Juan “OG” Perez Big 50 Put On Blast!

Juan ‘OG” Perez a close friend of hip-hop mogul Jay-Z recently celebrated his 50th birthday party… in style of course! They started the celebration in Midtown New York at the infamous Japanese restaurant Zuma. It was an incredible spread to the tune of $13,000! They then went to and Inwood restaurant / nightclub Made in Mexico where they splurged on drinks to the tune of an additional $9,000. The night ended at none other than Playroom Nightclub spending $91,000 on champagne and Rose. It was a total of 40 bottles that added up to $74,000 add that with tax of $6,000 and gratuity of over $11,000. Not bad for a tip now is it?

The server who was shocked at the amount the group was spending decided to put snap a picture and post it on the social media platform Snapchat. Thus making the party tab go viral! It was then shown on Twitter and with that the natural critics started questioning the amount of waste and giving their opinions along with shocked reactions. Ultimately the group gave away majority of the champagne and rose bottles. Did you know that Jay-Z created his own label of cognac? It’s produced in Mexico the name of it is called D’Usse and was created in 2014. Jay-Z truly is the ultimate entrepreneur.

The friendship between Jay and Juan is 20 + years in the making, they’ve had several joint ventures together so it’s only natural that Jay-Z would go all out for Juan’s birthday celebrate the accomplishment of marking the 50th year! While the $91,000 birthday tab is quite excessive to most people it’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this friendship/brotherhood.

Jay keeps a close-knit circle, only those who truly know him get this level of inclusiveness. The circle also includes Juan’s wife Desiree Perez keeping the business in house is very important for this group. Juan’s 50th birthday, shocked many, surely the 60th will be one to talk about for years to come!

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