Milan Kordestani: A Man Who Excels At All He Does

Milan Kordestani was born in California but later moved to London after the divorce of his parents.

In 2010, Milan moved back to California. There, he graduated high school.

He is now a college student, professional writer, skilled equestrian, and business owner.

He writes for the Huffington Post. On any given day, he can be seen pumping out articles on the topics of mental health, politics, and agriculture.

When his shift at the Post ends, Milan spends some time working on his business, Milan Farms.

This is a 100% organic farm that grows eggs, mint, and saffron.

Milan has three farms on which he grows eggs. These eggs are later shipped all across the west coast.

The mint and saffron that Milan grows gets shipped internationally.

The young college student loves doing business with his customers and believes in being completely transparent with them.

If they have a question, he has an answer.

The entrepreneur says that having an answer at the ready is something that every business owner should seek. He feels that there should be no hesitation in answering a customer’s questions and that business owners should keep no secrets from their customers.

Milan is actually working on a business strategy that he isn’t keeping secret: growing saffron hydroponically.

19 year old Kordestani is the first person to ever put to action such an innovative idea.

This idea is currently still in its research phase and isn’t yet Milan’s method of growing 100% of his saffron.

When Milan isn’t busy at college, working on his business, or writing for the Huffington Post, he is riding horses.

As an equestrian, Kordestani rides horses professionally and competes in competitions.

He has won multiple competitions, but his highest ranking to date is 2nd place, which he was awarded at the World’s Champion Horse Show in 2016.

Milan has his sights set on winning a blue ribbon. With his form and dedication to the sport, this goal can be achieved in no time at all.

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