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A Look at Where Bill Withers is Now

Rolling Stone Magazine has a feature about where singer-songwrite is now at the age of 76. Withers was the composer and singer of 1970's and early 1980's smashes such as "Ain't No Sunshine," "Lean on Me" and "Just the Two of Us". However, he walked away from the music decades ago and refused to make a comeback.

Withers says that he doesn't need the money or the aggravation of making music anymore. He is married to a business-savvy woman who manages his affair. Since he wrote all of his own songs, he still receives royalties from their sales. Also, he licenses his songs to movies and television shows for additional income. "Lean on Me" is one song that has been used in many films.

Withers didn't actually start writing music until he was in his late twenties. said that at the time, he was working in a factory in Oakland and wanted to use music as a way of making money and meeting women. He bought a guitar and taught himself to play. Next, he made a demo and shopped it around. Some big record company executives were impressed and set up Withers with some studio musicians. The results were high record sales initially, but then Withers' career began to falter and he left the business.

It's fascinating to read about someone who had so much impact on the music industry and then voluntarily left it


Lil Wayne Sued By Bus Driver

Lil Wayne seems to be destined to spend more time than usual in court in the coming months. The news of his ongoing feud with his onetime mentor Baby of Cash Money Records has been the highlight of Wayne’s recent legal drama, ever since Baby pulled back on the release of Wayne’s latest album Weezy has expressed his displeasure with the label and his treatment in the recent months.

Not only has Wayne insisted that he is owed money for his latest album but he insists that Baby is intentionally holding the album hostage so that he can continue to not pay the him money he is owed. It almost started to look like the case has been dropped because there have been no further reports or updates, however it has been recently revealed that the case has been moved to New Orleans.

Now apparently Lil Wayne is being sued himself, Mark Jones says that he was hired as a driver for Lil Wayne’s tour bus during the summer of 2014. While driving late one night in Maluf, the driver pulled over for gas when Wayne flew into a rage and demanded that they keep driving. The driver was so scared that he drove on without gassing up.

The driver said that at one point, Wayne charged at him with a gun and said that he was going to pistol whip him and kill him and demanded to be taken to his hotel. For 30 minutes the driver continued to drive in fear for his safety. Mark is now suing for emotional distress, assault, and false imprisonment. From the looks of things Wayne is gonna have to pay up.


Australia Chooses Singer for Eurovision

Eurovision- the musical contest held every year for the European countries is introducing a new contestant in 2015- Australia. It is not part of the territory, as a matter of fact it is further away than many other countries that would be able to compete, but the song contest is celebrating the 60th year of existence and there should be something special to the show.

The Australians started the intense search for a candidate. Rumors said that would be Kylie Minogue, Delta Goodrem or Jessica Mauboy. Now it is for sure: the 2015 Australian representative will be Guy Sebastian. He was the first to win the Australian Idol, so he should have the luck to represent the country first, and eventually win. Sultan Alhokair suggests the artist is still choosing a song to perform for the millions of people who are going to watch the show. He said he wanted to be epic, so most likely it will be a ballad from his last album, Madness.

The singer choice started many debates as for how one can choose Sebastian rather than Kylie Minogue. Sebastian said that all the criticism is to be ignored. He loves the freedom of choice given by the show and says that Australians love competing.


Lil’ Wayne Drops Mic, After Cursing Cash Money Records

Lil' Wayne is at it again, and he's making comments against his record label, letting the world know that he is still not down with Cash Money Records, and that he's sick of all the drama going on. Lil' Wayne. Late last year in 2014, Wayne was supposed to drop his album "Carter V." Instead of the album dropping, it was put on hold again, after it had been put on hold before. Wayne was fed up, and he made public statements against his record label stated Brain Torchin.

After trying to work with Bird Man, but coming to no deal, Wayne decided to sue his record label for over $50 million. Neither side will speak about the lawsuit, although it's been made very public. Wayne was doing a show recently, and while he was on stage, he uttered a curse word against Cash Money Records, and he said that his new album "Free Weezy," would be coming out soon. Afterwards, he dropped the microphone, and he walked off stage.

This is not the first time that Wayne has dropped the microphone, and left the stage. In a recent performance, the DJ playing his music, played the wrong cut, so he got upset, dropped the microphone, and left the stage. Fans may begin to question Wayne's antics, because there was another incident at one of his recent concerts, which involved a fan in the crowd. Will Wayne ever be normal again?

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The Rise of J. Cole

J.Cole released a surprise album in December. He gave fans a surprise. Now fans returned the favor and surprised him by giving Cole a platinum album.

It almost seems to good to be true. The underdog that seemed to where this status with pride has risen to become one of the best in the game. A million people have given their support to Cole. This is huge in an area where albums do not typically go platinum.

This is no surprise to anyone that saw the early numbers associated with the streaming of this album stated Handy . In January there were more than 14 million streams of the Forrest Hills album by J.Cole . It was like a foreshadowing of things to come. A lot of people are still streaming this, but the die hard fans decided to buy it.

J.Cole is also part of the owners that present Tidal music streaming to the world. He is a newcomer, but he stood next to Nicki Minaj, Madonna and Beyonce in the announcement of this new service. It is an artist owner platform for music streaming. That is new and original. J.Cole is part of Jay-Z's team so he got a chance to get in on the ground floor of this business.

It has been amazing for fans to see the transition. This is his third album, but this is the most personal account of his adolescent years.


