Sheldon Lavin, OSI group CEO

Sheldon is the chairman and chief executive officer of the OSI group. OSI group includes; OSI international foods and the OSI industries. Sheldon serves as the president of OSI global food limited. OSI is a worldwide supplier of customs value-added food products. It’s a private company in the United States. Sheldon also serves as the general trustee of Rush University Medical Centre and as a director of the national fish and wildlife foundation.

Starting point

Mr. Sheldon entered the food industry as an executive n finance and banking sector. He had a financial consulting firm. He started in 1970 by helping Otto and Sons Company with financial consultation. The companies become the Midwest supplier of hamburgers to the OSI Corporation. He then becomes the Otto & Sons Company’s financial consultant. In 1975, he became a partner in the company after the CEO retired. The company later developed and became the OSI group. It has expanded to Europe, North America, and Japan, India, South Africa and the Philippines.

Charity work

Mr. Sheldon is an active contributor to many charity organizations. He contributes to the Ronald McDonald house charities where he is the chairman of the current capital campaign. He also a member of the inner city foundation of Chicago, Jewish federal fund, and other several Jewish charities. He serves in the Evans scholarship funds, boys and girls clubs of Chicago, United d Negro college fund, the national multiple sclerosis societies, and other charities at both federal and local levels.

Lavin has a wife and three children. The kids are employees of the OSI group. He holds a degree in finance and accounting. Lavin has seen the growth of the OSI group where he increased its financial status making it the world’s leading food services and retail food brand. The company supplies to other major organizations such as the subway, papa johns, Starbucks burger king, and yum. The company also offers unique resources.


Sheldon is an award-winning CEO. He won the trustee for Ronald McDonald house charities, as membership of the Goodman Theatre. He is the president and director of the Sheba foundation, a family charitable foundation. He has received many awards for his many profit and none profitable activities. At 81 years, Mr. Sheldon Lavin is still planning the expansion of his work both business and charity organizations. He is responsible for the recent developments of the OSI group in Brazil and Europe.

Adam Goldenberg And Don Ressler Came Up With Brilliant Ideas In The Fashion Sector

Techstyle Fashion Group is a conglomerate that brings together some subscription-based fashion entities in the fashion industry. The business was founded by two individuals namely Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. For a long time, the duo established various businesses with the urge to succeed and become billionaires. Right to their quest, the businessmen found their calling in the fashion industry. Their business acumen and a strong sense of purpose put them on the path to success. Today, the entrepreneurs are the owners of several membership-based enterprises that are leveraging the internet to provide tailored fashion solutions to consumers.

To Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, the journey to success in the fashion industry has not been a smooth ride. The duo has had to come up with strategic and calculated decisions that were not always fruitful. Their history in business dates back to their early teen years. At that time, Adam Goldenberg founded several internet companies that he later sold. The two businessmen started working together when they met at Intermix Media. Both had sold their first enterprises to Intermix and jointly run a marketing division called Alena Media.

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler’s short working stint at Intermix enabled them to learn a lot of in business. When they left the enterprise, their flagship project as new partners was the cosmetic company they called Intelligent Beauty. Through Intelligent Beauty, the duo was able to gain experience in the process of creating a product line and online marketing.

The Fashion industry always intrigued Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. The duo decided to venture into the dynamic industry of fashion because they believed they had the best solution to some of the challenges that afflicted this industry. True to their belief, the duo was able to come up with disruptive business models in an Amazon-dominated industry.

The successful enterprises under the names of Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg include JustFab, Fabletics, Shoedazzle, and Fabkids. All these businesses are held under the Techstyle Fashion Group umbrella despite the fact that they are stand-alone entities that provide solutions to specific niches in the fashion industry. The Techstyle Fashion Group has strived to establish a personal relationship with each subscriber. The e-commerce giant offers customized apparel suggestions to all its customers on a monthly basis. The company has also demonstrated that art can combine with technology to provide customer-centric solutions.

Significant Involvement of the Amicus Therapeutics Company in Treating Rare Diseases

Amicus Therapeutics is Biotechnology Company that helps in the treatment of the rare diseases that affect and weaken the human body. The company maintains in finding possible accurate treatments of several diseases such as the Fabry diseases, Lysosomal Storage Disorder, Pompe disease and other rare conditions. The company helps the ordinary people get the necessary treatment, therapy sessions, and encouragement. Amicus therapeutic uses modern technological equipment’s which facilitate the growth of the business, the attraction of many clients and equally good results. Learn more about job offerings of Amicus Therapeutics at Indeed.

