Dr. Rod Rohrich Professional and Expert In Plastic Surgery

Dr. Rod Rohrich MD, is recognized as one of the most talented doctors of plastic surgery in the World. His expertise and skill give him his ability to restore the look of health and vitality to the human body, he is highly sought after. He is a Dallas based plastic surgeon. He is also a Professor of Plastic Surgery at Utah Southwestern Medical Center.

Dr. Rohrich will be participating in a few major conferences held during the first quarter of 2018. During the first part of February, The Annual Baker Gordon Educational Symposium will be held in Miami. The main focus of this conference continues to be the innovation. It also covers technical strides made in the field of cosmetic surgery. This symposium began in 1967, when Thomas Baker, invited plastic surgeons who were changing the way surgeries were done, to come and demonstrate live surgeries at the symposiums. His efforts were to help train other surgeons as these professionals shared their expertise. The Baker Gordon Educational Symposium has stayed true to it’s beginnings and continues to offer educational lectures and the opportunity to view live surgeries. This year Dr. Rod Rohrich will be a moderator for a couple of the lectures and panels. As part of the symposium he will also be giving a lecture on the subject of Rhinoplasty and sitting on the panel for discussion. He will preform a live Rhinoplasty as part of the program.

In Dallas, Dr. Rohrich, will be an active part of the Annual Global Dallas Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine Meeting, held February 28th – March 1st. He will also attend the 35th annual Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting, the first few days of March, 2018. Dr. Rohrich has been involved in planning these conferences and will be one of the main speakers in attendance.

At the Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine Meeting, Dr. Rohrich will highlight the use of lasers in non invasive fat removal, advances in skin care, and lead the discussion about ethical social marketing and marketing and patient safety. The focus of this meeting will also include the highlighting of the latest techniques and advancements in cosmetic surgeries.

World leaders in Rhinoplasty will gather at the meeting. Here they will discuss the most common problems in Rhinoplasty and the latest innovations in Rhinoplasty surgery. These lectures will also include a fresh cadaver lab for demonstrations.

Dr. Rohrich obtained his medical degree from Baylor University. Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and runs his clinical practices at The Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute and at University Hospitals/ UT Southwestern Medical Center.

Contact  Dr. Rod Rohrich: www.crunchbase.com/person/dr-rod- rohrich