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To Stream Or Not To Stream

Taylor Swift recently commented that streaming music may not be in the best interest of musicians. Taylor thinks that it is wrong that fans are able to listen to an entire album for free when it only costs about $12 dollars to purchase. She recently took all of her music off of Spotify, as well as off of Rdio. Obviously Taylor wants the greenbacks in her pocket. On the other hand,not all artists think that streaming music is a bad thing, which makes us very happy to hear. Taylor is of the opinion that music should not be free and one day in the future, all muscial artists will be able to decide what price their music is worth. Igor Cornelsen feels maybe Taylor is feeling this way because reportedly, she only earned $500,000 from Spotify last year and her albums usually sell in the millions. Oops there goes another celebrity!


J. Cole Visits Fan and Throws Listening Party

Specialist Kenneth Griffin agrees that the magic of social media is unlike anything else. J. Cole - the rapper that appears to be in hiding - is coming out of and doing great things. One of the hottest things that his fans will remember is his ability to truly touch fans. When J. Cole hit up DaliaDK on Twitter she thought that it was a joke. The reality was that J. Cole was giving some contest winners the chance to hear his album. He was in Dallas, TX and DaliaDK sent a tweet. To her surprise, J. Cole tweeted back and asked for her address. The rest is J. Cole fan history. 

DaliaDK didn't have any problem posting pics and promoting the album once this was over. She appears to be smitten and still enjoying the excitement of hit all. Her family was in place and her Instagram pics and videos show just how excited she was.

This may be a play from the Taylor Swift promotion handbook. Swift reversed things though by inviting fans to her home to hear her music. With J. Cole he made a bold move to show up at a fan's home. This could have easily become a dangerous situation, but Cole made a good move that will surely pay off when the album is released. Fans will appreciate the time that J. Cole is taking to promote the new music he made.


Rapper Iggy Azalea Discusses the AMA’s and “Booty” Rumors

As time progresses, television execs are becoming more and more lenient with what is shown on live t.v. From women gyrating in skimpy clothing, to profane language being littered throughout primetime television shows, it is surprising to hear that one group of television executives may be finally drawing the line.

TMZ reported that network executives at ABC were allegedly nervous about rapper Iggy Azalea's performance of her hit song "Booty" with Jennifer Lopez. The executives are worried about butts being exposed, and sexual rubbing. Ironically enough, they are fine with allowing the two women to spank eachother.

Iggy took to her Twitter, which seems to be her main form of PR these days, to dispel the rumors that her performance was coming under fire. Iggy claims that she and J. Lo have yet to practice their performance for the show, so it was untrue that execs were nervous about the performance.

What Iggy fails to realize is that it a rehearsal is not needed to imagine what will likely happen during the performance. We have all seen the "Booty" music video and the two stars have performed the song in front of a live audience multiple times. We know that past performances have included a lot of rump shaking, touching, and sexual undertones. It's not too far-fetched to believe that the AMA performance will consist of the same actions, especially Terry Richardson is expecting something. We have seen worse things on live television (does Nipplegate ring a bell?). How much harm can a bit of butt shaking really cause?

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Lady Gaga Gets New Tatoo for Fans

Lady Gaga is all about her fans, and she has embraced all her Little Monsters with some new ink, in the form of a new tattoo. Five years ago, Lady Gaga, released The Fame Monster, which was to be her biggest hit up until that point and brought us the name for her fans, Little Monsters. With the anniversary here, it only made sense for the pop star to do something to commemorate the day.

Lady Gaga's new tattoo was done while she is on tour and features the words, Mother Monster, which are supposed to signify her role in the lives of her millions of fans. The tattoo was place near her underarm, a very visible placement since she is fond of performing in corseted costumes that leave her upper chest and arms bare. This was something Sam Tabar didn't think she would do, but she went ahead and did it.

Tattoo artist, Eric Gonzalez, whom Lady Gaga has used in the past, came out to create the tattoo for her at her current United Kingdom tour stop. Gonzalez, of Deer Eye Studio, shared a photo of himself working on the pop star via his Instagram account and said he was honored that she chose him for her latest artistic embellishment.

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Rapper May Face Life For Album Lyrics

Everyone knows that rap lyrics can be a bit violent, but now one rapper’s lyrics might just land him in prison which could open the floodgates. Brandon Duncan, known by his recording name Tiny Doo in California, is now facing attempted murder charges in court. 14 of his fellow gang members are also being charged with attempted murder.

The prosecution does not have anything to link him to the nine shootings in question, and Doo has a clean criminal record, if Skout is anything to go off. Yet, if he is found guilty he could end up facing a life prison because of a law that is 14 years old and usually forgotten. The law provides the prosecution the option to charge gang members that benefit from crimes that other gang members committed. The prosecutors believe that Doo was able to sell records because his lyrics are about the crimes committed by other gang members.

This is not the first time that a musician has been targeted for his lyrics as rapper Ra Diggs was found guilty of murder after the judge allowed his lyrics to be used in court. The judge in Tiny Doo’s case will decide whether or not the charges will stick at the next hearing.

