How Sentient AI brings a human level of understanding to machine sized amounts of data.

As technology moves us forward we are beginning to notice an ever-increasing need for artificial intelligence and Big Data. In this age, every transaction and activity can be monitored and recorded digitally, and high-tech companies are seeking to make use of this newfound source of customer information. From the local level retailer to the largest corporate enterprises, artificial intelligence allows business to learn more about their customers than ever before. With this information, they can better serve the needs and interests of their customers while keeping costs low.


Every type of customer group is different; no two individuals will behave the in exactly the same way in the same situation. Furthermore, we cannot expect individuals or demographics to consistently react to the same marketing efforts the same way each and every time. This is the marketer’s dilemma that has made it difficult for even the most stable companies to remain relevant.


This is where the specialized field of conversion rate optimization comes into play. In most any business, the cost of acquiring a new customer outweighs the cost of retention considerably, but any company interested in growing has to do both. Because these costs are so high, it’s important to work with a reputable AI service provider such as Sentient AI to convert potential customers into permanent customers.


Most notably this artificial intelligence can be to better turn users who click on an ad into a user that makes a purchase. Because online marketing conversion rates vary widely from hour to hour, across demographics, and depending on the offer, robust analytics and artificial intelligence or crucial to maximizing advertising dollars.


Another way this artificial intelligence can be used is in preventing online cart abandonment. One study performed by the Baymard Institute showed that up to 67% of online shopping carts were abandoned before finalizing a purchase. Many of these users came from an ad that was clicked on and paid for. In these cases, these abandoned carts represent a direct loss to the company that could have been prevented through greater analysis and understanding of customer behavior.


Businesses cannot afford to why are human beings to analyze each and every possible missed opportunity. This is where Sentient AI and other deep learning programs come into play.


Ultimately the goal of sentient AI is to apply human-level thinking using large amounts of data that only machine can manage. Businesses can learn more about their customers and by combining millions of data points with a human level of artificial intelligence.

Sheldon Lavin reveals the secret behind the success of OSI Industries

OSI Group is a food processing company with its headquarters at Aurora, Illinois. Currently, the company features in the list of the largest privately owned companies in the U.S. The company was launched in 1909 by Otto as a small butcher shop in Chicago. It supplies high-quality meat, bacon, patties, fish, hot dog, poultry and other pork products. The company has also ventured into the fresh produce sector where they supply high-quality organic foods to their customers. Since 1955, OSI Group has always ensured that Americas get the best quality meat in their piece of McDonald’s burger.

A considerable part of OSI Group’s growth can be attributed to the presence of excellent and visionary leadership. Sheldon Lavin joined the company’s management team in 1975, and he has significantly contributed to the company’s current success. Sheldon is the Chairman and the CEO of OSI Industries. Lavin also serves as the president of OSI International Foods Ltd. He is also the director of National Fish and Wildfire Foundation.

Sheldon is a banker who joined Otto & Sons in 1970 as a financial advisor. Mr. Lavin organized financing for the company when he became a managing partner of the firm. He drafted a strategy that would see OSI Group venture into the overseas markets where they opened new processing units. By 1975, McDonald asked Lavin to join the company full time to help the business grow. OSI continued to expand to South America, Taiwan, and Europe. With the increased expansion, Sheldon gained half of the stake in the company.

Sheldon has been honored severally over the years for his exemplary leadership skills. He was at one point honored with the Global Visionary Award. The award honors individuals in various fields who have portrayed perseverance and persistence to turn their dreams into a reality.

In 2011, Sheldon was also honored by the Forbes for helping the company to feature at position 136 among the largest private companies in America. In 2016, OSI group came down to number 58 after posting annual revenues of $6.1 billion.

Currently, OSI controls 100 percent voting rights of OSI Industries. Sheldon, who is now 81 years old, holds several honorary titles and accolades for his outstanding work as the CEO of OSI Group and business innovator. Lavin says that his mission is to grow OSI Industries and eventually dominate the fast food industry in the globe. He also wants OSI industries to set the trend for other food companies.

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Felipe Montoro Jens Offers His Valuable Perspective Regarding the Private Sector’s Future Business Prospects

Brazil has always had a dominant reputation based on its savvy business practices in decades. This reputation blossomed in the 20th century mainly due to the industrialization boom across America and Europe. According to Felipe Montoro Jens and other economic experts, the country’s debt crisis is widely considered to be a major catalyst for change during the industrial revolution. According to the National Confederation Industry (NCI), it was incumbent for Brazil to venture into the infrastructure sector and reap maximum rewards through modernization. Not only did this process speed up economic growth, but it also ensured that the country met its investment demands.

