Honey Birdette now Sets Eyes on the U.S market after Success in the UK

Honey Birdette, the renowned Australian lingerie brand, is finally in the United States. This came early this year as one of the brand’s expansion efforts. Its founder and CEO, Eloise Monaghan, announced the firm’s entry into the market early this year. In order to spice up its entry, the company unveiled a new website for its American customers. Monaghan stated that this new website would boost the shopping experience for its American customers. Customers would get a broader range of products and easier returns through this website. All orders over $50 would be delivered free to customers who shop through this online platform.

About Honey Birdette

Honey Birdette is Australia’s first sensuality boutique. It was founded in the year 2006 by two friends over a glass of champagne. Eloise Monaghan, one of the founder members, is its current CEO. The move to start this company was triggered by the need to fill gaps that existed in the provocative lingerie niche of the market. Honey Birdette specializes in executive bras, lingerie sets, hot pants, and briefs.

A unique brand and marketing strategy has enabled Honey Birdette to grow rapidly in Australia and New Zealand. It currently has more than 55 outlets in these two countries. It also has managed to penetrate the UK and the United States markets. Honey Birdette’s boutiques are known for being sensual, flirty, and playful. They are well lit and boast of a lush décor that sets them apart from rivals. Honey Birdette has ties with the private investment company BBRC.

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Rubbish Clearance in London Made Simple

Summertime is here at last. Time to stretch out and enjoy the warmer weather. If you’re like most people, you’ve done some accumulating over the winter months. Rubbish clearance can be a daunting task. Finding a destination for unwanted debris is half the challenge. Clearabee rubbish clearance services understand this fully. That is why they offer many different solutions for your various removal needs.


Good news, London, there is Man & Van. This simple concept is the trademark of Clearabee. Once you’ve gathered up all your rubbish it’s easy to call Clearabee for your next day rubbish clearance.


Another solution is the skip bag(s). You order your skip bags, fill them at your own pace, once they are full you call Clearabee where they can pick up your skip bags the same day. These bags are not just used for in-house waste but is also convenient for gardening and yard debris.


With thousands of customers accumulated over the last few years, Clearabee has a substantial amount of positive reviews and good experiences regarding their work. They operate 100% of their business in-house and they do not outsource any of their work. This means that you are dealing only with Clearabee and not another contractor.


Clearabee is not just for the home. They also offer customized services for commercial businesses and trade needs.


What started in North Hampton and Birmingham soon spread to London and became a national concern, handling your rubbish clearing needs across the UK.



The Business Accomplishment of Jason Hope

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur among many other titles such as; he is an investor philanthropist and futurist. Furthermore, Hope is intrigued by technology. Moreover he sometimes spares his time to contribute into politics. Jason Hope resides in Scottsdale, Arizona. He attained an MBA from ASU’s W.P Carey School in the department of business as well as a bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University in Finance.

As a philanthropist, he spares his time in helping those in need by offering some of his facilities and resources. His charity work involves developing the local firms in Arizona due to his exceptional skills in business. Jason Hopes contributes to organizations that have the aim of also helping people especially the elderly so that their lives can be better.

Since he has a passion for technology, he is mostly involved in opportunities that deal with development and research. This invention of technology that he takes part in includes; mobile applications, gaming software and desktop software. He contributes to this growth for the sake of improved communication. If people have a better communication more peace will develop thus better relationships.

Having a good eye for technology helps him to be able to notice new trends in the market so that he can work on them. He passes on this information to various companies and as a result more development is enhanced to create success. A business is bound to succeed if there is commitment and hard work. In a nutshell a business must initiate an exceptional idea for it to succeed.

Jason Hope has become an accomplished man because he chose to link up and work with entrepreneurs who are getting started so that he can help them accomplish their dream in business. He offers them a capital for them to carry on. He believes that technology can create a big difference in a business.

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Online marketing is not an area expertise for every firm doing business. White Shark Media comes in to resolve online marketing needs for such firms. Led by Alexander Nygart, this media company has opened its door to all sorts of firms, whether large or small. Each client is handled according to his or her particular needs.

All solutions are tailor-made to suit the customer’s expectations.White Shark Media offers services in PPC, SEO, and SEM. These tools are used to get traffic towards the clients’ websites. Visitors going to these websites are potential customers, and that is how some of them convert to being actual customers. These tools have proven useful and made businesses increase online presence. White Shark Media helps customers to maximize the benefits of these services and reap an abundance of good results.

What was once a small agency, has managed to assist companies in expanding and growing their companies through online marketing. Some companies struggle to increase their customer base through other conventional forms of marketing. They have not yet embraced the capability on digital marketing.

White Shark Media helps such companies unlock their potential by using their services. Customers have been enjoying world class experience and presence for their businesses. Apart from benefiting from fast company growth, online marketing is cost effective than other forms of marketing. White Shark Media has always been an affordable option for its clients.

