From the Silver Screen to Netflix – Lawrence Bender has Worked as Producer for Decades

People are familiar with a lot of actors and actresses. They are even familiar with a couple of directors, but very few people will recognize a movie producer if they see one. Lawrence Bender is one of those unknown entities, behind the scenes, making movies happen. He has worked on famous films like Good Will Hunting and Kill Bill.

Many of Lawrence Bender’s films have been nominated for Oscars. Good Will Hunting won two Oscars.

Good Will Hunting is about a young genius who is working at MIT as a custodian. One day he sees a math problem in the hallway and solves it, creating mystery and intrigue in the school as teachers and students wonder who the person was to solve such a hard equation. The movie stars Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, who also wrote the screenplay.

Many of Bender’s films are made with Quentin Tarantino as director. In fact, only three films of Tarantino’s have been made without Bender’s involvement.

Lawrence Bender is also a producer of documentaries, producing the box office hit An Inconvenient Truth, a documentary featuring Al Gore as narrator that speaks in depth about global warming. This documentary took home one Oscar as well.

About Lawrence Bender

Bender was born in The Bronx to two parents who were educators. Bender’s mother was a elementary school teacher, and his father worked at the university as a teacher.

Following in his grandfather’s footsteps, he earned a civil engineering degree, attending the University of Maine. In college, he found a love for theater, specifically dance, but due to a injury he wasn’t able to pursue a professional dance career for long. This brought Lawrence Bender to the film industry.

Lawrence Bender is also involved in altruistic activities, hosting lavish fundraising parties in Hollywood. The University of Maine welcomed him back, awarding him an honorary degree and having him speak to current students and staff.

Bender’s most recent contribution to the entertainment industry was Seven Seconds, a Netflix series.