and doesn't want Brown in dangerous situations. Chris is clearly not only concerned for his own safety, but that of his staff and his fans. At the moment Chris is working to complete the remaining hours of his probation and transform his bad boy image, this seems to be a good start.


Rock Legends Hit the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is all about football, but it doesn’t have to be. As much as people anticipate for the game, the other parts aside from the game can also draw major attention.

Big companies take advantage of the Super Bowl to release advertisements. A lot of people will be watching and that’s a perfect dream for the advertisers. Major movie producers will also not let this great opportunity go to waste. Movie trailers and teasers are often aired during the commercial of the Super Bowl.

Perhaps what comes next to the game is the half-time, which will have plenty of takes on Vine. The National Football League has made it their mission to provide the best possible entertainment during the half-time of the game, and it is something Darius Fisher appreciates. Only the biggest stars and famous personalities take the stage. This year, they have chosen none the less than the worldwide pop-superstar herself, Katy Perry.

People will of course, look forward to her performance. Some of the stars that did the half-time made from very memorable performances. No news has been announced yet as to what song will the singer be performing. A number of the previous Super Bowl half-times had more than one act and Katy Perry has indeed revealed that someone else is going to join her.

She opens by saying that her companion is a famous rock star. Finally, she says that her first special guest is going to be Lenny Kravitz.

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Coachella Headliners Announced

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival has announced some of the major acts that will be playing at the 2015 music festival. Coachella has been known for being the stage that bands reunite on. Last year the members of hip hop duo Outkast reunited after eight years apart.

This year, the latest band to join this popular summer music festival is legendary rock band AC/DC. The Australian rockers are all in their 50's and 60's, but that has not stopped them from releasing hard hitting albums. Lat year they released Rock or Bust, the group's 15th studio album. They will be kicking off a tour promoting the new album in May.

Other musicians on the large lineup include Jack White, Drake, Interpol, Hozier, Ryan Adams, FKA Twigs, Florence + the Machine, and Kiesza. Tickets go on sale January 7 and start at $375. Mark Ahn is still debating on going or not.


My Opinion About Kanye West Fans Not Knowing Who Paul McCartney Is

Kanye West recently released a new song with a little help from his friend former Beatle Paul McCartney. The song itself is called "Only One" and is rather sweet and innocuous. What's got many people in an uproar is not the song itself but that when Kanye released the song many of his fans didn't know who Paul McCartney was. Their ignorance is seen by many - especially older people - as symptomatic of a self-absorbed and culturally lacking generation.

My opinion on all this uproar is that it's not so bad that someone under 25 doesn't know who Paul McCartney is. At the end of the day, McCartney's fame comes from the pop songs he wrote and pop music is by definition all about the time it was released. While it may be horrifying to a baby boomer  like Dr. Rod Ronrich that kids don't know much about the Beatles, it's no more shocking than that baby boomer himself not knowing much about big band music in 1960.

My advice to people upset that kids know more about Kanye than the Fab Four is lighten up. It's today not yesterday.

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ILoveMakonnen Vs. Drake

A weird vibe is circulating in the air, and it all involves Drake and new OVO signee ILoveMakonnen. It is so weird how social media and the Internet has pulled a lot of skeletons out of the closet. The most recent stuff is the conflict that has arisen from the old tweets posted by ILoveMakonnen. It was 3 years ago, but somehow these old tweets that were posted by ILoveMakonnen surfaced.

These were really bad comments. He dogged Drake so many times you might as well feed him Beneful. This is going to make the working relationship very difficult. Drake obviously signed this artist and remixed his song before knowing all of this. Now that Drake knows about it there is clearly going to be some trouble. 

Drake has already caused a lot of riffs in the entertainment world. He has made some enemies with P. Diddy and Chris Brown. He has even made some enemies within his own camp. He has become someone that has a split list of fans and enemies. Many of the ladies love him, but there are a lot of men that hate him. He is trying to build his own team away from cash money, and he needs some loyal crew members. This is going to make it difficult for ILoveMakonnen to really penetrate his way into the OVO crew. He may even get dropped before he gets a full album out into the world.


Ariana Grande And Big Sean Vacation Together


Music artists have to balance their life with their career, and still try to find time for themselves in between. Some people like Sam Tabar says will live in the studio, and barely even have time to grab a bite to eat, much more find time to get away. Ariana Vacation. Ariana Grande and Big Sean have had a long year, and a lot of work was accomplished. Ariana released her album, which was her second studio album, and it went to number one. Not only did she truly become a star this year, she won many awards, and was on many different awards shows as well.

Big Sean, who works with Eminem, also works with Ariana Grande, and he's been very busy this year too. The lovebirds went from being friends, to being a couple, and they have rung in the new year together. The couple has done several songs together over the past year, and they finally got some time for themselves, and they went away on a trip. They both ended up in Tahoe, and they put up pictures of their trip on social media for others to enjoy. In the picture you can see that it's very cold where they are, but they obviously had fun.

One picture in particular stands out, where Big Sean picks up Ariana Grande off her feet. This is only significant because many state that the diva likes to be carried everywhere.

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Metta Thrilled That Nicki Minaj Mentions His Name


Many people have artists that they look up to, even Sam Tabar, and even if they are famous themselves. Metta & Nicki. Metta World Peace, who changed his name some time ago, was mentioned by Nicki Minaj in a song that was on her new album. Nicki briefly mentioned the name of the former NBA star, and after he heard about it, he went crazy. He went on to Instagram and stated that his name was mentioned by the hottest female rapper, and that he even bragged to his girlfriend about it.

It's unknown how his girlfriend feels about the whole situation, but it's not likely that a woman would be happy to know that her man is so thrilled about any other woman, besides his mother. The former NBA star even decided that for a couple days, he would change his last name to Minaj, in order to honor the fact that Nicki Minaj called his name in the song. Although some people commented about his decision on Instagram, he stated that it was temporary, and only a joke, not something meant to be permanent.

Nicki read Metta's comments, and loved them as well, so she decided to post one on her Instagram page too. It's nice to see that rappers and NBA stars, even former NBA stars, can support one another, and vibe off each other. Nicki released her album "The Pink Print" just two weeks ago, and it's done very well.