Ian King: Leading in Cryptocurrency Insights

With the latest trends in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, the investment world is shaken and is looking for solid insights about how to go around this new horizon. Banyan Hill Publishing houses one of the best experts in cryptocurrency, Ian King, who shares weekly insights about the newest forms of investments. Learn more about Ian King at Crunchbase.

About Ian King

Ian King is a well-known cryptocurrency investor and a former hedge fund expert. He has 20 years of experience in trading and giving insights into financial matters. One of his most sought-after financial advisings is his knowledge and expertise in cryptocurrency market. It has been featured in several known publications such as Zero Hedge, Seeking Alpha, Fox Business News and Investopedia. His expertise allowed him to be one of the senior analysts in Banyan Hill Publishing. At present, he has created a cryptocurrency investment product for his course in Investopedia Academy.

Ian King had an initial career of being a desk clerk at Salomon Brothers. Salomon Brothers is a known mortgage bond trading department, and this is where Ian King started learning his investment skills. He then moved to work for Citigroup as a credit derivatives specialist. He spent 10 years knowing the ins and outs of trading, as he moved as a head trader in Peahi Capital, a hedge fund company based in New York.

After working for Peahi Capital, Mr. Ian King went to Banyan Hill Publishing as an investment expert. He had to goal to help readers start their investments on cryptocurrency. At present, he is the editor of the popular newsletter Crypto Profit Trader service, one of Banyan Hill’s advisory newsletter that shows the best cryptocurrency trends to help readers make the best financial decisions. Ian King is also a regular contributor to the Sovereign Investor Daily wherein he specializes in the latest advancements in cryptocurrency. Visit the website iankingguru.com to learn more.

More of Ian King’s Writings in Medium

Aside from Banyan Hill Publishing, Ian King also contributes to the online platform Medium, where he talks about the latest trends in cryptocurrency.

One of his latest topics was the ‘cryptocorn’, where he explains that only a handful of startup ideas had a large growth in revenue in the past years. He compares startups such as Uber, Airbnb, and Pinterest to other ones such as Blue Apron and Snapchat. He mentioned that the rise of cryptocurrencies is far ahead compared to these startups because of the 1000% increase in its value over a short period of time.

View: https://hitechchronicle.com/2018/03/ian-king-says-robinhood-could-help-cryptocurrency-values-soar/

Ian King’s insights can be visited on his Medium page.

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