Securus Technologies New System Keeps the Incarcerated In Check

Robert Johnson is a former corrections officer that currently lives in Delray, Florida. He has worked at Lee Correctional Institution in South Carolina for fifteen years, mainly confiscating contraband from convicts. On March 5, 2010, something extremely daunting happened to Robert Johnson and he is lucky to be alive. One of the prisoners had put a hit on Mr. Johnson with just a basic contraband cell phone. Why would Mr. Johnson become a target? Well, he was just doing his job and intercepted a prison gang’s fairly large contraband package. The package was valued at around $50,000 and his keen eye had prevented the contents from ever getting into the hands of those locked up.


Mr. Johnson woke up around 5:30 in the morning to get ready for work and then suddenly he heard a boom. He heard his front door being kicked in and immediately knew it was a probably a hit. As the hitman came in, Mr. Johnson had diverted him to the hallway, this was to keep the assailant away from his bedroom where his wife was sleeping. As he struggled with the large assailant, he had pushed Mr. Johnson backwards and pointed a gun towards him. Robert Johnson was shot a total of six times, the doctors said he actually died twice during surgery but persevered. The prisoner had contacted the hitman with a contraband cell phone and paid him $6,000 on a reloadable Greendot card. Mr. Johnson testified during a hearing with the FCC about how to control the issues of contraband cell phones in prisons well after his recovery. His daunting story can now open the eyes of others as well as myself on the importance of providing wireless containment solutions for incarcerated environments everywhere. He now works as a paid consultant for Securus Technologies, a civil and criminal justice technology solution company based in Dallas, TX.


Securus Technologies provide monitored paid calls and video chats for inmates. They use an innovative Wireless Containment System to manage and block an inmate’s unauthorized cell phone call. Securus Technologies realizes the widespread severity of contraband cell phone usage in our country. In the wrong hands, these mobile devices can do so much unnecessary harm. Their Wireless Containment System have detected and prevented more than 1.7 million unauthorized communication attempts in eight correctional institutions in the U.S. There are still many correctional facilities here in the U.S. that aren’t equipped with these tech solutions. An inmate recently posted a Facebook Live video using an illegal cell phone and he was also holding a knife. This was his second time being caught with a contraband cell phone, if the correctional facility used Securus’s new system the incident would have never occurred.


Paul Mampilly Is Bringing Huge Profits to His Subscribers

Paul Mampilly has had tremendous success on Wall Street. In fact, he won the Templeton Foundation award for investing after he was able to achieve a profit gain of seventy six percent on his investments. However, he walked away from Wall Street so that he can focus on helping the average American become successful at investing.

He shows his Profits Unlimited subscribers exactly what he did in order to achieve the gains that he achieved. As an example, he opened a stock account just for demonstration, and it has already grown by one hundred and eighty percent. As the senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing, he has helped many people become successful at investing. Paul Mampilly signed on with Banyan Hill Publishing over a year ago so that he can launch Profits Unlimited and help more people invest their money successfully. Paul Mampilly updates the stocks that he recommends to his subscribers every week, so you can be sure that all of the information you are getting is up to date. He also makes sure to track the progress of his recommended stocks, so you can see for yourself how they are doing.

One of the industries he recommends investing in is precision medicine. This means that doctors will use a patient’s genetic information in order to avoid a one size fits all treatment. Paul Mampilly believes that companies that are successful with precision medicine will become the leaders in the medical industry. His recommended portfolio includes five stocks in the precision medicine industry.

Paul Mampilly’s Profits Unlimited newsletter is highly successful. It now has over 90,000 subscribers. He has worked for twenty five years on Wall Street with companies such as Deutsche Bank. He won the Templeton Award for turning fifty million dollars into eighty eight million dollars at the peak of the financial crisis.

His subscribers save money, because they learn how to buy the stocks that he recommends by opening their own brokerage account, as opposed to Paul serving as the middleman. Brokers that do that usually take fees that cost a lot of money. The subscribers who follow his advice are succeeding big time. One subscriber said that by following Paul Mampilly’s advice, he profited the most he ever did in his entire career. He said he invested in every recommended stock and that each one is doing well.

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Sussex Healthcare Audiology Focuses On Providing Superior Patient Care

As a company that focuses on assisting people with hearing loss, Sussex Healthcare Audiology places their focus on providing patients with superior quality products and services. This healthcare facility primarily works with individuals who have experienced a loss in hearing due to advancing age. Their team of professionals can help with hearing assessment as well as with the proper fitting of hearing aids. Their dedication to quality extends to the care they provide to the patients they assist.