Loyalty towards the customer at White Shark Media is exceptional. They support all their clients and work with them tirelessly. Some clients have lasted in this company since it began. After establishing a strong marketing campaign, it is followed by analytics and tracking its progress. This form of attention ensures that clients see how they are performing and the measure of progress.

Working with this firm saves businesses from experimenting and risking failure. After gathering rich experience since 2011, White Shark Media keenly advises clients on the most favorable solution. In 2012, Google began to support this company. It meant that clients were going to receive even better services and results than before. Microsoft Company is also a partner at White Shark Media.Despite the nature of the business, White Shark Media pledges commitment to the success of its clients. Technology keeps evolving and this firm aims at utilizing it to benefit their customers. Leadership at White Shark Media intends to grow with their customers every day.



Mullen Lowe and José Henrique Borghi

Brazilian advertising boasts of the ‘Mullen Lowe Agency’ started by Jose Henrique Borghi. Jose is quite an esteemed personality in his area of business. His most successful campaigns such as ‘Mammals of Parmalat‘, in which children appeared as stuffed animals stand him out among his peers.

Education and Work

Jose Borghi went to PUC Campinas where he studied advertising. He also studied propaganda. Jose Henrique Borghi first job in advertisement came in 1989 when he was employed by ‘Standart Ogilvy’. He learnt the ropes fast and consequently decided to open his own firm. He passed up opportunities to work in reputable agencies like DDB, Leo Burnett and FCB.

He partnered with Erh Ray and ventured even though they had no one to hold their hand, no bank or donor to boost their chances of success. The company grew from BorghiErh to Borghi Lowe after the two partners went their separate ways. Recently, Borghi Lowe merged with Mullen group and became Mullen Lowe Brasil. Jose is the co-CEO alongside Andre Gomes.

Jose Henrique Borghi says that from early in his schooling days he realized that what he needed would not just be granted. He needed to work for success to come. This realization propelled him to where he is today in the Ad agency.


Jose says that from the onset he handled important case. He worked on something for ‘Down Syndrome Association‘. He also campaigned for Honda, Delta Airlines and Fiat. Companies that have celebrity abroad have also benefitted from Jose’s services. These companies include: Unilever, Asia Motors, America On Line, Procter, Bunge Group among others.


Jose Henrique Borghi has won awards for his hard work. These awards include: seven ‘London Festival Awards’, 10 Clios Awards, 10’The One Show Awards’ and 11 ‘New York Festival’ award. In 2009 he was elected ‘Advertiser of the Year‘. Jose’s career continues to grow and impact many businesses and corporate world over.

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Beneful Stays True to Its Name

Beneful is one of the popular brands of dog food on the market. Pet owners see their products in stores and advertised on television.

What makes Beneful Puppy Food different from other dog food is their dedication to making food that’s healthy for your pets. Beneful’s products offers all natural ingredients including a variety of vegetables and meat. Their dedication to providing quality, healthy ingredients in all their pet food is what helped give Beneful it’s name.

According to the company, Beneful’s name means full of goodness because of the ingredients used in their food. With all their healthy pet food products that are a hit with pets and their owners, Beneful is a fitting name for the brand.

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Mexico Oil Reform Progresses With Initial Private Well in 80 Years

For the initial time in nearly 80 years, an independent organization sunk new offshore oil within the Mexican waters. The latest step is the country’s drive to permit foreign competitors back the nation’s energy markets. The joint venture is made between Talos Energy LLC and London-based Premier Oil Plc. It is the first offshore project not to be launched by the Petroleos Mexicanos after the oil sector in the country was nationalized in 1938.

The Zama-1 well, within the Sureste Basin off the province of Tabasco, has an expected 100 to 500 million barrels of crude oil. Drilling of the same is anticipated to take 90 days to finish, at a premier cost of #16 million. The three organizations won rights of prospecting in 2015 within the first bidding round following Mexico voting to start its failing oil sector to private investment.

Talos Energy is an independent oil and gas organization concentrated on offshore production and exploration. The company’s mastery depends on securing resources in and around the Gulf of Mexico locales and the Gulf Coast and with a high-accentuation on resource enhancement, exploration, and exploitation. The objective of Talos Energy is still high.

The company’s administration and specialized groups have spent the larger part of their professions in the Gulf of Mexico including the Louisiana locale lower Gulf Coast. Over the past 70 years, there has been an advancement of sophisticated drilling methods, geophysical technology, and well control that have led to the definitive addition of development, exploration, and exploitation practices within the region. The progress of using such modern progressions and extensive technical professional permits Talos Energy to be profoundly useful in this particular area.

