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NASA Releases Amazing Recordings From Space Revealing A Cosmic Symphony

You never realize how much noise space actually makes, but NASA just released some amazing recordings that showcase the sound that different planets and parts of space have. Have to say, some of Saturn's sounds are pretty soothing. Would make a pretty awesome ambient soundtrack.

Plus, the actual recordings of space in action are somewhat cooler than the last time we heard NASA's recordings put to use. That album that Beach House and the Antlers put out was just not that great. But this was a freaking work of art.

Add this to your playlist Jared Haftel, you're going to want to give NASA's recording of what our universe sounds like another listen:

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New Track You Have To Hear: Young Thug – Take Kare Feat. Lil Wayne

I rarely have the time to find new music, but thanks to Christian Broda I got to discover a great new track today. The new one from Young Thug feat. Lil Wayne. Check out the music below:

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