The process of hearing assessment is the first step toward obtaining the specialized care needed to improve the quality of hearing in older adults. The experts at Sussex Healthcare Audiology provide free leaflets about the process used to assess hearing loss. They also have some helpful tips on their website to assist people in determining if they need to have an assessment done. As people age, the systems involved in hearing begin to decline, which could result in the loss of sound tone. This could be experienced as mumbling when people speak or increased difficulty in hearing audible sounds from televisions, phones or doorbells.

Read more: Sussex Healthcare Excels in Meeting Complex Nursing Home Challenges

In order to better assist the needs of the patients they treat, Sussex Healthcare Audiology employs a team of qualified professionals who are registered with the appropriate governing organizations such as the Health and Care Professional Council and the Registered Council for Clinical Physiologists. This health care facility also provides training for all of their employees to make sure they adhere to the guidelines and goals of the facility itself. Sussex Healthcare Audiology has also been accredited by the UKAS and is currently working with the National Good Practice Guide to ensure their patients receive the best care possible.

In an effort to provide the best care possible, the team at Sussex Healthcare uses state-of-the-art equipment to assist their patients. They also participate in programs designed to keep their staff and services up to date. The treatment for hearing loss offered through this facility includes after care service in the way of maintenance and support. Making sure a device is working properly and encouraging annual check-ups is a top priority.


How Cassio Audi Became a Successful Drummer

Nowadays Cassio Audi is an executive who has spent almost 25 years in finance. He has helped companies of every size, from startups to multinational organizations, through such things as his experience making business operations more efficient and profitable, putting in place financial controls, and otherwise boosting productivity. He has developed the skills to be a great leader of people who can effectively communicate his vision to others.

A native of Brazil, Cassio Audi was born in Sao Paulo. Before going to college and starting his career in finance he was the member of a band called Viper. He was the group’s drummer. His bandmates were Pit Passarel, Yves Pasarel, Andre Machado, and Felipe Machado. They started playing together in 1985 and they had a variety of styles of music they played including power metal, alternative rock, and thrash metal.

One of the bands that played the biggest influence on Cassio Audi and his bandmates was Iron Maiden. It was in 1985 that they produced their demo album which was named The Killera Sword. The album had three songs on it, Killera Princess, Signs of the Night, and Hell and Nightmare.

It was in 1987 that their first album was released to the public. This album was called Soldiers of Sunrise and it had several tracks on it. among the more notable songs on the album were Signs of the Night, Knights of Destruction, and Soldiers of Sunrise which the album was named after.

After Soldiers of Sunrise was released a number of Brazilian music magazines reviewed the album. Cassio Audio was happy to see that some of his favorite magazines like Metal Forces and Metal Hammer gave his album very favorable reviews. As a result of this exposure, they were chosen by the band Motorhead to open their concert.

The Rise Of Bitcoin Worries Paul Mampilly

The cryptocurrency boom currently taking Wall Street by storm is a worry to some of the world’s leading investors including former hedge fund manager, Paul Mampilly. from members of the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia to some of the leading financial specialists in Europe and North America, Bitcoin has been classed as a white elephant by many who believe the value of cryptocurrency will eventually nosedive to limit the success of the cryptocurrency in a way that replicates the tech shares crash of 1999.

Paul Mampilly is best known for his time spent as the head of the Kinetics Asset Management hedge fund which saw a 26 percent return on investment during the period of his tenure with the fund beginning in 2006. Although he has stepped back from the day to day schedule of investing, Paul Mampilly still remains an active specialist who provides advice for millions of people around the world about the opportunities open to them in building a successful future for themselves through the financial markets.

In the last few years, Bitcoin has been one of the most commonly discussed subjects between Mampilly and those who look to follow his advice about their financial future. Some of the most diehard fans of the advice of Paul Mampilly have stated he should be investing in cryptocurrencies but the man who once curated the investment portfolio of the Royal Bank of Scotland believes the cryptocurrency boom will not continue to provide as much success in the coming months. Paul Mampilly believes the stunning success of Bitcoin which recently saw the currency valued at over $19,000 per coin will soon suffer the kind of crash not seen since the 1999 technology shares crash.

Although he is not a follower of the cryptocurrency bandwagon, Paul Mampilly does believe those who have invested in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will reap rewards if they realize the boom will not last for the long term and limit their plans to a short-term investment. In 1999, Paul Mampilly attempted to warn friends, family, and clients of the potential problems of investing in the tech industry for the long-term and instead warned many to follow his own actions in dropping tech sector shares from their portfolio. Paul Mampilly has been proven correct in many of his warnings and pieces of advice regarding the success and failure of specific investment opportunities.

