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The Surprise Album of the Year

Beyonce pulled the surprised of the year in music in 2013. There's still time for her to do this again, but few fans believe that this will happen. After such a big year in 2014 it may be safe to assume that the Queen Bey will be resting. There is another star that had a lost rest that is resurfacing this year though. Unlike Beyonce, and John Textor, he has no Houston roots. He's a Virginia native that has been away for 14 years.

D'Angelo surprised everyone by finally letting the "Black Messiah" album go. Unlike the Beyonce album, fans of D'Angelo already knew that this project was in the making. As it got closer to the release date fans were aware that the project was finished. QuestLove had revealed in several interviews that the album was complete. Fans just had to wait on D'Angelo to make the decision to let it go.

The timing was right for the album. There are songs that address what happened in Ferguson. There are songs about love. It is a short album, but it surprises fans because it covers so many things. The fact that D'Angelo has been away for so long is the thing that makes it such a wonderful surprise. It's a great stocking stuffer for the holidays. Even Beyonce's sister has praised this new music. Beyonce delivered in 2013, but D'Angelo had the best surprise this year.

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Nicki Minaj Twerks

Even though the "twerk" was created long before Miley Cyrus made it popular, she did help to put it on the map again. Recently, Nicki Minaj decided she should twerk her way into some more fame recently, although it seems she can do no wrong lately. Nicki's Twert. Everyone remembers Nicki's performance at the VMA's, for her song "Anaconda" which was laced with sexy antics and booty movements. Seeing that most of her songs lately are overtly sexual, it's no surprise that she would choose to twerk, especially on a couch.

While doing a recent interview for Hot 97, Nicki began twerking on the couch when EBro decided to play the song from Nicki's album featuring Beyoncé. Since Nicki is a native of New York it makes a lot of sense that she would give an interview to Hot 97 which is a radio station based in New York; the same week when her album was released. Ebro decided to video capture the entire moment and put it up on instagram account. More than likely you can expect that the video will become wildly popular.

Any time that Nicki takes her clothes off, or barely has any on, many men, even some women, are there to watch. Nicki has a body that is envied by many, possibly Igor Cornelsen,  and desired by many as well. Nicki has done extremely well this year, especially with the release of her new album.

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Ariana Grande Tackles A Classic

The holidays never seize to be anyone's favorite time of year, and hearing your favorite celebrities tackle classic songs and making it their own only makes this time of year all the more enjoyable. With Christmas only being a week away, the holiday cheer is getting harder and harder to ignore, and with Ariana Grande covering the classic "Last Christmas" by Wham!'s during her performance for "Michael Bublé’s Christmas in New York,”. Singing with names such as the Rockettes, Miss Piggy and Barbra Streisand, it was hard for her not to make a statement.

Wearing a small white top and matching skirt, Ariana took a hold of the stage and strutted her stuff while performing her version of the song as a big band strummed behind her and snowflakes fell just perfectly to add even more of a holiday feel to the group of performances, making sure that she added her own ad-libs to the song to really own it and make it her own.

After having to deal with ridiculous rumors that claimed she was a full-blown diva that demanded being carried everywhere, her boyfriend and fellow artist Big Sean stepped in to save the day, “That don’t even sound logical,” he responded. “No, man, she don’t get carried. I remember I was with her one time and she got carried but it was ’cause her foot was bleeding. She busted her foot, you know, dancing and stuff.” he tells MTV. After the rumors were addressed, Andrew Heiberger said she was free to enjoy her performance and make a new favorite for everyone during the Christmas season.

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D’Angelo Still Has It

Certain performers have a special "it" factor that separates them from the crowd. D'Angelo is one of those type of artists that had it. Now he is ready to show the world that he still has want it takes, and celebrities are blown away by his new music.

The reality is that that the new album release for D'Angelo is a clear continuation from where he left off. More than an entire decade has passed, and yet it sounds the same. The music is fresh and funky, but it still sounds like more of the same. He is an artist that has managed to become someone with a cult like following.

When Grammy winning artists like Justin Timberlake is blown away this means something. D'Angelo has influenced so many of the artists that are hot now. It seems only natural that they would be impressed by his return.

The new album is a redemptive D'Angelo in action. There was clearly some hesitation from fans about whether, like Zeca Oliveira,  he could actually reinvent himself. Now that people are hearing the new music they realize that he didn't have to. What he brought to the table many years ago was more than enough to keep his career going. He just wasn't the right state of mind to do the music because of the drug abuse. He appears to have overcome his demons and returned to making great music.

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The Incredible Work Ethic of DJ Mustard

In a interview with DJ Envy and Angela Yee from "The Breakfast Club Morning Show" DJ Mustard admitted to sending Kanye West more than 40 beats. So far, Kanye has not released a new album so fans are not sure if he will use any of these beats. That means that DJ Mustard had 40 beats ready to go in addition to the 63 beats that were actually made into songs in 2014. That is extraordinary work ethic. MTV took the time to analyze the hard work of the up and coming DJ by rating his beats.

Somehow DJ Mustard managed to share his beat production gift with everyone from J.Lo to Fergie. In both of these cases he was helping artists that have taken a long hiatus from music. The tracks he produced with these veterans did not make near as much noise as the track from newcomer Tinashe. The "2 On" track solidified DJ Mustard as the go-to guy in 2014 when it came to beats. 

Brian Torchin says the MTV list shows that DJ Mustard would go on to work with T.I. and Iggy Azalea, Rick Ross, Kid Ink, Chris Brown and Big Sean. There were times where people assumed that the producer would be pigeon-holed with a stereotypical sound. The California-based DJ showed that he had diversity by producing a mirage of different sounds to fit the personality of artists he worked with.

