A Word from the Hero: Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub is a hero for the reign he served as the ambassador of Israel to Britain. The success he acquired and the impact it had on both countries is immeasurable and has been felt by both parties. Before his duty, as an ambassador, he had represented the state in other international meetings of peace negotiation talks.

Daniel Taub has multiple talents, which the citizens expect him to use to enrich the country after the end of his reign as an ambassador. His knowledge of International law is impeccable, and he can, therefore, lecture the students on the subject matter. Taub is also a proficient writer, and the citizens are hopeful he will continue enlightening him through his books.

Taub says that one of the best things about being an ambassador is that there are no days that are the same. There are more than six key areas that he has to focus on and ensure there is a balance for them all. You have to see that all the areas and communities in the state are covered.

As an ambassador, one of the traits that have rendered him successful is being curious. He says that as an ambassador it is crucial that one is interested in what the other parties got. It is through genuinely appreciating other individuals that stronger kingdoms are built, expanded and maintained.

One of the advice that he would offer his younger self is to worry less. Daniel Taub says that as a child of immigrants he was worried about what he would do with his life. However, his career life has been so haphazard and yet very satisfying compared to what he expected. Read more: Daniel Taub | LinkedIn and Daniel Taub | Crunchbase

He has had a chance to work with prime ministers and presidents. Taub has also worked as a lawyer, television writer, and a diplomat and none of all this was planned.

Taub says that one of the diplomat’s techniques that he can share is working in the realm of the possible. It is crucial that you spend time working on the factors that are workable in the long last. The other attribute that he shares is on being an active listener.

He says that the diplomats are highly trained on presenting their case and being attentive listeners as well. Taub explains that this is vital because the only way to feed a counterpart your side of the story is by creating room in their brain by ensuring they empty everything first.

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