How NuoDB Is Changing Cloud Database Paradigms.

Cloud computing is quietly creating a revolution in the way we do just about everything. Now, NuoDB adds to that with their new cloud database system. With it’s elastic expansion style, NuoDB is creating an entirely new way to think about database systems. The company first released its cloud database system 5 years ago, but it has gone so far since then and is creating a reputation hardly anyone would dare to dispute. It’s only a matter of time before others start to copy this system and use it for themselves. Nobody is truly on the same level as NuoDB.

The most important thing to understand about NuoDB is that it expands the size of its servers by increasing the number based on your needs. Cloud databases are a clearly difficult line of work and plenty of attempts at this kind of thing can lead to extreme bandwidth issues and such. Fortunately, this is not an issue with NuoDB. Much of this is accomplished thanks to the tiered approach NuoDB takes. Using layers of storage managers and transaction engines, the system allows you to scale the size of the cloud database to whatever you need. Effectively, you can receive a virtually limitless amount of storage this way.

Agora Financial: A wisemans choice in the world of investment.

Agora Financial recently put out an introductory video, in order to introduce their investment services. The video starts off with the story of a wise, and soon to be retired dentist aptly named “Bob”. Being new to the world of investment, Bob is very rightly nervous about this next phase of his life. The video goes on from there to introduce us to the financial company and how they can help you make a wise investment as you enter the Autumn years.

Agora Financial is a private publishing company that’s focus is on unbiased customer education when it comes to investment. Through, educational books in print and online, videos & online seminars among other services. The company is based in Baltimore and a staffed with a myriad of people, each of whom is an expert in their respective investment fields. The company is very skilled and even predicted the 2008 market crash, four years before it happened. The company is passionate about books and even purchased Laissez-Faire Books, a historic book store in 2011. Agora Financial’s founder, Bill Bonner, published Mobs, Messiahs and Markets with Lila Rajiva in 2007 and Dice Have No Memory in 2011. The company offers many free newsletters, that can be delivered to your inbox and contain news, useful advice and hot investment tips.

If you are a new investor or even a seasoned one who’s looking for a new investment, then please click here to find out more about the company, or if you wish to view the introductory video on YouTube, click here.

Adam Goldenberg’s Great Ideas For Ecommerce Brands Over The Last 19 Years

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler are two CEOs who are trying to revolutionize not just online shopping, but retail shopping in general by brining mobile devices and big data into the mix. They’re the founders of JustFab which now has a new name, Techstyle Fashion Group. This company began as a cheap but stylish apparel ecommerce website with bonus points, but has now morphed into a multiple holdings company with physical stores and big data at its core. They’ve also moved to be all-inclusive of all women’s clothing and shoe sizes, and the men also have a place at the Fabletics section.


So where did it all start? Adam Goldenberg has been in creative digital marketing and branding his entire career and really actually began it in high school when he was marketing to gamers. His entrepreneurship at an early age attracted Intermix Media to him that they hired him at only age 18 to become a managing director at their Los Angeles headquarters. Within 2 years he had become Chief Operating Officer and was moving full force into different marketing projects. It was another executive, Don Ressler who he particularly hit it off well with, and when the two men put their minds together they became one of marketing’s most dynamic duos.


Ressler and Goldenberg had started some brands under Intermix Media, which eventually became known by its child company as MySpace. But while they brought revenue into the MySpace startup, it was in 2005 when News Corp took over that they had a disagreement with their new bosses and decided to leave. They had accumulated some resources of their own at this point and were comfortable starting up their own health and beauty product lines for ecommerce. The parent company was Intelligent Beauty, but out of that Goldenberg and Ressler had even bigger plans.


In 2010 they began rolling out women’s apparel and accessories as well as hosting functions and formed the base for their new company, JustFab. It was Kimora Lee Simmons who became one of the first celebrities to buy into this company, followed by Kate Hudson and later Demi Lovato that has helped turn JustFab into one of America’s hottest apparel brands. The company accumulated over $285 million in venture capital to expand marketing and operations, but it’s become independent now and investors are seeing returns. Goldenberg and Ressler celebrated the company’s “unicorn” or billion-dollar status but say it’s really only the beginning.


George Soros And His Desire To Restart The Progressive Movement

There are many people who are hoping to restart the progressive movement after the last election, and this article explains how George Soros is becoming a part of that resurgence. He wants to the liberals in America work hard on the next election, and he hopes to pay off on promises that have been reported in Politico. There are many people who are hanging their hopes on George, and they want to see America governed in a better way because of the world he does. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

#1: Giving To New Campaigns

There are new campaigns to give to in 2018, and George believes that he must have as many partners as possible. He knows that these partners will be quite happy to work with him because they have the same goals he does, and he will help them ensure that they have the help they need to get better results overall. Someone who has questions about how to give may meet with his donor group.