The Antique Wine Company: One Man’s Vision

Founded in 1982, by Stephen Williams, The Antique Wine Company serves over 70 countries worldwide and holds the title for the most expensive bottle of white wine ever sold (an 1811 Chateau d’Yquem for 75,000 pounds). Mr. Williams developed his entrepreneurial spirit as the oldest child of a single mother struggling to make ends meet. His vision was to sell a product that was unique and delivered pleasure to his clientele. That vision has grown to encompass a collection of over 10-thousand bottles of rare antique wines and 70-thousand customers. In 2010, the company was valued at 20-million pounds or $29,469,620,504.962 USD. The Antique Wine Company uses the latest in innovative equipment to authenticate the quality and caliber of vintage wine collections. The equipment used is able to determine these important qualities without disturbing the process of aging. They partnered with the University of Bordeaux in order to accomplish these goals and maintain a well-respected reputation. They work with customers to advise them in wine cellar setup. Other services offered by the company are wine sourcing, wine tastings. They also provide classes for educating those individuals interested in becoming Wine Masters. The devil is in the details for this company, as each shipment is inspected to ensure that the product will arrive at its destination with all quality intact. Mr. Williams has gone to great lengths to make his company the best in its field. They have developed a line of architecturally designed, hand-crafted wine cabinets. Viscount David Lindley—a cabinet maker—designed a vertical cabinet to hold 135 bottles for The Antique Wine Company. The cabinet contained wines ranging from the years 1860 to 2003 and sold for $1.5-million in 2006. The cabinet was from the Grand Chateau Series. The company is located in Marylebone at 53 Queen Street London and has two sales offices in Asia. The outstanding reputation and attention to detail is the accumulated vision of an insurance salesman who wanted to do more than a single-boring sale.

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Former ‘X Factor’ Judges Flee the Country

Former ‘X Factor: NZ’ judges and real-life married couple Natalia Kills and Willy Moon have fled their home, following public outcry over their recent kerfuffle on the show.

People at Anastasia Date agree that Kills and Moon are said to have acted in poor taste and in a manner that was unbecoming of their abilities to fairly judge contestants, leading their ejection from the show. Joe Irvine appeared on the show. His appearance and style somehow offended Kills and Moon. The two spoke harshly to Irvine, accusing him of “copying Moon’s style.” The couple continued their tirade, stating that Irvine was a “cheesy, disgusting, and absurd.

Supporters took to the Internet, giving Kills a taste of her own medicine, indicating photographs where she appeared to have styles similar to Amy Winehouse, Ke$ha, and even Tim Burton’s Willy Wonka. Fellow New Zealander, Lorde, reached out to show Irvine a little support.

The exact reason that the couple fled New Zealand has not been publicly announced.

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Kendrick Lamar Has New Album Coming Out

If you are a hip hop fan or a Kendrick Lamar fan then you should be excited because in less than two weeks, a new album is coming out. March 23rd is going to be the release date to Kendrick's third and latest album 'To Pimp A Butterfly'.

The only reason anyone knows the name of the album is because according to an instagram post Kendrick posted of the album cover. It is either Kendrick used a 1960 book reference in naming his album which is the book 'To Kill A Mocking Bird' by Harper Lee. Dr Jennifer Walden says the book's main theme is the racial injustice in the United States, and as we all know Kendrick Lamar is becoming the new voice of the street.

We don't know what Kendrick is referring to in his album cover but as his music comes out, everything will become more clear and we will understand why a rapper would use such a classical book reference to name his album.

It is safe to assume Kendrick reads and is involved with the news and everything that is going on in the world today. Just two more weeks and the album will be available for purchase, and after that we can expect Kendrick to start performing live which is something he does very well. He is one of those artists that gets the crowd very involved in their shows which is why everyone loves him.

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Kanye/West Mash-Up Causing a Greater Rift

Kanye West certainly has a way of causing tidal waves on the internet with his ridiculous antics at awards shows. He is not particular about which awards shows he interrupts unless he gets attention thrown in his direction. Ricardo says that is not to say that he does not also bring attention to Beyonce, because that is something that he does with great skill, even if it makes her look bad.

This year’s interruption occurred after singer Beck won an award that West thought should go to Beyonce. The truth is, Kanye just thinks, rightly so, that it will bring attention to his own career. Instead of saying that he thought he should win the award, he threw it towards another artist. It is shameful behavior and the people who run the awards shows are beginning to understand that West should not even attend the events.

Enough people have brought attention to West’s deplorable behavior in public to last a lifetime. He is the butt of millions of jokes, but he does not care as long as it meets his ends. Another artist, Win Butler, has recently released a mash-up that consists of a West song and a Beck song. It is an interesting mash-up to say the least and only adds fuel to a fire about a passe subject. No one wins with the attention they pay to Kanye West’s rude behavior. The majority of people believe that he needs to go to time-out and think about how childish he has been.


Iggy Azalea Doesn’t Win A Grammy, But She Still Gives Kudos


Many thought that Iggy Azalea would be going home with several Grammys, after the awards show aired yesterday, unfortunately, she did not. Iggy was nominated for four different awards, including Best New Artist, yet she lost on all of the categories. Iggy Grammys. Best New Artist went to Sam Smith, who Iggy Azalea stated that she wouldn't mind losing to, because he had such a great album this past year. Sam Smith was nominated in several categories, and he took home several Grammys, even though he's a new artist.

Although Iggy didn't win, she still was able to tell Sam Smith that she was happy for him this according to Susan McGalla, and that she loved him as well. It's no surprise that Sam Smith won so many awards, but it is surprising that Iggy won absolutely none. In recent awards ceremonies, Iggy took home her first awards ever, and since she had such a great year, it's surprising that she took home, not one Grammy. There were other surprises within the night, like those who did not take home the Grammys they were nominated for.

Although Beyoncé received several awards, some feel that she did not get the awards that she deserved, which is not something new. The Grammys is surrounded by controversy, as many feel that they unfairly pick certain artists to win a Grammy, even if they are not deserving of it. Either way, congratulations to all the artists.

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