How Desiree Perez and Jay-Z Work Together for the Success of Tidal


Jay-Z and Desiree Perez are a great team. Millions have heard of Jay-Z. Perez, however, is not known by many people at all. This works to her advantage. She has the ability to come in like a secret weapon and seal deals without all of the fanfare. For people that are signing up to Tidal there is no ideal that she is the one that is putting everything in motion to get people excited about this company.


Perez has done something awesome by putting Tidal back in to the ring when most people thought that this music streaming service was officially down for the count. Her working relationship with Jay-Z has extended into sports and entertainment in music streaming. What Perez has done is make Tidal much more people friendly. She has managed to make this company stand out.


Tidal has a face. Jay-Z can’t stop talking about it. Beyoncé is promoting it. She is on tour, and her performances are making more people run out and get the “Lemonade” album. This is what Jay-Z has the power to do as an artist. The musicians that are serious about their art still want to get paid. When they put the exclusive content on Tidal people are going to do what they need to do in order get the access to this material. It doesn’t matter if they have to pay the $9.99 fee for the month.


Right now Lauryn Hill is back with music that is streaming on Tidal. There is also a Tidal X concert that is bringing more exposure to the music streaming service app that Jay-Z has invested so much into.


This is such a powerful time for Tidal. Jay-Z even has a sister-in-law that has a number one album. Solange is streaming on Tidal, and people are also interested in hearing what she has to say. All of that works well for Jay-Z. He has been able to keep fans entertained, and that is what is going to drive up the membership at Tidal. This is a company that has managed to build a lot of credibility for providing the high definition music.


Tidal has gone from getting no buzz to become the most buzz worthy music streaming service out there. Many people are starting to subscribe to this because they know that they will find performances, videos and albums that are not found anywhere else.


How chief investment officer, Richard Blair Built a successful company from nothing

Richard Blair is a chief investment officer. He has been working in the financial services industry for close to two decades. After many years of work in different companies, he decided to start his own company. The company is certified and authorized to give information about investing, retirements and strategies that can help one preserve their wealth.

To him, the ultimate goal of interacting with a new client is to see them make a sound strategy to invest and make their lives more stable financially.

Richard, who is a holder of a Bachelors degree in finance from the University of Houston works with the local community including small businesses, individuals and families to help them achieve their investment goals.

He is a older of many other titles including that of Certified Annuity Specialist or CAS, Certified Fund Specialist, CFS and Certified Income Specialist, CIS.

The company, wealth solution has grown a lot over the years since it was founded. Its main aim is to deliver first class services to clients by establishing a culture of trust, honesty and integrity in every deal they engage in. one of the great things about this company is that all their operations are free from the controlling grip of the banks.

They desire to give financial advice that does not only help their clients to get out of their current financial situations but also t plan and make the future better in the long run. This means that they will put in place plans to cater for your needs two or three decades down the line.

They also work with a number of owner managed businesses that operate around the Houston area. The clients that have had the privilege to listen to the advice given by Blair claim he is truly a genius in the world of investment.

The company has been in operation since 2012. It has annual revenue that averages between $2.5 million and 5 million. It was also incorporated in Texas, and has a staff of about 9 people. in a world where it is becoming easier to be in debt than to put measures in place and invest for the future.

It is quite refreshing to see a company that has decided to turn the thinking of people around so that they can invest for a better future. The service that Blair is offering the people of Texas is exceptional.

Securus Technologies Field Service Specialists Receive Internationally Recognized Certification

Securus Technologies’ field experts have been acknowledged by a professional association Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI). This is an association that supports the information and communications technology industry. ICT covers the range of date, voice, electronic safety and security, audio and video technologies and project management. BICSI certified members and credential holders are responsible for designing, installing and maintaining ICT projects. BICSI serves more than 23000 ICT professionals through conferences, training, publications and credentials in almost 100 countries.


According to the Senior Vice President Operations Securus Technologies, BICSI is an ideal fit for their training needs and their ever growing standards and requirements in technology. This enables Securus Technologies to serve their corrections customers well and with the highest levels of reliability and performance. The specialists who were certified have been working for Securus installing for their clients across the country for more than 15 years. Securus believes heavily in certifications and the value they bring to the company with the most highly trained field services organization. The certification of the eleven employees brings another layer of expertise and professionalism to its customers, and this will help them serve their customers on a better platform with high levels of experience.