Felipe Montoro Jens firmly believes that this new trend resulted from a comprehensive series of events that directly relate to each other. For starters, Brazil uniquely took advantage of its stable political environment to promote infrastructure privatization with like-minded nations. This stable environment served as a hotbed for growth and prosperity over the next five decades. Alternatively, the establishment of the National Privatization Program provided a standardized economic platform for the development of various projects. This eventually led to the rapid expansion of the aeronautical, petrochemical, and steel industries.

On the other hand, the enactment of the Public-Private Partnerships Act was essential for the country’s success. With it, flexible guidelines ensured that legitimate business practices operated without hitches. Moreover, the Act played a vital role in strengthening the telecommunications sector by establishing privatization programs through entities like the National Economic and Social Development Bank (BNDES).

Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens is a prominent Brazillian entrepreneur. Mr. Jens impressive resume includes various prominent positions such as serving as the CEO of Energipar Captação S.A. Before holding this prestigious position, Mr. Jens also served as Senior Officer of Investments and Senior Officer of Finance within the same company. On the other hand, Felipe Montoro Jens has also served as a Board member to several companies such as San Antonio Energia SA as well as Concessionaria do Centro Administrativo.

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George Soros Returns to Politics with $25 Million Splash: Report

According to a recent report published in the American medical association, George Soros has returned to politics with a splash in for supporting the Democrats. George Soros is one of the liberal billionaires who believe in a fair world where the rule of law is always protected for good use. For this reason, he has always amassed a great amount of wealth working towards solving the problems their clients go through in the industry. George Soros has also held numerous political positions as one of the greatest funders for the Democrats. George Soros uses the Open Society Foundations to achieve his funding associations all over the world and more information click here.

George Soros is one of the greatest billionaire investors who has ever lived. For over three decades of excellence and the professional value in the risky currency trades, George Soros has amassed more wealth in the industry for working towards solving the problems most of his clients face in the industry. George Soros has also amassed a great amount of wealth betting against the major currencies in the world. Because he can note a falling currency, George Soros always achieves his success by betting against the odds. In most cases, people only think he is away in failure because he is capacitated for better business solutions and what George Soros knows.

In the past few years, we have seemed George Soros more involved in politics than ever. This is because he feels that the political nature of the world is unrest. For this reason, he will work towards electing the best leaders to take up the political role in the industry. Few people can comprehend what George Soros feels about regime where the rule of law is respected by everyone regardless of their political alienation. George Soros has also bankrolled numerous democratic campaigns to help the democrats win the general elections because he feels they can dictate the better values of the true nation and learn more about George Soros.

George Soros is the CEO and Founder of the Open Society Foundations based in the United States. For more than one decade of experience in the industry, the Open Society Foundations has worked in more than 10 countries in the world. This is because the organization works towards sustaining the better business values to make the countries a safer place to live for the marginalized groups. George Soros has also fought for the rights of the less fortunate people in many countries through the Open Society Foundations and Follow his

The Open Society Foundations is an organization that assimilates better values in leadership and the rule of law. George Soros founded the organization to extend his charitable giving in the society in 1979. During that time, he felt he has made enough money to assist him to achieve the best values for a brighter life in society and George Soros’s  lacrosse camp.

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Clay Siegall: The Driving Force behind Seattle Genetics

Seattle Genetics is a facility that we have witnessed rise from an ordinary research establishment to being among the top players in the cancer research world. The research center is currently the first one to successfully develop and get FDA approval for more than 20 cancer antibody conjugates. All these successes can be thanked to Dr. Clay Siegall who is the founder of the facility. In a recent interview by Inspirery, Siegall says that he has always been interested in medicine and technology, but his concern in cancer was sparked off when one of his family members got the disease, and there was no mode of treatment suitable for them. Chemo and other radical surgery only went on to worsen the condition of Clay’s relative. That is when he decided to find better alternatives for cancer treatment and also make a living from the same. According to the interview, Seattle Genetics took almost a decade before it could bring in profits and today its main source of money is through drug sales. However, they not all drugs always get approved by the FDA. The facility gets its customers through salespeople who market its products and to make it even better, Clay reveals that they have an excellent legal team which helps them get business deals and partnerships. According to him, hard work, passion and being focused are the secret ingredients to his success.

About Clay Siegall

Apart from being the founder and chief executive officer of Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall occupies other senior positions in prominent companies in the health industry such as being director of Ultragenyx and Alder Biopharmaceuticals, and he once worked at Bristol-Myers Squibb pharmaceutical for seven years and the national institutes of health for two years. He is also well educated and is a graduate of the University of Maryland where he got a B.S in zoology and George Washington University from where he received his Ph.D. in Genetics. He has helped Seattle genetics grow to be one of the biggest biopharmaceuticals in the United States, and there are no rooms for setbacks which is proved by the string of cancer conjugates that the research center has developed.

