Securus Technologies One of the Biggest Providers of Correctional Services in the United States

Securus Technologies is known for being a company that has changed the face of the correctional sphere single-handedly in the last few years. The award-winning correctional firm has received the highest ratings from the Better Business Bureau as well and is known for its commitment to the corrections space and its stakeholders. The focus of Securus Technologies on innovation and new age technology is what has contributed significantly to the corrections space.


Securus Technologies understand that without the use of modern technology, it would be difficult for the correctional sphere to keep up with the changing times. It is for this reason the company has invested millions in the past few years on innovation, research, and the development of modern correctional and investigative technology. At present, more than 1.2 million inmates are dependent on the efficient inmate communication services provided by Securus Technologies and around 3,450 correctional facilities use its various correctional products and services. The company recently rolled out two new technologies, namely the wireless containment system and the drone detection technology.


The use of drones has made it difficult for the correctional officers to stop the contraband supply even after many attempts to stop it. The criminals outside the prison are coordinating with the inmates about the timing of the police patrol inside the prison and other details to ensure that the drones enter and drop the contraband items at the time when the corrections officers are not present or are distracted.


It has become difficult for the corrections officers to keep a watch on every move of the inmates round the clock even with such high-end security cameras and systems are in place. Drones are small and potentially also stealth, so many outdated radars fail to detect it with ease. As per the reports, many of the prisons have noted a considerable high in the contraband supply in the last couple of years due to drones.


If the problems caused by drones are not stopped, it will continue to pose a threat to the safety and security of the prison and the detainees. Securus Technologies has been able to come up with the breakthrough technology in this case known as the drone detection technology. It would ensure that the drones are not able to enter the prison space with ease.


The company also launched the wireless containment system recently, which would ensure that the contraband phones that many of the inmates have been able to get hold of illegally would be out of use. The wireless containment system developed by Securus Technologies would not let the contraband phones connect to the commercial networks. Thus, the contraband phones would not be able to make any calls or receive any calls.

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