Ideamensch Sits Down With Adam Milstein For An Interview

Ideamensch, a website that interviews entrepreneurs and leaders in the business community invited Adam Milstein for an interview recently. Adam Milstein is a native of Israel who created the Israeli-American Council. He presently works at commercial development firm, Hager Pacific Properties as one its managing directors. Mr. Milstein was also recently named one of the 50 most influential Jews in the world according to a report by the newspaper, The Jerusalem Post. The following is a synopsis of an interview Ideamensch had with Adam Milstein.


The first question given to Adam Milstein in the interview was how he came about to working for Hager Pacific Properties. Adam responded by saying that after completing an MBA program at the University of Southern California he was given what he described as petty job offers. He thought he could do better on his own and he set out to work as an independent broker in real estate instead. Eventually he was recruited to work for Hager Pacific Properties and worked his way up to being a managing director at the company’s California office.


Next, Ideamensch inquired how does a typical day look for Adam Milstein at work and what does he do make it productive? Mr. Milstein responded by saying that when your first open a business or begin a new job, you do not really know what to expect or how your day will play out. It is only after you work for several years and have assets to manage that your work days begins to have a semblance of some routine or structure. Adam Milstein added that working with charities and non-profits such as the Israeli-American Council really helps him get through the day at work and makes him have something to look forward to after work.


The third question given to Adam Milstein was how he bring his ideas to light. To this question Milstein responded that he simply keeps pushing his agenda until it eventually materializes. He also says that he does a lot of follow-ups to make sure that everything that needs to be done at work actually gets done.


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