Vinny Parascandola: Leads The Team at AXA Advisors With Confidence

AXA advisors, a French multinational insurance firm, has been providing help and supporting families and small business’s to take mini, manageable steps towards financial freedom since the early 1800’s. Founded by Henry Hyde, AXA has locations worldwide including areas like the United States, Canada, the UK, Mexico, Asia Pacific, Africa, the Isle of Man, and its main headquarters which are found in Paris, France. AXA is not an acronym for anything but was created for its ease of use in multiple languages. The company has many philanthropic pursuits and one of these is AXA Hearts in Action. This program helps to create a culture of trust, community engagement, achievement, and collaboration and is run by teams of volunteers across the United States that donate their energy and time by assisting local nonprofit organizations. More specifically it focuses on disaster preparedness, environmental sustainability, health and/or disease prevention, financial education, accident prevention, and at-risk youth.

At the head of AXA Advisors is the Senior Executive Vice President Vinny Parascandola who brings with him over 25 years of experience in the insurance industry. Vinny takes care of developing experienced and new financial professionals, sales, management development, retention, recruiting, and productivity at AXA and has won many awards for his excellent business acumen and awareness. Two of these were the GAMA’s Career Development and Master Agency awards and he accepted them with humility. Anyone who works with Vinny will tell you that his commitment to providing high quality insurance and taking care of real people are second to none.

Vinny Parascandola started out as an agent with Prudential, in 1987, and he was named National Rookie of the Year. After Prudential, Vincent held numerous regional and local field management positions at MONY Life Insurance Company. Before becoming the Senior Vice President of AXA Advisors, he was president of The Advantage Group, which is a division of AXA Equitable that was formed to bring in experienced financial professionals. Vinny Parascandola earned his Bachelor’s degree in computer science from Pace University, New York. He is an alumnus there and returned in 2014 to give a commencement speech to the class that was graduating at the time.


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