Talos Energy keeps up the entrepreneurial style and independent spirit that has positioned the organization to become a thriving energy firm. The company’s fundamentals and foundation start with the people, and there is no higher competitive benefit compared with the performance given through the organization’s hard working members. Talos Energy likewise takes part in business improvement exercises that incorporate farm-in’s and JV’s where the company uses its 33,000 square miles of seismic stock to upgrade the financial aspects of transactions.

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Agora Financial Helping You Manage Your Finances

Most people while approaching their retirement want to save through projects that can last them through the golden years. Choosing the best place, time and manner of investing as well as predicting the financial bubbles and analyzing the market trends sometimes troubles them. Agora Financial comes in handy. For more than 10 years of its existence, Agora Financial has provided its readers with materials on how to grow and protect their wealth against brokers and opportunists. Most of its information is available through online publications, books as well as free newsletters. It also conducts seminars in the attempt to educate individuals. As of now, more than one million people across the world are growing their wealth and managing their money using the approaches provided to them by Agora Financial.

Readers are provided with more than 20 publication each containing vital information regarding the various market areas. Some of this includes selecting the market that exhibits rapid growth, secrets to generating income as well as means of protecting one’s wealth in case of an economic knockdown. The information contained in this publication is impartial. Agora Financial does not entertain bribes from companies or even investors in exchange for coverage. Agora Financial is very different from the traditional finance since its analysts travel from place to place in search of the perfect opportunities instead of being glued in their offices. The company spends at least $1,000,000 in travels and researches, looking for the perfect and most profitable investment trends that are yet to hit the mainstream.

The team of experts at Agora Financial include a geologist trained in Harvard, a philanthropist, a world’s bond expert and an award-winning filmmaker, among others. In the year 2004, Agora Financial predicted the crisis in mortgage way before the bubble bust in 2008, giving its readers ample time to protect themselves. It also foresaw the super spike in the oil price in 2007. A year later, the prices went high.

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End Citizens United aim at dismantling rigged political systems

End Citizens United was formed on March 1st,2015 as a Political Action Committee. Dedicated to preventing any disastrous effects of Citizens United, the organization is also a key player in transforming the campaign finance system. For example, there is a move to show elected government officials, voters, press and the candidates that the grassroots are repelling with an immense force against the rising cases of the rich trying to compromise the election results in their favor.


With a mission to fight against Big Money working in politics, End Citizens aim at dismantling rigged political systems. Campaign finance reform champions elected as well as passing strict measures on the state ballot. The Champions’ basic role is to bring to an end the unrestricted money menace in politics and stopping the dark money.


The principal source of funds comes from donors in the grassroots whose support has always been consistent and reliable. The group collected an amount totaling to more than $4 million during the first three months of 2017. A projected estimate of more than $35 million would have been raised by 2018 during the midterm elections for Congress. That could be a major increase from $25 million during the PAC’s first election cycle operation in 2016 election.


Close to 100,000 individuals made their contributions to PAC at the first three months of 2017. The president and executive director of PAC, Tiffany Muller, noted that among those who contributed, 40,000 were making contributions for the first time. The donors felt as if the system in favor of a candidate that is not their choice, where those who can raise an enormous amount of money takes the day.


The fight seems not to end soon as momentum keeps increasing. Democrats were not satisfied with President Trump’s win and were prepared to oppose his moves. For instance, they have been against Trump’s agendas and his nominees in government such as his pick for Supreme Court Judge Neil Gorsuch.


Lately, political action committee played a significant role in urging donors to contribute $500,000 to the campaign of Democrat Jon Ostroff who was a political candidate in Georgia for his first time. In his 30s, Ossoff made a surprise move in the political arena by raising more than $4million. It was during a special election to fill up a Republican House seat in suburban Atlanta that had been left by Tom Price, Health and Human Services Secretary.


End Citizens United functions as a conventional PAC. In spite of the fact that they do not accept donations more than $5,000 from individual persons, in 2016, its fundraising raised the group to the top ranks of Democratic-affiliate factions of elections spending than in the previous year.

NuoDB Modern Technology

High-tech gurus will want to know what NuoDB is. It is an elastic SQL database used for hybrid cloud applications. NuoDB is also reliable, available and always active in relation to hybrid cloud applications.

Many advantages of NuoDB include that it is ACID-compliant, is easily scaled in and out, can be used on commodity hardware, has automatic failover and disaster recovery, has a memory-centric and an SQL database that can be tuned to the customers’ needs in a dynamic manner. NuoDB can be relied upon to support the past, condone to the present and be prepared for the future with its’ ultra-modern technology and elastic SQL database used for both container and cloud-based environments.

Other advantages include a reduction in time to the market by keeping the data lopgic and application code in the database. NuoDB is also lower in cost since it qualities are built right in. The customer can also benefit by being able to differentiate the application by using better availability, performance and faster new features.