Paul Mampilly’s Profits Unlimited Hits 60,000 Subscribers

Nick Vertucci: Using Real Estate To Go From Rags To Riches

Nick Vertucci has used real estate to become very rich. He is now using his NV Real Estate Academy to help others enjoy the same economic opportunities he has. Vertucci had begun to struggle financial when the bubble burst and his computer company went out of business. After barely getting for about 18 months, he was worried about how he would take care of his wife and children. Then a friend took him to a real estate presentation that changed his life. When the three-day program was over, Nick Vertucci had a clear vision of how he would make the money he needed to become financially secure.

Using the information he learned at the real estate conference, Nick Vertucci began buying distressed properties, fixing them up and either selling them or renting them out. Over the next 10 years he not a tremendous amount of research about real estate and used what he learned to create his Fortunes in Flipping system. The system is so simple, anyone can use it to generate significant income. Vertucci never forgot how learning to work with real estate changed his life. He promised himself he would do the same thing for as many people as possible. That’s what motivated him to start the NV Real Estate Academy.

Today, countless people from coast to coast and from all walks of life have attended the NV Real Estate Academy and gone on to become financially secure. With the training, information and strategies the academy teaches, it is simple and easy to generate tens of thousands of dollars a month. Vertucci has also created a support system students can access if they need help. It is all part of Vertucci’s goal to give people the freedom to generate as much money as they need to ensure their families are taken care of and they can have an excellent quality of life.

Every day new people of all ages are enrolling at the NV Real Estate Academy and learning the skills that enable them to create their own rags-to-riches story and live the American Dream. Nick Vertucci is living proof that everyday people can become rich using real estate. Nick Vertucci did not come from a wealthy family, have a college education or any special training. He simply followed the principles taught in the Fortunes In Flipping program and the NV Real Estate Academy and became wealthy.

Dr. Cameron Clokie an Expert in Bone Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Cameron Clokie has many titles to his name; he is a surgeon, teacher, and an Entrepreneur. Cameron Clokie is a professor at the University of Toronto and is also the Head of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Dr. Clokie pursued his studies in medicine at the McGill University Montreal, Quebec, Canada where he graduated with Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) in 1985 and from the same University acquired a Ph.D. in bone regeneration and interfaced development. Clokie has contributed a lot in the medical realm and among his contributions include many publications and lectures that he has given in international forums on a variety of topics in oral regeneration and university-related technology transfer. Besides the publications, Dr. Clokie has over 25 patents on regenerative medicine to his name some of which are local while others are international.

In 1993 Clokie started a bone research group at McGill University which he later moved to the University of Toronto where he was a professor in 1998. The research group has been actively involved in carrying out researches on bone regenerative technologies. The research is intended to help develop bioimplants that will are going to replace the autogenous bone grafts methods which are a painful and complicated process.

As a result of his researches in bone regenerative technologies, Dr. Clokie has been able to conduct successful surgeries on several patients. One of the most fundamental success stories of the surgeries conducted by Dr. Clokie is the procedure conducted on one Mr. Peter Russel who is a retired banking executive. Mr. Russel had a benign tumor and as a result lost about seven centimeters of his jawbone. Russel underwent the Dr. Clokie’s regenerative procedure in Canada and was able to regenerate the lost seven centimeters. This is a breakthrough in the field of regenerative medicine as the technology will not only make the procedure easy and less painful but will also bring down the costs of such surgeries thus will be affordable to many.

Besides teaching Dr. Clokie is an entrepreneur and is actively involved in clinical practice and runs an Oral and Maxillofacial surgery clinic in Toronto, Ontario. The Clinic focuses on areas of facial reconstruction and bone regeneration.

Barbara Stokes Makes Green Structure Homes Delivered Better

The idea behind the Green Structure Homes Delivered company is to provide people with the help they need to do better in different situations. Barbara Stokes knew that when she started with the company. Because she had so much time and effort invested in the company, she knew there would be different things she could do and different opportunities she could make better for the people who she worked with. As long as Barbara Stokes was doing things the right way, she was helping people with the homes they wanted and with everything they needed to do in different situations. Follow Barbara Stokes on Facebook.

For Barbara Stokes, this meant she would need to try different things. She knew there would be a way she could help people and a way to make her career the best it could be. Barbara Stokes helped everyone realize there were different things they could do and the homes would be better if they would take specific steps to get them to the customers who were a part of the business. While Barbara Stokes was doing these things, she knew she could rely on the help she had from other people. She had built up a strong team and that’s what enabled her to continue helping the company grow.