Securus Technologies is a technology-based company that provides leading edge criminal and civil justice technology solutions that are intended to help improve public safety. The company currently serves more than 3450 law enforcement, public safety and correction agencies across the country. They also serve over 1.2 million inmates across the whole of North America. Securus Technologies are dedicated to serving their customers by providing emergency response, investigation, incident management, public investigation, information management, biometric analysis, monitoring products and services, and inmate self-service to make the world a better place to live in. Their primary focus is to connect what matters to their customers.

The Success of Bernardo Chua and His Company

It is a well known fact that the coffee industry is booming as main stream brands and chains are quickly growing in annual revenue. As the coffee industry grows, several companies are creating their own niche to which they can successfully fit themselves within this multi billion dollar industry.

One example of a successful niche is the promotion of healthy coffee that not only energizes the mind and body for the day, but also relaxes the mind and the body.

This healthy coffee was created by Organo Gold, a multi-level marketing company that was started by CEO, Bernardo Chua. Mr. Chua has extensive business experience, but wanted to created a product that truly helped people.

That is why Mr. Chua created the specialized product of Organo Gold that has a secret ingredient that soothes the body when sipped on.  Bernardo is also on Twitter, where you can find him tweeting about new products and services.

The special ingredient that is used in Organo Gold is called Ganoderma. Ganoderma is a herb that is traditionally used in Eastern medicinal medicine. Mr. Chua put his research on SlideShare, and found that this special mushroom holds supernatural powers that has been recognized by practitioners to be the king of medicinal herbs.

Organo Gold is the only company in North America that has created a successful partnership with the largest certified organic Ganoderma plantations. The process to which Ganoderma is successfully combined with the Organo Gold products is a simple process. The organically grown Ganoderma is gently dried, sterilized and transformed from being tough and wood-like, to being of a fine powder consistency.

The products that Organo Gold offers with Ganoderma combined includes beverages such as coffee, tea, mocha, as well as lattes. All of these products are sold by top distributors that demonstrate leadership, excellence, and integrity. The goal of Bernardo Chua is to make his company the ambassador of global health.

Organo Gold is a company that is proud to say that it is a company that is dedicated to expand even further globally. Organo Gold has already organized several events that have taken place in China, the Philippines, Canada, as well as in the United States.

Bernardo Chua states that what makes this company so unique is the fact that it allows any individual to become a part of the Organo Gold family. Organo Gold offers positions to anyone who is need of a steady income or has the desire to pursue a career in multi-level marketing. Those who work at Organo Gold are transformed into high achieving individuals who further the success of Organo Gold.

Brown Modelling Agency an Emerging Wonder of Central Texas

Not only are they experts at making the right match, but they also provide the continuity during the creative process. The Brown Agency delivers an unparalleled service driven to meet the exciting and explosive challenges of an ever emerging professional talent market.

The Brown Agency is an exceptional performer, with a wider spectrum of capability, matching artistic skill to creative ingenuity. The Brown Modelling Agency delivers creative vision for such clients as Louis Vuitton, Dell, Toyota, L’oreal and hundreds more. Representing models and actors throughout the country with its home campus in Austin Texas.

Whether commercial film, photography, television, fashion, presentation or print. A Brown Modelling Agency professional talent placement targets client anticipation and cherishes exceptional results.

In the Summer of 2015, the world famous Wilhelmina Models network merge with Heyman Talent-South to become The Brown Agency celebrating the beginning of an iconic milestone in central Texas. Justin Brown CEO and president of The Brown Agency vision has been to meet “expectation” and “integrity” by keeping your promises. Today, the hard work and commitment has proven to be a winning community success story for everyone associated this remarkable organization.

As the fashion industry evolves, the runway is only a part of a bigger scope. The rewards of being the only full-service agency has become an enormous benefit not just for productivity, but also in becoming an added artistic magnet on the Austin Texas cultural landscape.

Since calling Austin home, its been nearly seven years since Justin Brown ignited this remarkable legacy with the launch of Wilhelmina Austin 2010. The Brown Modelling Agency has grown organically within the industry. One of the most exciting aspects of its growth is the acknowledgement it has is received as an industry leader. This leadership highlights a bold character with the dynamics to create possibilities. It is truly and a very positive educational impact.