Talkspace is a Great App for Mental Health Issues

If you are a person that suffers from mental health issues than Talkspace is an app that might be for you. This app was created in 2012 as app that can help people who suffer from depression, anxiety and forms of mental illness. Talkspace is available on the Apple Store and on Android. People can download and use it on their mobile devices, laptops or PCs.

The thing about Talkspace is that it provides mental health patients with a safe and private way to deal with their issues. In case you didn’t know, mental health issues are running rampart in America today. The only way that people will be able to overcome these problems is by getting help from trained professionals who can deal with these issues. However, millions of people do not want to tackle mental health related problems because of the stigma associated with this illness.

Talkspace provides people with a private way to get the help they need. Patient information is kept confidential. Users will not have to worry about dealing with being publicly exposed for visiting a psychologist or therapist. Their loved ones do not have know, unless they want to explain what is going on. Users can also keep their sessions private even if they have a partner or family members who reside with them.

Keep in mind that Talkspace helps people to excel and to be at their best. There are over 1000 licensed therapist who are a part of the Talkspace network. Some of these therapists specialize in various behavioral cures that can help people specific conditions.

Talkspace has specific plans and these plans are great for people who want to effectively deal with their problems. They can text therapists to deal with their problems and even talk to them face to face over their mobile device. They will spend less money for services since Talkspace provides these needs at a discounted rate.

Meet Greg Secker: A Multi-millionaire CEO in Forex Trade

Greg Secker is an English entrepreneur and founder of Greg Secker Foundation. Born in London, 1975, the CEO of Learn To Trade studied at the University of Nottingham and is an expert in forex trade.

Interview with CEO/CFO

In an interview conducted by Lynn Fosse, senior editor of CEO/CFO magazine, Secker explained how he achieved financial freedom in the following ways:

  • His philosophy of always being a why not guy and not a why guy. Secker agrees to many things and identifies how to do them later.
  • Having studied agriculture and food sciences, Greg Secker didn’t find difficulty swapping into finance since he was building and selling computers while at school. Afterwards, he encountered someone from Thomas Cook Financial Services who offered him a job at the currency trading floor.
  • Working on the Virtual Trading Desk piqued Secker’s interest in foreign forex trading. Aspiring to make forex profits, Secker borrowed €5,000 which returned €60,000 in just a year.
  • Secker shares his knowledge and passion by attending many seminars just like Tony Robbins. In 2003, Secker started speaking about Foreign Exchange. Until now, Secker has spoken about 6,000 times in wealth expos in the U.S, National Achievers Congress among others.
  • Being named to the board of Ambassadors for City Philanthropy, Secker encourages entrepreneurs to integrate philanthropy into their businesses. “If you can make profit, then why not make a difference too?”
  • Greg Secker Foundation seeks to empower the lives of young people. The foundation rolled out in South Africa and is now eyeing Australia.
  • Secker speaks internationally to help people have access to life-changing tools.
  • In his book, Financial freedom through Forex, Secker offers guidelines to getting started in currency markets through two unique strategies. He’s set to release another book about integrating philanthropy into business.
  • Secker views himself as a renaissance man by owning seventeen companies, a brokerage, running motivation seminars, holding a hedge fund and philanthropic endeavors.
  • Secker looks forward to empowering the Filipinos to better their lives.

Greg Secker is an international speaker, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Greg owns several companies. They include Learn To Trade, Capital Index, SmartCharts Software among others.

Greg founded Greg Secker Foundation, a non-profit organization to better the lives of people across the globe. Being Europe’s top trader, Greg encourages young entrepreneurs to embrace financial freedom by teaching them how to be entrepreneurs.

OSI Industries Seeks to Add New Factories in Europe

OSI Group is probably the best food producer you never heard of. Many times that you’ve bitten into something delicious at a restaurant, or even food bought from the grocery store, you unwittingly consumed something made or distributed by OSI. That’s because OSI is one of the largest private companies in the world, doing $6.1 billion a year and employing 20,000 people. They have operations in over 18 countries including four continents.

Now, OSI is looking to apply the same strategy of growth they did in Asia to a new area: Europe. OSI recently bought Boho Foods, a Dutch company that services 17 countries in Europe. They also bought Flagship Europe, which should be a promising opportunity to grow their base and offer quality products to consumers. This combination should ensure that they can grow in Europe and achieve a situation that is beneficial to the local markets as well as the company.

It isn’t just internationally that the company continues to grow, however. They have also saved hundreds of local jobs recently by buying a factory in Chicago that Tyson was going to let die. And that’s the theme of OSI: always growing and giving back to the community. Thanks to the impressive leadership of CEO Sheldon Lavin and President David McDonald, OSI Group enjoys delighted fans wherever they open their doors.

