Nick Vertucci: Using Real Estate To Go From Rags To Riches

Nick Vertucci has used real estate to become very rich. He is now using his NV Real Estate Academy to help others enjoy the same economic opportunities he has. Vertucci had begun to struggle financial when the bubble burst and his computer company went out of business. After barely getting for about 18 months, he was worried about how he would take care of his wife and children. Then a friend took him to a real estate presentation that changed his life. When the three-day program was over, Nick Vertucci had a clear vision of how he would make the money he needed to become financially secure.

Using the information he learned at the real estate conference, Nick Vertucci began buying distressed properties, fixing them up and either selling them or renting them out. Over the next 10 years he not a tremendous amount of research about real estate and used what he learned to create his Fortunes in Flipping system. The system is so simple, anyone can use it to generate significant income. Vertucci never forgot how learning to work with real estate changed his life. He promised himself he would do the same thing for as many people as possible. That’s what motivated him to start the NV Real Estate Academy.

Today, countless people from coast to coast and from all walks of life have attended the NV Real Estate Academy and gone on to become financially secure. With the training, information and strategies the academy teaches, it is simple and easy to generate tens of thousands of dollars a month. Vertucci has also created a support system students can access if they need help. It is all part of Vertucci’s goal to give people the freedom to generate as much money as they need to ensure their families are taken care of and they can have an excellent quality of life.

Every day new people of all ages are enrolling at the NV Real Estate Academy and learning the skills that enable them to create their own rags-to-riches story and live the American Dream. Nick Vertucci is living proof that everyday people can become rich using real estate. Nick Vertucci did not come from a wealthy family, have a college education or any special training. He simply followed the principles taught in the Fortunes In Flipping program and the NV Real Estate Academy and became wealthy.

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