#2: The Summit In DC

The summit that he held in DC was a time for all these donors to come together so that they could learn how to best approach the Trump presidency. They are working together to address every need they have, and they will find that attacking these problems from many sides will make quite a difference. They believe that it makes more sense for them to work on the things that will change their lives, and they know that midterms will alter local politics.

#3: He Is Watching The Economy

George knows that certain people will be excited about a conservative government, and he knows that certain people will jump into the market as a result. He has been careful with his money, and he hopes that others will follow his lead. He wants to show that there are many ways to invest, and he wants people to think about how a conservative government harms everyone. George Soros is a holocaust survivor who does not want to see the world go back to the way it was. He wants to serve all people who have needs, and he hopes that electing more progressive politicians will help. Read more about George’s life story at

The career of George Soros has made him one of the richest men in the world, and he knows that it is quite important for people to give to causes that will make a difference around them. He is giving to many progressive causes that he knows will make a difference, and he wants them to see a change in the way that they are living every day. He will continue to give because he believes he must be a part of the donor landscape in Washington.

Anthony Petrello Successful Career

Anthony Petrello is not a popular figure in most of the American households. However, he is one of the respected figures in the corporate world. Although he is not always in the televisions like some of the prominent figures in the country, Petrello remains one of the important figures in the country. The few individuals who know him say that he represents the few people in the country who craft the way of life yet remain unappreciated.

Several years ago, Anthony Petrello was considered to be among the most paid CEO’s in the country. In the year 2014, Petrello acquired over sixty-eight million dollars because of his accomplishments in Nabors Industries. The company remains to be the leading natural gas and oil drilling firm in the United States. This was a great level of success for the hedge fund manager, and it attracted admiration and envy from people all over the world. However, the few people who know his personally understand that the businessman is very humble and honest. He deserves every penny he gets.

Most of the individuals in the United States criticize the famous Wall Street for its greedy tactics while those in Main Street suffer. Although the businessman agrees with the sentiments, he believes that the moral code is fairness and respect. Petrello is a brilliant manager and an experienced business strategist who is motivated to change the corporate world. The hedge fund manager believes that his success is achieved because of how he treats his fellow man. This great behavior has helped to create thousands of jobs in the United States. The modern captain has been instrumental in assisting many people in the country to enjoy life and live happily.

Although he is successful, Petrello has had humble beginnings, just like any other individual. At the moment, he is a leader for a robust oil giant that has done in the harsh modern economy. This success, however, did not come easily. Just like any other leader, he did not come with a silver spoon. Petrello and his parents were not wealthy. He did not go to study with world-class tutors a respected trust fund. However, he has made it in life.

Cassio Audi Ephemeral Music Career Left a Mark in Brazilian Viper Rock Band

Cassio Audi ephemeral music career left a mark in Brazilian Viper Band
Music producers and artists will ascertain that drummers are the hardest to get in the music industry. For this single reason, drummers are hard to keep and sometimes play delusionary tactics. To get a nice piece of musical set requires a great level of talent and precision and music bands are always in constant search of these good drummers. The role that a talented drummer in a band plays can be exemplified by one Great Cassio Audi, who was a member of the renowned Viper band in Brazil.

Viper was at its best in the 1980s, and the success of its music was also applauded for having one of the best beats, something music lovers of that era can’t forget. The heavy metal band gained recognition and was popular for some Brazilian songs that illuminated the world music scene beyond the band’s native home.

The Drummer behind this bands acknowledged, and popular music hits were none other than Cassio Audi. Band members described him as electrifying and innovative. He was flexible, time keeper, and friendly with all members of the band. In many times the band members relied on him to resolve small conflicts, which is a typical phenomenon in bands.

Cassio Audi is recalled for the strong, upbeat dream installing beats he availed in the band’s popular Soldiers of Sunrise hip hop song. The song represented the epitome of the band’s maturity and was commended mainly for the harmony between the drum– beats and the tone of the musician. The heavy music beats were their own, and this hit of 1987 indeed was top notch.

Cassio Audi featured in the demos, Projeto Sp metal in 1985 when he had just joined the band. The other demo, The killer Sword, is usually recalled for being organized and captivating.

A Look into Cassio Audi’s Music Persona

Many people know of Cassio Audi as a successful investment manager, having worked in the finance sector for over two decades, but few know about his music career. Mr. Cassio Audi was the founding member of the Viper rock band which initially started music in 1985. The band consisted of Yves Passarell, André Machado, Felipe Machado, Pit Passarell and, of course, Mr. Audi himself. As the drummer in the group, Cassio played for the talented band until 1989 when he decided to venture into business.