The executives say that’s because they ask the local communities what they want. Even though the holding company serves large names like Pizza Hut, Starbucks, Subway, and McDonald’s, each area has different customers who have different demands. Some may want something cheaper and faster, while other want organic quality. The key is to strike the balance and conduct research to guide what they do. Whatever OSI produces, they pay close attention to the sourcing and pricing of it.

Of course, the number one priority for them is to ensure the highest safety standards, which they have won multiple awards for in their factories. That’s because they use new technology in their 67 facilities like x-rays to prevent foreign objects from ending up in the final food product that they package. That is a good fact to know in a world where it is hard to know where your food is coming from. For more info about us: click here.

And OSI isn’t all about business. They care deeply about giving back. That’s why they teamed with Ronald McDonald House and Feed America. It’s refreshing when a company truly cares about the community.

Get Therapy Anywhere and Anytime Just by Texting

Just like chronic diseases such as cardiac arrest and arthritis, depression needs to be handled with utmost consideration. Therapists are important as they offer private access and guidance in accordance with their mental health profession.

Alice Winkle is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Alabama. Having personally experienced anxiety issues, Winkle decided to opt to study psychology instead of nursing to help people overcome depression. Winkle joined Talkspace after seeing how patients struggled in long queues at her previous employment to get therapy. Some even had problems getting out of bed. Working at Talkspace has made Winkle proud of her work as many people appreciate her as soon as they get out of depression and make bold moves.

Winkle specializes in helping people struggling with anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). She has experience in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for children and adults. Winkle loves being outside and can work from anywhere. She looks up to Carl Rogers as her mental hero.

Talkspace is a text-based therapy where you’re matched with a professional therapist who gets to know the cause of your depression either from life history, friendships, or relationships. The therapist will interview you to get more information on how to approach your problem and offers actionable remedies.

Why should you choose Talkspace?

  • Talkspace is convenient as you can access therapy anywhere and anytime. No worries about booking appointments, getting late or missing your therapist.
  • Talkspace keeps your identity anonymous unless you’re willing to disclose it to your therapist. For people who are suffering from stigmatization or feeling embarrassed, Talkspace gives you a platform to be free as your identity is kept a secret.
  • Media sharing with your therapist is enabled. You can share videos, photos to better explain your situation to your therapist.
  • Talkspace is cost-effective compared to in-person sessions
  • Swapping of therapists is easy with Talkspace
  • Talkspace gives you time to think and craft useful answers before you respond to queries.
  • Talkspace has no time limits. You can talk to your therapist as much as you wish without incurring any additional cost.

OSI Group Continues to Successfully Expand

The OSI Group continues to grow on a global scale as they strategically acquire food companies that complement and enhance their own capabilities which are extensive. In the past year, they have brought online seven new facilities for production in various locations around the world.

OSI Group provides a comprehensive array of services in the food industry and it includes everything from processing to developing new products in accordance with local traditions. They are among the world’s leaders as they partner with top industry retailers and food service brands.

David McDonald is the President of OSI Group and details the strategy behind their growth initiatives. It isn’t merely about adding capacity it’s also about helping their customers increase their business too. By helping them develop and produce quality products with healthy demand, OSI Group improves their own bottom line with increased sales as well. This ability to develop strategic partnerships are a key aspect that sets apart OSI Group from ordinary competitors.

McDonald gives great credit to OSI’s CEO Sheldon Lavin for the energy and entrepreneurial spirit that he brings to the organization. This pattern of growth that OSI Group has exhibited throughout their history with Lavin has led to more and more choices for customers and their global presence is now in 17 countries. Some of these choices include organic foods and premium products for those customers who desire the highest quality. The one consistency that OSI Group emphasizes is the food must be tasty and nutritious.

The recent purchase of a former Tyson Foods plant in Chicago is one example of OSI’s expansion in the U.S. and this acquisition adds an additional 200,000 square feet of production capacity to their considerable holdings in the country. With their growing portfolio of facilities and continued expansion in quality and production abilities, OSI Group has been recognized by Forbes magazine as one of the world’s largest privately held companies.

Europe is another area in which OSI Group is expanding as evidenced by their acquisition of Flagship Europe from the Flagship Food Group. This increases their presence in Europe and complements OSI’s efforts in processing to give them an opportunity to gain market share.
An innovation that is displayed by OSI Group and is a hallmark of their operations is their sensitivity to local culture and traditions wherever they operate across the globe. This is in keeping with their entrepreneurial spirit and it details their view on the importance of avoiding the trap of one-size-fits-all across a diverse globe.

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