The company is headed by Mr. Bradley l Campbell who is the president of the company. He has excellent leadership skills which have elevated the company’s profile to greater heights. His exceptional managerial ability, values-driven skills have also led the Amicus therapeutic company to collaborate with other organizations for growth and stability. For instance, the Amicus organization has partnered with the GlaxoSmithKline, JCR pharmaceuticals, and many others. These agencies have supported the Amicus therapeutics company regarding finance, growth, and stability.


The Amicus therapeutics company offers different types of services to the patients. For instance, it works with patients’ organizations, individual patient, healthcare consultants and much. The company sponsors for the better healthcare treatments for the patients with the rare diseases. The company also acts as a bridge between patients and their families, their friends and much more. The company’s staff and specialists offer the following services to the patients with the rare diseases. They provide quality therapy sessions for their patients, listen to their complaints and assuring them of better medical treatments and much more.

Following the equality services the Amicus Therapeutics deliver to the patients globally, it also supports the community empowerment, education, healthy living and much. The company gives back to the community especially to the less fortunate who hardly live a comfortable life. Learn more about the company at

Adam Goldenberg And Don Ressler Journey As Entrepreneurs

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg road to success have been astonishing. Despite starting their career as entrepreneurs differently, they have both displayed several similarities in how they work. For instance, they are all obsessed with the spirit of success and determination. Notwithstanding their measurable knowledge in trends and fashion, Don Ressler and Adam Goldberg co-founded TechStyle Fashion Group. Globally, TechStyle Fashion Group is a well-recognized company. It builds high-value fashion brands and deals with a vast number of customers through utilization of enterprise technology, records, and personalization to intensify consumer’s pleasure and drive growth. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler came to know each other while working at MySpace parent company, intermix. You can conclude that their journey together as entrepreneurs started at intermix.

Adam Goldenberg started to build his business career at his teenage. At 15 years, Adam successfully established his first company, known as Gamers Alliance, which was used to advertise gaming sites. Later, he sold his company to intermix which paved the way for his career. Regardless of his age, in 1999 after selling his company, Adam Goldenberg was forced to quit school and work with intermix. First, he was positioned as the deputy of strategic planning for intermix and later promoted to serve as the chief operating officer.

On the other hand, the same was with Don Ressler. Before joining intermix, Don Ressler had also successfully built a website of his own called On the course of running his website, Don was able to gather investments for several online firms. Fortunately, this helped him build his experience on online shopping significantly. Later, he sold his website to intermix too and moved to work with them.

Having one ambition and determination in life, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, luckily became allies while working at intermix. They collaborated and formed an e-commerce company of their own termed as Intelligent Beauty. Possessed by the spirit of determination, Adam and Don successfully developed more brands. They gathered more experience in online marketing and in one way or the other, became their eye-opener. Working all along, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler identified critical loopholes in online shopping. For instance, they learned that stylish and quality attires are in high demand, yet customers did not have simple ways of accessing personalized gears.

From that point, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler established JustFab, the first TechStyle Company, which provided personalized clothing service to its customers. Later, in 2016, JustFab was rebranded and named TechStyle. The company was called considering the way Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler are known to merge technology and fashion. It is through their focus and determination that has set the TechStyle Fashion on a course to reconsider the form of business. Today, as Co-founders of TechStyle, Goldenberg and Ressler manage data, advertising, and internal systems.

Organo Gold has helped millions of people live balanced and happy lives

Getting up in the morning is not everyone’s favorite task of the day. The only thing that makes it worth it is a nice, hot cup of coffee. It wakes you up and gets you running so you can get through the day. Because people love it so much, it has been studied endlessly to find out what health benefits it contains. Organo Gold is available on eBay.

The Annals of Internal Medicine released two new studies about the health benefits of coffee. Coffee has been connected to a reduced risk of death and disease including stroke and heart disease. In the study over 185,000 Americans were monitored whether coffee (decaf and caffeinated) helped reduce the risk of death from certain diseases. Kidney disease, stroke, heart disease, cancer, and diabetes were the diseases studied in a range of people including Japanese Americans, Latinos, African-Americans, and Caucasians. Including a wide range of people from different biological backgrounds helped solidify the results that coffee is good for you, no matter your background. They studied each participant over a long range of time, 16 years to be exact. They found that people who drank two to three cups a day had a 18 percent decrease in death, rather than people who did not drink it. Participants reported their finding every five years. Researchers say that they see an association between coffee and living a longer life, but cannot say it indefinitely.


Organo Gold is a very popular brand of coffee and tea. This great brand is a global network marketing company dedicated to helping people achieve their goals through business opportunities and premium products.

