Why Cloud-Based IAM Is The Solution To Modern Manufacturing Organizations.

Modern manufacturing companies are continually looking up to cloud technologies to empower their businesses and also steer organizational success. Notably, the companies are looking to enhance suppleness in their supply chains, boost security, and streamline identity management at a reduced cost. Most of the manufacturers, nonetheless, are still using on-premises software for identity management. These systems may have been suitable for the last 20 years, but today they pose several challenges for manufacturing companies.

Inefficiency within the supply chain is one of the challenges. Interacting with sellers can be a slow manual process leading to loss of productivity, and eventually loss of competitive advantage. Another problem is the risk of company’s sensitive data. Manufacturers deal with lots of sensitive data, incorporating schematics, blueprints, partner agreements, financials and business plans. This data face higher risks of phishing attacks and to alleviate the risk manufacturers are ensuring that their users are securely accessing the data.

High costs and loss of productivity is the other challenge faced by the manufacturing companies. The manufacturers are facing continuous pressure to minimize the costs. This demand and high operational expenses hinder them progressing leading to lost productivity. Complexity in identity management is also a significant challenge. Because the companies supply chain partners and traders work from different locations, a company is forced to have various directories, complex app rollouts, and eventually a complicated identity management system.

All these challenges can be tackled using a cloud-based IAM resolution. OneLogin identity and access management provide single sign-on, real-time dynamic directory integration, multi-factor authentication, and a pre-integrated with over 5,000 apps, incorporating SAP, Office 365, Oracle and G Suite. The results you get from using OneLogin include protecting and influencing existing investments, minimizing administrative costs, high user adoption, saving time for IT and other users, and offering an all-inclusive view of security.

OneLogin offers identity management as well as single sign-on for cloud-based apps. It mainly focuses on firms that operate in the cloud and incorporates with cloud applications using OpenID, WS-Federation, SAML, and integration of web services. Launched in 2010, OneLogin received support from CRV. Subsequently, the company has partnered with the leading SaaS traders, and it has won the confidence of security-conscious corporations worldwide.

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