Samuel Strauch

Samuel Strauch achieved his undergraduate degree from Hofstra University in New York, where he studied business degree. He went on to Harvard University to continue his studies. He then began a career in banking, but ended up getting into real estate in South Florida. Around 2002, he began his own business and he went on to incorporate all aspects of his talents in studies to become a leader in Florida and Latin America as well.

When he arrived in Miami he felt that a new wave of real estate had begun. He also noticed that the city was becoming a major player in the world economy. His awareness that creating a team of investors could lead to enormous wealth for all of the investors. This is a talent that people must be born with before they are able to think in that way. Samuel Strauch thinks exactly like that.

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Samuel Strauch brings his ideas to life from the sheer creativity that is spawn from this way of thinking, and creates wealth for those that have sought his advice. It goes without saying that bringing those ideas to life is a skill that Samuel Strauch possesses as well.

Stauch advises people to practice meditation in order to be able to access that level of creativity. It’s one thing to have the ability to do something. It is quite another to access it successfully.

Samuel Strauch goes on to say in one of his many interviews that failure is going to happen from time to time. The ability to learn from that failure and progress to a higher level of success in any given field is part of the process. All big names in business practice this. No matter what you take away from the inspiration of Samuel Strauch, his success is obvious.


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