Organo Gold contains Ganoderma. It is a mushroom that contains lots of health benefits. The company is based in Ferndale, Washington in the United States and has helped millions of people all over the world. Follow Organo Gold on

Tony Petrello Achievements and his Philanthropy

As at the year 2015, Tony Petrello has ranked as the highest compensated CEO in the United States. While growing up in Newark, New Jersey, Tony attended public schools, and his mathematics skills were popular among his peers. From high school, his talents landed him to Yale University after they noticed his unique abilities. While at Yale, he was mentored by Serge Lang, and he went on to earn his first and second degree in mathematics. After graduating, he joined Harvard law school, graduated and joined Baker and McKenzie law firm. At the company, his specialty was business law, with taxation as the primary focus. He later climbed the ladder and became a partner in the firm. It’s during his tenure that Nabor Industries were impressed with his analysis methods. After a few years of Nabors Company trying to recruit him, he gave in and joined the company which in Texas in 1991.

At Nabor Industries, Tony served as the chief operating officer however after two years he was promoting to the president. During his tenure at the oil drilling company, he has assisted them to expand to more states as well as landing significant accounts. Aside from being the CEO, he also became chairman of the board and the chairman of the executive committee. His tenure has seen visionary leadership and top-level management. Currently, he heads Hilcorp Energy Company following his retirement from Nabor industries.

While at Yale University, Tony met Cynthia. The couple married and were blessed with a daughter Carena .however, 24 weeks She developed a rare disorder known as Periventricular Leukomalacia. The condition is caused by premature birth, and thus the brain does not receive enough oxygen due to inadequate flow of blood leading to Cerebral Palsy. Overall the disease causes delayed development.

Tony has since been on a mission to find treatment for his daughter’s condition. The neurological condition affects other children too and therefore tony through his attempts also hopes to help others. The couple has traveled high and low in search of a cure, visiting various institutions such as UCLA and John Hopkins. After much travel, travel noticed that one particular hospital in Texas was offering specialized care for condition.

Tony has forward to donate massive amounts to the Institute for neurological research. Dan Duncan heads the Duncan Neurological research institute. Tony has also helped in the funding of his mentor Serge Lang who unfortunately passed on. During his free time Tony and his wife Cynthia, attend seminars where they give talks about their daughter’s conditions to parents with similar cases.

For details:

White Shark Media: Your Perfect Partner for Adword Success

With so many advertising assistance companies and SEO marketing startups, business owners have their heads spinning on where they should invest their money. Thankfully, White Shark Media is one of the few reputable ones in the internet marketing industry.

Being ranked 3 years in a row in Ink 5000 website as one of the fastest growing sites in the internet marketing niche, White Shark Media has found ways to help clients leverage the power of Adwords for business success. The company is currently a premier partner of Google Adwords, and is guaranteed to serve you with an expertise that only a handful of AdWords partners have.

How Does It Work?

Small and medium sized business owners may face difficulties finding consumers and marketing their business online. When they avail of White Shark Media services, their advertisements are placed on Adwords which are searchable on and several Adsense websites. This, in turn allows targeted audiences to take notice of the advertisements which allows the businesses to grow and gain online presence.

Why White Shark Media Works

From education services, software businesses and jewelry stores, many people have sent in testimonials about how White Shark Media has helped them gain customers for their businesses. Their fool-proof capability is best fit for the new business owners who have no idea about internet marketing, or who are struggling to find clients online. Tried and tested since 2010, White Shark Media has gained reputation and eventually found big clients from various sectors such as the iMarine Inc., A Star Movers Texas, and Platinum Pro Painters Canada.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Continues To Break Barriers

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a board certified plastic surgeon who currently runs her own full service aesthetic plastic surgery center in Austin, Texas. Before moving back to her native Texas, she built a successful business in Manhattan. Dr. Jennifer Walden was born and raised in Austin. After high school, she graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Biology. She went on to graduate from medical school at the University of Texas Medical Branch. She did an externship in Miami before heading to New York for a fellowship.

In Manhattan, she worked at the prestigious Ear, Eye and Throat Clinic. She worked with several skilled surgeons, including Dr. Sherell Aston, whom she considers a mentor.

Dr. Walden chose a profession that has only a few women. According toe American Medical Association (AMA), only about 9 percent of U.S. plastic surgeons are women. Dr. Walden is an aesthetic surgeon who performs breast augmentations, rhinoplasty, eye lid lifts and tummy tucks.

