Ryan Seacrest’s Secrets to His Fitness

The ENews! host Ryan Seacrest is most recognized for his seemingly tireless work as a regular doing red carpet interviews, as an American idol host, and for his hosting during the Dick Clark Rockin New Year’s Eve show. He’s recognizable for his tailored suits, carefully quipped hair, and fit lean figure. Surprisingly the workaholic and fit entertainment host was once overweight when he was a child. Over the years he shed his the excess weight by improving his diet and sticking to a regular fitness routine. How does Ryan Seacrest manage to stay on task with the various entertainment industry work he does and with a regimented fitness routine.

Ryan Seacrest is the embodiment of being a workaholic. He is also somewhat of a workout-aholic too. He does find it somewhat difficult to choose to workout, so he plans workouts like they are meetings in his schedule instead of just choosing to do them. Because he is so busy, it is necessary for him to plan workouts carefully and to make do with the time he does have. When he works on TV shows or is hosting his radio show, he sometimes will do workouts during the commercial break. He often does pushups or lifts small weights. Another way he works around his busy schedule is by keeping two gym lockers at two different locations in Los Angeles. He says this allows him to workout at the hotel gyms in whatever part of LA he happens to be in whenever he gets the free time. These workouts are usually for 45 minutes including a shower.

According to Ryan, he tends to jazz it up with various workouts when he is at the gym. He tends to favor circuits and core workouts. He will also do push ups, sit-ups, core ball workouts, and sprints on stationary bikes. Ryan Seacrest swims during the weekends when he has time.

Ryan Seacrest tries to stay to a usual diet plan. He sometimes cheats from it, but he tries hard to stick to it. For snacks he sticks to veggie juices, almonds, cashew, and the occasional peanut M&Ms.

Ryan is living evidence that each of us can pull off regular fitness routines and have impossibly busy work schedules. If he can do, you can put some workouts and a healthy diet into your own busy life. Stick with it and you will see results.

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