As one of the things that are extremely important to Barbara Stokes, philanthropy has remained one of the best things. She knows a lot about being philanthropic and about how she can try to help people through the different situations. Barbara Stokes has always tried to give the community what she had. While she knows there is no way for her to give them everything, she has always tried to help them through different situations. Doing this is what has given her the motivation to keep working with different people. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

In addition to helping out her company and strangers, Barbara Stokes has a lot of things she does with her family. She is raising three children and does what she can to give them the love that she has available. She has always wanted them to realize they are getting the best opportunities possible no matter what issues they are facing. Barbara Stokes knows that he help with her children can allow her to be the best mother possible. If she is a good and strong mother figure for her children, they’ll have someone who they can look up to in every situation.


Mikhail Blagosklonny Started Oncotarget to Help Make Things Easier for Oncologists

The point of Oncotarget is to give oncologists the chance to truly make a difference in their field. Even though Oncotarget is not something that is exclusive to oncologists anymore, there are many who have chosen to use it to make sure they have all the right practices for their businesses. In fact, there are many different doctors who know what it will take to make sure they are using the publication in the right way. Mikhail Blagosklonny did the publication for the purpose of making sure he could help people and making things easier on them in different situations. Read more on Impact Journals.

For years, Mikhail Blagosklonny struggled to figure out what he could do to help make things better. In fact, he decided he would need to make Oncotarget something people could benefit from and something everyone would know a lot about if they had the chance to try different things. Oncotarget started out as just for oncologists, but it grew into something that is now much better than what it was when it started out. Mikhail Blagosklonny knew this and knew he was doing things the right way with the business and with the options he had for his own company.


While Mikhail Blagosklonny was an oncologist on his own, he didn’t have a lot of help with other oncologists. In fact, he didn’t have the assistance he needed because there was nothing that he could use to review information with his peers. There were no peer review publications that were even close to what he needed. Mikhail Blagosklonny wanted to be sure he was doing things the right way so he put a plan into place and began working toward a better future for other oncologists who needed the help they could get from his company.

As long as there are different things that people can learn from Oncotarget, Mikhail Blagosklonny knows he is doing it all right. He also knows there are different things people can benefit from as long as they are getting the help they need. Patients are the most important part of the field for most oncologists and Mikhail Blagosklonny knows the Oncotarget publication is just one more way for patients to get that valuable help. Without it, they wouldn’t be able to have an experience that would allow them to actually start getting better. Mikhail Blagosklonny has put all of this hard work in so patients stand a chance. Know more about Mikhail at

How Whitney Wolfe Herd Built The Successful App Bumble

As the founder and CEO of Bumble, Whitney Wolfe Herd built a strong support network in order to successfully launch this new company. She created a dating app which is far different than all the others. Her app only allows women to initiate contact which makes the experience far happier for them. Whitney Wolfe Herd says that when founding the company she had a great deal of support from friends, family, her business partner, her husband (who she just married), as well as the early staff at the company.

She recently spoke at the 2017 Fortune Most Powerful Women Gen Summit. This event was held in Laguna Niguel, California. She talked about how to launch and lead a company. In attendance were a number of established entrepreneurs as well as those striving to enter their ranks. Her main message was to use unconstructive criticism as a motivating force that propels you forward in whatever pursuit you are engaged in.

It was in 2014 that Whitney Wolfe Herd launched Bumble. Her company is headquartered in Austin, Texas, and now employs a large number of people. Under her leadership Bumble has attracted 24 million users. It has also been rumored that Match Group is possibly interested in buying her company. Match Group owns a number of other dating apps such as OKCupid,, and PlentyOfFish.

Moving forward, Whitney Wolfe Herd and her team are working on another app, Bumble Bizz. This will be a unique app that is designed to bring together businesspeople rather than romantic partners. She has said the goal is to allow people a way to meet that doesn’t involve negative exchanges. Instead it will allow users to feel empowered when making professional connections with other users and advancing their careers in a positive way.

Forbes recently credited Whitney Wolfe Herd as one of their 30 Under 30, honoring the most innovative leaders in business. She was the one that was chosen to be on the cover of the issue announcing her selection along with 29 other business leaders under the age of 30. They credited her with developing the fastest-growing dating app in the nation.

It was in August 2016 that Whitney Wolfe Herd and her team at Bumble started monetizing the app. It now features in-app purchases that people have grown to love. This has resulted in the app achieving $100 million in sales to close out 2016.