Sheldon Lavin, OSI group CEO

Sheldon is the chairman and chief executive officer of the OSI group. OSI group includes; OSI international foods and the OSI industries. Sheldon serves as the president of OSI global food limited. OSI is a worldwide supplier of customs value-added food products. It’s a private company in the United States. Sheldon also serves as the general trustee of Rush University Medical Centre and as a director of the national fish and wildlife foundation.

Starting point

Mr. Sheldon entered the food industry as an executive n finance and banking sector. He had a financial consulting firm. He started in 1970 by helping Otto and Sons Company with financial consultation. The companies become the Midwest supplier of hamburgers to the OSI Corporation. He then becomes the Otto & Sons Company’s financial consultant. In 1975, he became a partner in the company after the CEO retired. The company later developed and became the OSI group. It has expanded to Europe, North America, and Japan, India, South Africa and the Philippines.

Charity work

Mr. Sheldon is an active contributor to many charity organizations. He contributes to the Ronald McDonald house charities where he is the chairman of the current capital campaign. He also a member of the inner city foundation of Chicago, Jewish federal fund, and other several Jewish charities. He serves in the Evans scholarship funds, boys and girls clubs of Chicago, United d Negro college fund, the national multiple sclerosis societies, and other charities at both federal and local levels.

Lavin has a wife and three children. The kids are employees of the OSI group. He holds a degree in finance and accounting. Lavin has seen the growth of the OSI group where he increased its financial status making it the world’s leading food services and retail food brand. The company supplies to other major organizations such as the subway, papa johns, Starbucks burger king, and yum. The company also offers unique resources.


Sheldon is an award-winning CEO. He won the trustee for Ronald McDonald house charities, as membership of the Goodman Theatre. He is the president and director of the Sheba foundation, a family charitable foundation. He has received many awards for his many profit and none profitable activities. At 81 years, Mr. Sheldon Lavin is still planning the expansion of his work both business and charity organizations. He is responsible for the recent developments of the OSI group in Brazil and Europe.

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