Why JHSF is a Torchbearer in Brazil’s Real Estate Industry

JHSF is one of the most prominent and successful high-end real estate developers in Brazil. The company mainly deals in residential and commercial properties. Nonetheless, it recently ventured into shopping mall management, acquisitions, and the management of executive and international airports. Since its establishment in 1972, JHSF has established an enviable reputation for itself by offering its clients cutting-edge services and products that exceed their expectations.

JHSF has attained immeasurable success in the competitive property market due to the attention-to-detail that is employed in all its business deals. The firm similarly employs professionals in various fields, who are able to identify business opportunities besides providing sustainable solutions. The company’s activities are mainly consolidated in the metropolises of Salvador, Manors, and Sao Paolo. To diversify its interests, JHSF operated under four main units, which handle different projects. These are hotels and restaurants, incorporations, executive airports, and incorporations.

Besides its investments in the three cities, JHSF recently made inroads to the US and Uruguay where it has made notable investments in the real estate and hospitality markets. In Brazil, the company’s flagship projects include Iguatemi Shopping Mall in Sao Paolo, Shopping Metro Santa Cruz, the Fasano Hotels and Restaurants, General Motors Racetrack, and Shopping Ponta Negra. To offer support services to its projects, JHSF similarly operates Sustainable Telecom and Sustainable Energy. These subsidiaries offer affordable telecoms and energy solutions to the group’s projects.

About CEO José AuriemoNeto

Mr. Neto is the current CEO and Executive Chairman of JHSF Group. Under his leadership, the conglomerate has undertaken impressive projects, something that has enabled it to gain a stranglehold on Brazil’s real estate sector. Being a proactive corporate executive, Neto is directly involved in all of the group’s development projects. He personally supervises the firm’s construction projects.

Mr. Neto has been JHSF’s head honcho for 14 years. Nonetheless, he has served the company in different capacities for 24 years. In the past, he served as the Chief Executive Officer if JHSF Partcipacoes, a subsidiary of the conglomerate. Mr. Neto is an alumnus of Fundação Armando ÁlvaresPenteado where he graduated with a degree in engineering. When free, he enjoys spending time with his family.

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