The Viper Rock Band drew its inspiration from the then upcoming British metal music groups, including the Iron Maiden. Being known for his brilliance with the drums, Cassio Audi toured the world for a bit following the release of their first demo album, The Killer Sword. The album featured tracks such as Princes from Hell, Killeria, and Nightmare. Their original album, however, got released in 1987 and was called Soldiers of Sunrise. With a few adjustments, needless is to say, the three tracks in their demo album were also included on their first official album.
The album, Soldiers of Sunrise, received much criticism but seeing as English was the group’s second language, the band was set greater things. Allmusic gave Cassio and his mates’ album a four star, and ever since its original debut the album has been redone a couple of times. After Cassio Audi decided to leave the music career for business in 1989, the Viper rock band released their second album which became very successful.
After music, Cassio went to the university and attained a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Later on, he furthered his studies at the University of Sao Paulo whereby he got his MBA in finance. Currently, he has amassed a wealth of knowledge in financial management, the real estate market as well as the stock exchange.

Todd Lubar: Corporate Generosity

There are a lot of people who enter the corporate world with great intentions. After working some years in the business, they may lose sight of their original intentions. By the end, all they’re focused on is making money and bettering their own lives. If they have a near-death experience, there’s a chance they’ll start giving to charity.

For people like Todd Lubar, it’s possible to make a lot of money and make the world a better place. At least, that’s what Todd Lubar believed in 1995. He joined the workforce as a loan originator for Crestar Mortgage Corporation. Over the next few years, he learned everything he could about conservative mortgage banking.

His experience at Crestar proved most enlightening. But after only four years with the company, he decided to take a more capable position at another company. In 1999, he took an equity position at Legacy Financial Group.

He could broker loans with outside investors and operate as a direct mortgage bank. The three years he spent with the company was all he needed to take his final step toward entrepreneurial independence. In 2002, he founded Legendary Properties. For more details visit Crunchbase to know more.

Legendary Properties began as a small residential development business. Over the next few years, the company bought, fixed up, and sold over 200 properties; everything from single family homes to multi-family buildings. He later used his great reputation to establish multimillion-dollar lines of credit with some of the most notable banking institutions in the area.

After Legendary Properties, Todd Lubar explored other industries. He’s had success in every venture he’s pursued. Despite his love of adventurous business, his greatest talent is mortgage banking. It was only a matter of time before he returned to finance. He did so in the form of TDL Global Ventures.

If he had to choose between finance and helping people, it would be a toss-up. Luckily, he doesn’t have to choose. In his brilliance, he found a way to enjoy both his passions. Recently, his focus on TDL Ventures inspired him to create RELIEF.

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A Niche Within the Nimbus.

NewSQL systems are the latest tech in database platforms. They are designed as part of a distributed computer architecture comprised of shared-nothing nodes. Each node owns a subset of the data vice a singular entity that controls the network usually found in a controller-based architecture. The intent of this type of structure is to eliminate any single point of failure, allow for self-healing and offer non-disruptive upgrades. The most notable major benefit is the massive potential for scalability. The contrasting disadvantages include possible slow responses to queries. This would depend on whether the query results come from a complex join from a large data set across multiple nodes or partitions.

NuoDB falls into the NewSQL category as a database that retains some features of traditional SQL databases while also supporting the massive scalability capability. Where NuoDB differs from the traditional approach is by use of a three-tier structure. Having a layered administrative, transactional and storage tiers in a redundant form allows NuoDB to work without the need to couple an application with its data on a disk drive. Additionally, this tiered setup allows NuoDB to scale, without sharding, and run faster as new servers are added. A feature that most other database systems do not offer. NuoDB communicates with applications in SQL statements similar to most relational databases. The database itself is ACID compliant and delivers the expected reliability.

Cassio Audi: The Early Years

Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Cassio Audi was an exceedingly prominent percussionist during his early career in music. He composed several prevalent songs, and is recognized as being a pioneer, popularizing heavy metal in Latin America. As an adolescent, he was greatly influenced by the pre-eminent Iron Maiden. Subsequently, Audi joined Viper; a popular Brazilian heavy metal band comprised of teenagers 13 and 14 years of age. The band was established in 1985 and played an array of music, including, but not limited to, power metal, thrash metal, and alternative rock. He remained with the band throughout the 1980’s. An incredibly gifted and talented musician, Audi was the exceptional lead drummer for Viper. During this time, he was featured exclusively during all live performances, as well as on all of the band’s demos. Along with, Felipe Machad, Andre Matos, and founding members, Pit and Yves Passarell Audi endeavored to create the unique and eclectic sound that propelled Viper to stardom. Viper’s first demo album, Killera Sword, released in 1985, disseminated across Brazil. Notable songs on the album included Nightmare , Signs of the Night, and Killera, Princess from Hell. In 1988 Viper’s popularity reached global proportions when the band released the renowned Soldiers of Sunrise album. The songs on the album, Signs of the Night, Knights of Destruction, Nightmares, and the title song, Soldiers of Sunrise, were exceedingly popular and were received and embraced by fans and critics alike. Many were impressed by the band’s natural, innate talent and it easily became a pervasive part of Brazilian music culture. Soldiers at Sunrise was also critically regarded by distinguished magazines Metal Forces, Metal Hammer , and Kerrang.