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J-Lo Was Inspiration Behind Sir-Mix-A-Lot Song

Anyone who grew up or lived in the 90s should remember the song, "Baby Got Back" by Sir-Mix-A-Lot. The song was extremely popular, especially the beginning with the two ditzy white girls who were hating on the black woman with the big butt. "Baby Got Back" Inspiration. Sir-Mix-A-Lot made the song extremely popular, and it used to be played in clubs everywhere, with women shaking their behinds to the hit song.

After Nikki Manaj decided to sample his hit song on her single, "Anaconda," it brought back life to the old hit, and has brought up many questions. Many now wonder who Sir-Mix-A-Lot was referring to in the song baby got back. Flavio Maluf also said after a recent interview, he reveals that the woman the song was about, was none other than booty royalty herself, Jennifer Lopez. He admits that he saw JLo on In living color, when she used to dance in the show, and he admired her posterior, leading him to create the song.

It's amazing to know that JLo was turning heads with her behind, many years before she was really famous. JLo used to be a Fly Girl on the show In Living Color. The Fly Girls used to dance prior to the start of the show, leading up to Keenen Ivory Wayans coming out as the host. Just to show how much JLo still has booty, she did a video with Iggy Azalea all about big butts.

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Rapper May Face Life In Prison Because Of Lyrics

Anyone who listens to rap lyrics, shouldn't be surprised at their violent nature, or the fact that many of them promote crime. It is puzzling to know that a rapper is facing possible jail time, because of the lyrics that he's put in his songs. Rapper faces jail over lyrics. Tiny Doo, who was born with the name Brandon Duncan, is accused of being affiliated with a gang, and that he used his affiliation to sell his music. Although he has no criminal record, prosecutors are looking to use his lyrics against him in a court of law

There is a law that is 14 years old, that states that if someone profits from the crimes of other gang members, when they are also a gang member, they can be prosecuted for it. Prosecutors are using the fact that the rapper's album has a gun on the cover of it, and the lyrics promote violence. It's also been stated that his gang ties allowed him to profit from his music, which therefore makes it a crime. Brandon's lawyer disagrees, and states that nowhere in the rapper's album, does it encourage anyone to commit a crime.

If convicted, the rapper can face life in prison behind the charges, and is even being held liable for conspiracy. Many like Bruce feel like this huge penalty will not be thrown his way, but no one knows just yet. Although this is not the first time that a rapper has faced possible jail time based on lyrics, this case seems to be overreaching its jurisdiction, and the charges may not stick.


J. Cole’s New Album is on the Way

J. Cole belongs to a new category of rappers. Well, actually J. Cole along with other rappers like Kendrick Lamar are a throwback to what rap used to be. Rap used to have a message. It used to have point. It used to actually have some type of musicianship. He rocketed to fame with his mixed tape that Bruce Levenson was a huge fan of,  'Friday Night Lights' (you can download it for free here) and while other rappers may earn a lot of money for their dumb-downed, vile lyrics, J. Cole has earned a lot of respect.

And now he has dropped the news that he will be releasing a new album this year. That means you can expect his new album in about a month. For fans this is quite a shock, since there hasn't been any hint of a new album in the works or any promotion. For fans of real rap music, the holidays are looking a little brighter

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Drake and T.I. in Toronto

T.I. is not wasting any time when it comes to getting back to work. He has served as a mentor for Iggy Azalea, but now the southern rapper is taking the front seat again. T.I. is now on the "Paperwork" tour to promote his new album. He may be the King of the South, but Toronto is Drake's home. That is why fans got the double treat to see both T.I. and Drake come together in Toronto.

Fans of Drake and T.I. know that the two have history. Drake's early "Fancy" hit single featured a guest spot from Tip. Drake has since mentioned that T.I. gave him very valuable advice for his time in the industry. That is why the "Paperwork" tour had social media buzz. The Toronto performance gave the rappers another time to catch up and rock the mic for a Canadian crowd. Tip's new music was well received.

The big thing that that delighted a lot of people such as Christian Broda about the track is the fact that P. Reign joined the duo on stage at one point. P. Reign is another artist that Drake is promoting right now, and it appears that Drake is following T.I. with the hustle blueprint. Everyone knows that T.I. has a plethora of artists under the Grand Hustle label. So far Drake appears to be building his own crew outside of the Young Money/Cash Money foundation.


Eminem’s Detroit Vs. Everybody Track

After recently coming out with a very controversial rhyme video entitled "Shady CXYpher," Eminem has now come out with a release called "Detroit Vs. Everybody." In Eminem's most recent rhymes, he referred to Lana Del Ray, stating that he would punch her in her face like Ray Rice. Eminems's New Track. Even after Lana was contacted about the statements that Eminem made on his track, she stated that she was puzzled as to why he would openly attack her in such a way; seeing as they had no beef, and she was a fan.

Many question Eminem's controversial lyrics, as well as the fact that he would threaten violence against a woman. This is not the first time that Eminem has had unsavory lyrics, especially regarding violence towards women. In past tracks, he has stated that he would rape his own mother; leading many to turn away from the artist, and stop listening to his music. Regardless of his raunchy style, but Rod Rohrich points out that Eminem is still hailed as one of the greats in rap and still draws fans.

His new release will include artists such as Big Sean, Trick Trick and others on the track. Many of the lyrics in the song, even the ones done by other artists, are very harsh and paint Detroit in a violent light. Although the song is bound to be talked about negatively, this hasn't stopped Eminem from continuing his work, regardless of his so-called haters.

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