Sheldon Lavin- Promoting Sustainability of Food Industry

For 100 years the OSI has celebrated tremendous growth from the small butcher shop to global leading food Provider Company. The company managing boss is Sheldon Lavin who is fully committed to adopting the green innovations through his exceptional skills and dominant negotiating power. The OSI industries boasted of having an impressive history and started in 1909 by an immigrant from Germany Otto Kolschowsky as local meat market shop naming it Otto and the Sons. The company transformed over the years with Sheldon Lavin owning it in 1975 calling it OSI Group and giving it an exponential growth with current holdings of assets in 65 locations and having trading partner globally.

Sheldon Lavin uses practical strategies and focuses on green practices, food safety and sustainably. Lavin has continued to dominate the food industry though it’s strategic and market concentrated tactics and methods acquiring various companies that blend well with OSI group core agenda. The arrival of the new millennium saw Sheldon starts an aggressive expansion increasing the company portfolio by adding its poultry operations in different continents with acquisitions beginning in the 2000s. In 2000 OSI Group entered China and the Australian market expanding their fresh produce and beef portfolio meeting the growing demands of their clients. In 2006 and 2010 Sheldon Lavin used aggressive expansion strategy acquiring n American poultry facility and opening a beef production company in Japan, and later it extended its roots to Canada and also India.

Sheldon Lavin believes in embracing the changing world technology using the cutting-edge retail technology that incorporates its suppliers, employees, and clients and it leads to the opening of unique culinary innovations centers. The centers have their headquarters at the Aurora in Illinois and the main branch in China Shanghai with agenda of partnering with the clients in creating better and newer products. The steady growth of Sheldon Company is due to the integration of sophisticated and knowledgeable communication with the ground retailers that enables them to stay highly abreast of their customers’ needs.

The OSI Group core tenet is development and researching of current technology that showcases the cryogenic processing of food safety and also quality. Sheldon Lavin has adapted the core responsibility of taking a broader partnership with partners offering an intellectual benefit to OSI. Mr. Sheldon plays a crucial part in charity work donating to organizations dealing with a college fund, sick children, chronic illness and also Jewish organizations.

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