The contribution of Michel Terpins to Brazilian rallying.

The Sertões Rally is one of the most anticipated sporting events in Brazil today in its 26th edition it has grown over time to attract thousands of rallying enthusiast who have seen the sport grow to a cultural phenomenon for Brazil. The event is considered a lash of the best in rallying in the country and as thus participants and winners at every stage are considered widely as among the best there is.This is not only in Brazil as the sport has attracted participants from other countries who come to try their skills in the Brazilian rugged terrain.

The Sertoes rally has been a growing ground for Michel terpins one of the events most prominent drivers he has participated in numerous editions and with every edition, despite the competition becoming stiffer he has managed to become better and prove to all the contribution and quality of rallying he brings on board.As a member of the Bull Sertões Rally Team, he has grown to be a force to reckon with he began the team in conjunction with his brother Rodrigo terpins another well-known driver in Brazil. The Bull Sertões Rally Team has accomplished a lot since it began.

Michel was brought into rallying by his brother who was already very active and encouraged him to cross over from the cross country championship where he was already doing exceptionally well as the current champion at the time of his departure. He was so devoted to the sport that he was elected chairman of the governing council and has today made it a very enabling sport that is attracting new talent in droves.

In rallying Michel is also very active and today is involved in the planning of the sertoes rally. He participated in the 25th edition where he was the pilot and was assisted by his navigator Maykel Justo on board the T-Rex #322 a marvel developed by MEM motorsport the T1 prototype vehicle has over the numerous editions become one of the most advanced and today boasts of exceptional handling capabilities. The edition covered three thousand three hundred kilometers and passed through three states with all the different terrains.

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