New Platform for Monitoring Cancer Treatment an innovation in the medical field.

In Cancer Treatment Centers of America, they are working with the partnership of Nanthealth and Allscripts, these organizations are working to improve the treatment procedures being held at these center, so that the patient gets better treatment and physicians working their, can work in complete comfort and can monitor the treatment of patients without disturbing their clinal tasks. An operating system was formed so that this whole procedure gets easier, this operating system records all the data of treatments done on cancer patients by the oncologist worldwide, and gives a better assistance to physicians so that the patients coming there gets treated well. This operating system is named as NantOs. There are millions of researches done on cancer, and some of the recent research studies focus on this new platform as well, explaining the unique and brand new features it provides in this field are following.

• Tailored treatments can be given to patients according to their availability and requirements such as according to their schedules and their lifestyle, as well as at what stage of cancer they are at.

• Detailed treatment options, with their price tags, so that everyone can get them according to their statuses.

• Making patients entries computerized and modifying and updating the technology.

• All the treatment properly recorded and mapped so that the physicians is aware of the proper treatments and how patients should be treated.

• All access to data, and references from where the information is recorded and collected.

• All the clinical date being updated and supported.

• And all the processes should be updated and done in real time.

As this new system and platform have been formed, it will bring a lot of good changes in this medical field, as the physicians will be already be updated and will be aware of the incorrect treatments and how to prevent patients from getting the false treatment. Oncologist worldwide are really optimistic and our sure that this platform will be an innovation period in the field of cancer treatments.

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