Jorge Moll – Cognitive and Behavioral function of the brain

Jorge Moll was destined from a very young age to break ground in the scientific community. A naturally curious person, Jorge has always been attracted to functionality of the brain, and its function in our emotional and cognitive behaviors. A native of Brazil, Jorge Moll earned his Doctor of Medicine in Neuroscience from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Jorge Moll is driven by his passion to discover, through research, particularly neurological research, ways to improve the quality of life for people. Jorge naturally understands the importance of collaboration in his field and this importance must incorporated daily to ensure progress. After earning his PhD in Experimental Pathology, Jorge began making an immediate impact in the world of neurological research.

It was in 1992 Jorge began experimenting with a Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (FMRI) machine. Initially Jorge would conduct simple, “crud” experiments using the FMRI. Jorge and his fellow scientist would stimulate the subject’s hands, by rubbing them of touching their fingertips, while studying the images the brain would produce. From these early experiments Jorge would eventually begin conducting more complex experiments. Jorge Molly would ask subjects moral questions, to discover how the brain would react when faced with a moral dilemma.

These experiments would lead to the event feature emotion complex framework (EFEC). The EFEC links both, emotional behaviors or functions of the brain and the cognitive functions of the brain. The areas of the brain associated with emotion are thought to be “primitive”, while the cognitive, or logical area of the brain are thought to the higher level areas or functions of the brain. Jorge Moll has shown that both the lower (primitive), and the higher (cognitive) functionality of the brain evolved together, and they both play an important role in working together (Idor).

Jorge Moll also conducted an experiment in which he was able to prove the warm glow giving phenomenon, actually has a measurable reaction by the brain.


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