Kim Dao Gives Japan Travelers A Few Useful Tips

Australian video blogger Kim Dao has just published a new video in which she gives travelers advice on how to pack for visiting Japan. Dao, who holds a degree in Japanese and is fluent in the language, travels frequently to the country. She has some basic tips for people who are planning on traveling to Japan for the first time.


One point that Kim Dao makes is that many visitors will need to purchase an adapter for their laptops and other electronics. Japanese electronics use an American-style plug rather than the type used in Europe or Australia. In addition, Japanese outlets are 110 volts rather than 220, so this may cause issues with electrics such as hairdryers or electric razors.


Another important tip that Kim Dao brings up is to pack towels if you’ll be staying at hostels. Hotels are expensive in Japan, and hostels don’t normally provide towels, and if they do there is normally a fee involved. She also recommends you pack a small bag with toiletries, just in case.


Since Kim Dao normally does a lot of shopping in Japan, she prefers to just bring one or two changes of clothes. This makes it far easier to pack her bags and bring her clothes back to Australia with her. She also warns travelers to exchange their money for Japanese currently at home rather than waiting as the rates available at Japanese exchanges tend to be less competitive. Kim Dao also recommends shopping around for a credit card that doesn’t charge international usage fees.

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