Regional multi-talented professionals are open to an array of opportunities under one roof. Clients praise the ease of placement and welcome the flexibility to stretch their creative boundaries from a pool of capabilities whether photography, film and even theatrics. The Brown Agency majestically orchestrates the talent, knowledge and experience to deliver on every promise.

Success Behind Organo Gold’s Business Model

What is Organo?

Organo is a network marketing firm committed to change people`s life by delivering top-tier products through an incredible business opportunity. You can use Organo to reach a new level of well-being, freedom, and balance.

Independent distributors are the only people with the right to sell the personal care products, nutraceuticals, and beverages that Organo produces. These products are delivered in around fifty countries, which is truly amazing.

The Earth has many treasures, and Organo is working hard to bring them to you as soon as possible. That`s what we call a true mission in this world as well.

 Bernardo Chua

Bernardo is a successful executive that is working hard to take Organo to a whole new level. He has worked in several places around the world including Hong Kong, America, and Canada. Mr. Chua founded Organo Gold in 2008.

This firm sells a wide array of bioactive coffee products. He is one of the top people in the direct sales industry. Bernie has focused his efforts on teas, coffees, and other products to introduce others to the world of ganoderma. He is working hard to make ganoderma a staple in the American market.

 Direct Sales Guru

Bernardo is a direct sales guru that has experience in growing businesses of all sizes in Asia and America. Direct sales and network marketing are things that this man knows very well how to handle.

This amazing businessman loves taking his company global, and he is working hard every single day to make things happen. Bernardo T. Chua has also received many industry awards in Asia, which make him a very proud indeed.

This successful entrepreneur is refining Organo Gold as much as he can. He wants this company to deliver superior products through a great sales force worldwide. Having a leg up on his competition is something that Bernardo T. Chua knows how to do very well in every industry.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa’s Display of the Beautiful Panama

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa recently wrote an article talking about the wonderfully diversified country called Panama. Not only does this country joins the two continents, South and Central America, but it also has some of the most pristine beaches of the world and a wonderfully tropical climate. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa also listed 10 of the many, interesting facts about Panama:

1. Panama’s channel produces approximately a third of the country’s revenue- one of the most popular, tourists spots of the country, but most of the revenue comes from the economic activity centers that rely on this passage.

2. Panama has more bird species than the whole North America- over 970 bird species on, the spectacular landscapes of two distinct coasts offer a variety of the most beautiful and rarest birds.

3. The official currency of Panama is the US dollar- official currency since 1904.

4. The Valley of Anton’s picturesque village is located in a huge volcano’s crater- a very popular tourist spot due to it being built inside a wide crater, the volcano is inactive currently due to it’s last eruption being around 300,000 years ago.

5. Panama is not as populated as other countries in Central America- approximately 3.6 million people.

6. Panama is formerly known as the Republic of Gran Colombia- In 1821, Panama seceded from its Spanish roots and joined a union with Ecuador, Venezuela, and Columbia. The name of this union was the Republic of Gran Colombia. Venezuela then broke away from the Republic in 1830, and then Panama seceded from Colombia with the help of the US in 1903.

7. Panama City is the world’s capital with a jungle- their forest, the Metropolitan Natural Park of Panama, is a popular destination for tourists and locals.

8. Panama has the most expensive railway on Instagram ever built- worth over $8 million.

9. Panama’s coastline is more than 2,490 kilometers- very impressive for a geographically small country.

10. Volcano Baru has the highest elevation within Panama.

About Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa

Adrian Jose Velasquez is a prominent business executive within the Panama community. He is currently holding three, distinctive positions, including director, treasurer, and president of five Panama organizations. He was first appointed in these positions in 2011, being the longest appointment ever. He also is a beneficial aspect to the community by improving economic conditions and mentoring the youth. 

Learn more about Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa:

Kenneth Goodgame Knows How To Help Make A Store Fun To Shop

Kenneth Goodgame is the merchandising expert who works as the senior VP of True Value. True Value is a great company that offers hardware services to people in a way that is very rustic and conventional. They have bucked the trend by making sure that their stores do not look like warehouses, and that is all part of what Kenneth Goodgame has done to help the company. He works very hard to be sure that every store is easy to be in, and he has created an atmosphere that is much easier to shop in.

