OSI Group,LLC President David McDonald Adds €17M Factory in Spain

As the President of OSI Group, one of the biggest meats producers on the planet who is positioned at 58 on the Forbes list of richest companies, David McDonald occupied the meats world for thirty plus years once achieving an Animal Science BA from Iowa State. The scope of David’s experience spans many corporations throughout the years, and David once occupied a seat as chairman of the North American Meat Institute. David McDonald was successful in the meat industry to the point where his corporation OSI Group became the foremost recipient of meat distinguishments around the planet. A few of them include the U.K.’s 2017 International Safety Award , their “Sword of Honour” award, and their “Globe of Honour” awards: This occured over many years, and does not even include the multiple recognitions inside of Austria, Germany, and India.

Within Spain and Portugal, in fact, there is now an increasing demand for yet additional meat products in the region. Supplies were previously falling short of demand at David McDonald’s OSI Group (which is great for business). This demand is so large, in fact, that OSI is now opening a facility in Toledo, Spain. This new factory will serve its Spanish and Portuguese territory in order to produce double the output from before. What was once over ten thousand tons of meat per year will now be twenty four thousand tons per year.

In terms of the new building itself, it will comprise of twenty thousand square feet at a cost of €17,000,000. It will not only result in increased production and storage capabilities, but will even house a production space, shipping spaces, a social space for mingling, temperature-controlled rooms for meat containment, as well as a creation lab space for testing new edible creations. As it stands currently, there are one hundred sixty employees David’s Spanish plant: twenty employees were included as a means to facilitating the increased production demands. David McDonald additionally built in a state of the art sprinkler system in case of fire, as well as increased border security through wire fences and video cameras in the grounds; This is all on top of being twenty percent less wasteful in energy usage than older plants.

OSI Group, LLC headquarters is outside of the Chicago area in the city of Aurora, Illinois: it was created in the year 1909. Currently the group creates a large variety of products that entail meats for pizzas, breakfast, lunch, dinner, beef patties, hot dogs, bacon, and smoked meats.

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