Dr. Walden has won numerous awards for excellence. She is a member of the American Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons and has co-authored many papers on plastic surgery. She has been chosen by her peers as one of Texas’ Super Doctors featured in Texas Monthly Magazine. Dr. Walden has been featured on Good Morning America, Harper’s Bazaar, Fox News, 90210 and E!

Walden has also served as a consultant for many aesthetic plastic surgery companies. She currently lives in Marble Falls Texas with her twin sons Houston and Max.


Dr. Mark Holterman Making Healthcare Available to All

Medical practitioner, Dr. Mark Holterman is passionate about initiatives aiming to improve access to care. For this reason, he initiated the formation of The Hannah Sunshine Foundation, a nonprofit that supports children with rare conditions. The organization champions the use of regenerative and cellular therapies. Sarah Hughes, a mid-aged woman, who has Systemic Juvenile idiopathic arthritis is among the three people who inspired the founding of the organization. Systemic Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis affects the heart, lungs, joints, and liver and is rare, only occurring in 10-20% of children with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis. Unfortunately, there is no cure yet, but doctors can manage the condition. During the active stage of the disease, Dr. Mark Holterman recommends aggressive treatment to avert possible damages to the joints. Read more at Vitals to know more about Dr. Mark Holterman.

Dr. Mark is an alumnus of the University of Virginia and Yale University, also supports the IPSAC, Vietnam. IPSAC-VN is an organization that advances pediatric surgical care in Vietnam and relies on volunteers and donors. The volunteers train and lecture at affiliate medical schools as well as provide patient care and surgery at hospitals in Vietnam.

Dr. Mark Holterman is also an avid researcher and educator. He is a University of Illinois professor and the current CEO of Mariam Global Health. Over the years Dr. Mark has worked in different fields of clinical medicine. For twelve years, he was an attending pediatric surgeon at the Rush University Medical center. Since 2011, Dr. Mark Holterman has served as a pediatric surgeon at the OSF Healthcare. He primarily specializes in pediatric and general surgery and runs his practice in Maywood and Peoria, Illinois. Dr. Mark Holterman founded Mariam Global Health, a venture firm that supports impact innovators in science and healthcare. Read more about his interview at

From the on-the-job and research experience, Dr. Mark Holterman comprehends the difficulties in the medical field. Nevertheless, he is optimistic about the role of new technology in advancing therapeutic options for a variety of diseases. He endeavors to employ new treatment options when administering care. Dr. Mark Holterman is a recipient of the On-time Doctor Award, Patient’s Choice Award, Compassionate Doctor Recognition and America’s Top Doctor Award.


Why Cloud-Based IAM Is The Solution To Modern Manufacturing Organizations.

Modern manufacturing companies are continually looking up to cloud technologies to empower their businesses and also steer organizational success. Notably, the companies are looking to enhance suppleness in their supply chains, boost security, and streamline identity management at a reduced cost. Most of the manufacturers, nonetheless, are still using on-premises software for identity management. These systems may have been suitable for the last 20 years, but today they pose several challenges for manufacturing companies.

Inefficiency within the supply chain is one of the challenges. Interacting with sellers can be a slow manual process leading to loss of productivity, and eventually loss of competitive advantage. Another problem is the risk of company’s sensitive data. Manufacturers deal with lots of sensitive data, incorporating schematics, blueprints, partner agreements, financials and business plans. This data face higher risks of phishing attacks and to alleviate the risk manufacturers are ensuring that their users are securely accessing the data.

High costs and loss of productivity is the other challenge faced by the manufacturing companies. The manufacturers are facing continuous pressure to minimize the costs. This demand and high operational expenses hinder them progressing leading to lost productivity. Complexity in identity management is also a significant challenge. Because the companies supply chain partners and traders work from different locations, a company is forced to have various directories, complex app rollouts, and eventually a complicated identity management system.

All these challenges can be tackled using a cloud-based IAM resolution. OneLogin identity and access management provide single sign-on, real-time dynamic directory integration, multi-factor authentication, and a pre-integrated with over 5,000 apps, incorporating SAP, Office 365, Oracle and G Suite. The results you get from using OneLogin include protecting and influencing existing investments, minimizing administrative costs, high user adoption, saving time for IT and other users, and offering an all-inclusive view of security.

OneLogin offers identity management as well as single sign-on for cloud-based apps. It mainly focuses on firms that operate in the cloud and incorporates with cloud applications using OpenID, WS-Federation, SAML, and integration of web services. Launched in 2010, OneLogin received support from CRV. Subsequently, the company has partnered with the leading SaaS traders, and it has won the confidence of security-conscious corporations worldwide.