What it takes; Nick Vertucci

Real estate business is not a get rich overnight scheme. It requires a plan, calculated risk, patience, honesty, and perseverance. That is what Nick Vertucci believes. Nick Vertucci is an entrepreneur in the real estate business. He is making lot million dollars in his company since its inception. He was raised in a rather struggling family especially after his daddy passed away. At 18 year of age, he ventured into technology business after learning a few things about computer hardware. His company was doing great, and he decided to marry and settle. However, in 2000 his company went down as a result of the dot-com crash.

He became unstable financially. He had big debts that result in him losing his home. The situation remained the same until 2004 when he decided to learn about real estate business. It did not make sense at first. He worked hard on it. Over time, he ventured into the business where he bought homes and later sell them or rent them. Ten years later, he had achieved financial freedom. In early 2014 he launched the NV Real Estate Academy which aimed at offering outstanding training in real estate business.

In his interview with ideamesch, Nick says that staying focused and setting goal often has been the key to his success in business. He also apparently explains how actualizes his ideas. Envisioning, believing no matter what, writing down a workable plan and acting are the principles that help him realize his ideas. He is happy that the country is experiencing a rise in the number of entrepreneurs. Nick Vertucci describes himself as a persistent person. He will keep pushing no matter the situation. He has no room to listen to haters and critics.

He encourages the young to accept and plan for change, spend less, save and invest. He feels that believing in oneself and working out your mind is the start point to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Nick Vertucci recommend his book “Seven Figure Decisions” to readers. It is about the principles that propelled to him to financial success.

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