O2Pur chases huge giants in the tobacco industry

E-cigarettes are revolutionizing the tobacco industry. They provide a new innovative and fresh way to partake of the brew. They are the future of the cigarette industry. The tobacco industry is currently still undergoing consolidation, hence when one shops for a particular brand, an array of unique quality products are provided. A few brands have stood above the rest offering a better portfolio of combustible cigarette alternatives for clients to choose from. Big tobacco corporations such as British American Tobacco is in the process of wholly acquiring Reynolds- American due to the company’s leading e-cig products. Philip Morris International which was initially a part of Altria still have marketing deals with the latter and continue to market e-cigs under a Marlboro umbrella. O2Pur has also come up to give the huge tobacco brands a run for their money.

When stock prices are considered, the BAT becomes the most significant tobacco company after acquiring Reynolds fending off its closest competitors like Philip Morris. Many stock analysts though claim that heat-not-burn technology is on the verge of becoming the most significant advancement in the industry. The company has developed a technology where tobacco is heated to the point of producing vapor to the user. It is considered an easier alternative as the vapor does not contain the harmful chemicals that are created when tobacco is burned. BAT also launched its HNB product racking in chunks of profit with the iFuse glo. BAT plans to roll out both traditional and hybrid e-cig products and double the numbers in the market in 2018.

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Reynolds-American was an early player in the tobacco industry. They developed the blu eCig from 2012 and then sold it to Imperial Tobacco. At the same time, their engineers are in the process of investing on Vuse e-cig. Currently, the product is the market leader in the United States. Philip Morris also launched its IQOS device, which is a chargeable and pen-like device into which a cigarette-like product is inserted. It offered a real smoking experience which appealed to its consumers boosting its popularity.

Apart from these three giants in the industry, O2Pur emerged in the market with staggering product. O2Pur offers consumers versatile products with different flavors.

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