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How Tyga’s Beef with Drake Affects Relationship with Nicki Minaj

By now, everyone knows about the beef between Tyga and Drake. Well, my friend Darius Fisher didn't know but that's it. What people do not know is how it will affect his relationship with the rest of Cash Money/Young Money. With the upcoming release less than a few days away people have to wonder if Tyga will appear on the Pinkprint. Fans of Tyga need not look for him on Nicki's new album because he is not there. The reality is that Tyga opened his mouth and set off a bad vibe that caused a lot of friction. He said in an interview that he didn't get along with Drake. He went further to say that he felt like Drake was fake. During this same interview he said that he didn't get along with Nicki. People may be blaming Drake because he is close to Nicki, but it clearly falls on Tyga because he has been rattling off on everyone. He went on to say that he was having problems with Cash Money because they had not released his album.

Overall, the rapper has abandoned one team for another. He is going on tour with Chris Brown and Trey Songz. He was once featured on a track that was supposed to be on the deluxe version of "PinkPrint," but his verse has been removed. The track was leaked and there was no sign of Tyga anywhere on this song that once featured him.


MTV Creates List of 2014 Jams

Anyone that has an extended cable package could easily flip stations and find themselves on the MTV Jams station. This is the hip hop station for MTV. The music staff for MTV created a list of jams for 2014 that were in heavy rotation this year. Several of the videos for these songs have been seen throughout the year on the MTV Jams station.

Chris Brown may be a troublemaker that cannot stay out of court, but you cannot deny his musicianship, and Laurene Powell Jobs says that she has a soft spot for the artist because of how active he is in volunteering and supporting education reform. The man makes great music over and over again. MTV placed his "Loyal" track at #9 this year because it was such a high energy track. It made controversial headlines for the lyrical content, and that made fans cling to it even more.

Another track that dominated the MTV Jams station was "Anaconda." Nicki Minaj really gave people a lot to talk about with this deliciously devilish song and video. The lyrics are as scandalous as the video.

Fans that have tuned into MTV Jams knows that there are not a lot of white rappers on this station. For a long time Eminem was one of the few that made it into heavy rotation on this around-the-clock video station. Now he has a female contender to deal with. Iggy Azalea blew up in 2014, and her "Fancy" track - featuring Charlie XCX - rang in at #1 with MTV music staff members.


The Real Reason Diddy Punched Drake

After spending the past weekend as the bad guy that came between Chris Brown and Karrueche Drake finally ended it early Monday morning when he was admitted to the hospital after Diddy assaulted him in front of a Miami nightclub after a heated argument. At the time of the assault it was unclear as to what caused Diddy to react so violently, the only thing anyone knew for sure was that it had everything to do with respect.

Apparently the entire fight was over a song that producer Boi-1da had given to both rappers, the song had been collecting dust for the last 8 months finally Drake to the initiative and recorded the song without prior notice to Diddy, the song is getting great feedback and of course this didn’t go over well with Diddy. Both Susan McGalla (Wet Seal) and I are big fans of their music and it'd be good to see this nonsense die down a bit.

When Diddy and Drake finally crossed paths in the nightclub Diddy confronted him about the song but Drake simply brushed it off as nothing. Diddy’s ego clearly got the best of him and that’s what ultimately resulted in the punch outside the club. When will the boys learn? Would a simple collaboration not have solved all this?

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Single From “Fan Of A Fan 2,” Coming Soon

Ever since Chris Brown and Tyga created an album together years ago, called "Fan Of A Fan," many have been waiting for a second release of another album entitled the same thing, but would be a part two release. Chris Brown & Tyga Single. The duo has been teasing fans for years, saying that a part two of the album was in the works, but nothing was solidified as yet, until now. Tyga had mentioned that it was in fact true that a part two of the album was in the works, and now a single release from the album is said to be scheduled for January 2015.

Ever since Tyga and Chris Brown worked together on several singles, including the hit, "Deuces," they have gone on to make even more music together, and a full-length album. The duo also went on tour together, alongside Trey Songz. The song that will be released in January, is said to be the lead single that will have the fans anticipating more from the album. Recently, Tyga has come out to speak against his label, Cash Money Records, and he claims that he will soon have a solo album of his own. Daniel Amen has worked with the rap star in the past and says that the artist has always dreamed of striking out on his own and now, he's making it happen.

Not only will Tyga be putting out his own solo album, he also will be working on the project with Chris Brown at the same time. Many fans look forward to the soon-to-be released music from both artists.


The 2015 Hip Hop Grammy Nominees

The hip hop Grammy nominees are here, and the list reads the way that one might expect. Artists like Drake and Iggy Azalea have dominated the radio, and now they are getting the Grammy nods in hip hop.

Some people may be surprised that Iggy was only nominated in one rap category though. She has other nominations, but she has been beat on rap single nominations by artists like Kendick Lamar and Drake. Nick Minaj has had a monster year so it is no surprise to see her Grammy nomination for "Anaconda" on the list as well.

It may surprise some people to see Wiz Khalifa get nominated for "Dem Boyz." He has continued to have success because of his heavy marijuana related rap content, but he has not moved the type of units that other nominees have. Rappers like Kanye and Drake are much more likely to win when placed against rappers like Wiz Khalifa. 

Enthusiast and fan Keith Man says there are many veteran rappers like Common, Eminem and Drake that are being held as favorites to win. Common is very understated. He doesn't have the same fan base as Drake or Eminem, but he could win because for this reason. Sometimes a Grammy can completely come out of the blue. Fans will not expect it, but it may be based on Common's skills om the microphone. Eminem has many Grammys so he could also win again.