Jeunesse Global takes multivitamins to next level with AM PM Essentials

In today’s ruthlessly competitive job environment, any edge that a worker can get over their colleagues can provide the means to quickly ascend the corporate ladder. This means that it is important to maintain high levels of productivity throughout the day. Even in some of the most competitive environments, tiny edges can add up to big gains over the years. Someone who is able to maintain just a slightly higher level of output than their coworkers can expect to be noticed by upper management. And because the average employee may have as many as 20 opportunities for advancement over the course of a typical career, getting those promotions at a higher rate than one’s coworkers can make the difference between ending a career with a $10 million pension or relying on Social Security.


One of the most important aspects of keeping that productivity edge over others in the office is that ability to stay consistently productive throughout the whole workday. Many studies have demonstrated that the vast majority of work is accomplished within the first three hours of the workday. After the lunch break, many employees’ productivity levels fall off dramatically, leading to a golden opportunity for those looking for that extra edge over their coworkers.


The reasons for this productivity drop off turn out to be rooted firmly in biology. People are most alert after they wake up. This, combined with the cumulative effects of working hard, lead to fatigue. While fatigue is natural and unavoidable, there are certain substances that can temporarily reverse it. However, these substances, largely stimulants, come with a cost.


Now, Jeunesse Global, one of the top brands in the global health and beauty industry, has developed a solution to the problem of stimulant usage, one of the primary ways of boosting productivity throughout the workday. The main problem with using stimulants throughout the day is that it can lead to insomnia at night. AM PM Essentials is formulated to give users that energy boost they need throughout the day while allowing them to effectively wind down at night, ensuring that they get a full night’s rest and awake the next day, ready to take on the world.