Jacob Gottlieb gives Hedge Funds the Healthcare Edge

 Jacob Gottlieb is the chief investment officer and management partner of Visium Asset Management a leading healthcare hedge fund. He founded the company in the year 2005. Visium is one of America’s largest healthcare hedge fund. Healthcare hedge funds invest in improving general healthcare and in pharmaceutical and biotech research. Jacob Gottlieb has earned the reputation of being a leader in his chosen profession.

Jacob Gottlieb is a highly qualified medical doctor and also holds a degree in economics. He is therefore ideally qualified for helming a healthcare hedge fund. He earned his MD from New York University and a BA in economics magna cum Laude from Brown University. He also has a Chartered Financial Analyst designation. He started trading in 1998 on Wall Street. He covered global healthcare for Sanford C Bernstein and Co as a buy side analyst. He was later healthcare portfolio manager at the Merlin Biomed Group. He later became the top earner at Balyasny Asset Management. In 2005 he started the well-known healthcare hedge fund-Visium.

Jacob Gottlieb is committed to public service and supports many charities. One of the charities supported by Jacob Gottlieb is Robin Hood. The charity seeks to alleviate poverty in New York City. The charity is founded by a hedge fund expert and combines charitable purposes and investment principles to eliminate poverty. Donations and fundraising programs like concerts provide the finance for poverty alleviation schemes. The charity was the first to perform venture philanthropy. The charity gives all donations and funds to poverty alleviation programs and sound business principles are used to make programs effective. The charity works with over 240 organizations in New York City.

Jacob Gottlieb has not only proved to be a successful business leader but has also made efforts to make the lives of the less fortunate better.

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