End Citizens United Seeks to Stop the Abuses of the Masses By Big-Money-Backed Republican Candidates

End Citizens United, the political action committee formed after the Supreme Court’s decision in 2010 to allow corporations to pour unlimited amounts of money into campaign, namely those of Republicans who support the viewpoints of big money have filed a suit against the Republican candidate, Rick Scott. Rick Scott was the governor of Florida; he is now in the running for senator and so far it appears that he is undermining the rules that have already been expanded to fund his campaign.

End Citizens United discovered he had found a way to bypass the limits of who could give to his campaign. He is using a super PAC meant to be used by presidential candidates to pay his campaign bills. The New Republican PAC claims to be independent but its chairman is Rick Scott. That’s a perfect cover for the collaboration of Rick Scott and the New Republican PAC. So far it has been discovered that Rick Scott has recently raised money for the New Republican PAC and one of the ways he has done that is by hosting a dinner for donors.

The New Republican has returned the favor by sharing its quarters with Rick Scott’s campaign. It has raised money for Rick Scott’s campaign, including polling the public for him. Both parties are collaborating to raise funds with the fund raiser Jenny Rucker.

Based on his activities, Rick Scott does not believe in or desire campaign finance reform. Following his previously questionable history with finance abuses at Columbia/HCA where the company was found guilty of defrauding the government programs, Medicare and Medicaid, it’s not surprising to find him once again participating in underhanded activities.

End Citizens United is following one solution to this corruption; they believe electing more candidates determined to reform campaign finance laws is the answer. Those candidates have here-to-for been exclusively democratic. End Citizens United is taking the matter to the Supreme Court once again in an effort to amend the Constitution. It’s imperative to eliminate the 2010 decision that gave corporation the right to free speech. Thus far all this has resulted in is giving corporations free reign to pour millions of dollars into the campaigns of their Republican puppets who willing do their bidding no matter how it effects the population at large.

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