Peter Briger: Fortress Investment Group Incredible Principal

Peter Briger is the co-chairman and principal of Fortress Investment Group. He is a prominent financial professional and business leader. Peter operates from San Francisco in California. He has great experience in asset management counting to more than 20 years. Fortress Investment Group is a well-known investment management firm in the world. It takes care of institutional and private investors as well as overseeing their assets. Peter began serving in their wonderful firm in 2009 upon election as a board co-chairman. Peter Briger has taken the company through significant growth through guidance in various management roles since the year 2002. Currently, Peter oversees and monitors the firm’s real estate business and credit funds.

Peter Briger graduated from Princeton University. He has an MBA from Wharton School of Business in Pennsylvania University. He has worked at Goldman Sachs as a partner where he was overseeing the operations in various businesses. He also served on multiple committees such as the Global Control and Compliance Committee as well as Asian management Committee. Peter has also helped in managing divisions such as Goldman Sachs Special Opportunities Fund and Asian Distressed Debt business. Besides the career story, Peter is a significant contributor to various philanthropic activities and community projects. He is a member of the Silicon Valley Leadership Council in Global Fund docket for children. He is also a member in the Council of Foreign Relations. This non-partisan organization works exclusively in promoting the understanding of foreign policies and issues within the citizens and the elected officials.

Fortress Investment Group is a leading firm in investment management. It has assets under their control worth $43.6 billion by last year. This great company was founded in 1998. It currently manages assets for more than 1,750 private and institutional investors in the world whose needs range from real estate to credit fund. Other services available include capital investment strategies and private equity. The company prides in having more than 953 employees and 216 investment professional. The headquarter for Fortress Investment Group is at New York with other affiliate offices located in different places in the world. Their significant competencies include asset-based services, quality industry knowledge, operations management services to customers, skills in corporate mergers & acquisitions, and capital markets enlightenment. The company has acquired a title of being a global investment manager for many clients around the world. It has a team of seasoned and most qualified executives in the management team and other staff positions. This sets them apart for excellent services.

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