Upwork: Tips on Task Management

Many individuals dream of being able to work for themselves on their own time at a location that they desire. In the age of the Internet, this dream is far more attainable than you may have been led to believe earlier in life. Thanks to the interconnectivity of the Internet in the platform that is offered by companies such as Upwork you can now work as a freelance professional from anywhere that has an Internet connection.

Upwork is one of the world’s leading freelance platforms. They were originally formed in 2015 after the reorganization of their parent company Elance. Today the platform has 12 million registered freelance confessionals who conduct $1 billion in business annually through the platform. The company also has over 5 million registered clients. In addition to their freelance platform Upwork also has a blog where they post advice on how to be more productive.

They have recently posted some advice on how to use a to-do list most effectively. The advice can be broken down into several categories. The most important categories would be organization and approach.

It is possible to create a to-do list that is organized and is far easier to use compared to when on organized one. There are several methods of organization; however, the three most important are: energy level, time requirements, and priority level. Organizing tasks by energy level allow you to see which tasks require the highest level of focus. In this way, you can approach high energy level tasks whenever you are at your peak energy levels. Tasks that are organized by time requirements can allow you to see when you have the time to complete the tasks. Tasks that are organized by priority level can allow you to tackle the most important tasks of the day at the start of your work.

The approach that you take to your to-do list can be varied. Upwork states that it is important for you to get every possible task down on your list. This way you are not distracted by random tasks throughout the day. You should also put all of your tasks on one central list. This will allow you to be more focused.


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