The work that he has done at True Value has shown that someone can have the experience they got used to in the past. Their stores look so much more different from others that people will instantly notice the difference, and they can walk around without getting lost. Kenneth Goodgame put in a lot of work to make every store look modern, and the stores will still be set up like they used to be.

Kenneth Goodgame wants to make sure that people can walk through a True Value without feeling like they are overwhelmed, and he also wants to be sure that someone who comes there for the first time has a good experience. The experiences that people have in True Value are all down to the way that the look, and that is why Kenneth Goodgame has made things as natural as he can.

According to Citrite, the work that Kenneth Goodgame has done in True Value is making it easy for people to upgrade and take care of their own homes. They will be able to use the parts they find in True Value quickly, and they can buy them for better prices. Goodgame knows that everyone who shops at True Value has a better experience because of his designs.

Luque Inspires and Captivates Worldwide Audience

Norka Luque was born to create music that is enjoyed by fans around the world. Luque’s musical career began when she was eight years old. She grew up soaking up as much musical knowledge as she could, training in piano, flamenco, ballet and voice practice. Ever since her childhood, the goal was clear – to create music that featured a message with positivity and hope.

Luque is on her way to becoming a worldwide sensation, as the song Milagro has been successful in the United States, Puerto Rico and her native Venezuela. Luque’s style is sure to please even the pickiest music lover, as it combines Caribbean, Mediterranean and Reggae sounds.

Her thirst for knowledge did not musically, as she also earned degrees in fashion, marketing and culinary arts. Luque kept her musical dreams within reach as she joined a band when she was in school.

As she continued to hone her musical skills, she was discovered by prominent musical producer Emilio Estefan Jr. The duo spent three years crafting Luque’s first single, “As You Do It” which found immediate success. Luque earned several award nominations including Female Pop Artist of the Year in the Premios Lo Nuestro.

Luque’s musical talents were on full display in 2012 when Miracle was released. Luque, along with composer Archie Pena, produced several versions. The song enjoyed 14 weeks atop the Venezuelan charts. The song was hit among English-speaking audiences as a dance song, and was remixed in an urban version.

Luque continues to captivate audiences with her versatile vocal styles, but she inspired with after her difficult battle with Epilepsy. While Luque was building her music career, she battled with epilepsy for seven years. Luque spent two weeks in intensive care in a US hospital, where all of her brain activity was monitored. Luque’s battle continues, and she hopes will follow and get treatment so they don’t miss out on life.

The epilepsy led to other problems for Luque, as she gained 32 pounds. For Luque, she was able to find the opportunity in the crisis. She became a workout warrior, training with the same personal trainer employed by Beyonce and Shakira. Luque has become a skilled tennis player, competing in semi-pro tournaments. Healthy eating has played a vital role in her recovery as she has eliminated carbs and fritters from her diet.


Athleisure is on the Rise

Athleisure is definitely a term we should all get used to seeing. It is very exciting that more and more casual companies are allowing their employees to wear comfortable clothes while performing their jobs. Having comfortable clothes on while you work can bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Fabletics is a company that offers a variety of clothing that fits this description perfectly. Kate Hudson herself has a bright beaming smile and just the thought of her should bring a smile to anyone’s face. The athletic wear through her Fabletics does not disappoint either. The variety of options to choose from along with the quality and especially the prices are incomparable to other brands. You can choose from a variety of styles that will work for everyone, including sports bras, tanks, T-shirts, yoga pants, leggings, capris and shorts.

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Fabletics aims to stretch its online reach with more stores

Fabletics – YouTube

Whether you want bright and vibrant colors or more demure and neutral tones, Fabletics has it all. Not only are the clothes stylish, but they are also comfortable and priced where anyone can enjoy them no matter their budget on They are designed to enhance the bodies of all women no matter the shape and size and offer smoothing of the bumps and lumps while holding in the tummy for a more slimmer figure. All women want to feel pretty and for their bodies to look the best they can and Fabletics can help do this. Kate herself made sure the clothing would work for everyone.

The price of clothing from Fabletics cannot be beat. No longer do you have to break the bank to purchase workout wear. When you become a VIP member you can purchase quality clothing at great prices. No matter what type of exercise you do, Fabletics has something for everyone. Whether you love to run or workout in a gym, you can find something with this brand that is stylish and affordable.

Feeling comfortable while working out along with wearing something that is stylish and inexpensive is priority and with Fabletics you can have it all.

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