How NuoDB Is Changing Cloud Database Paradigms.

Cloud computing is quietly creating a revolution in the way we do just about everything. Now, NuoDB adds to that with their new cloud database system. With it’s elastic expansion style, NuoDB is creating an entirely new way to think about database systems. The company first released its cloud database system 5 years ago, but it has gone so far since then and is creating a reputation hardly anyone would dare to dispute. It’s only a matter of time before others start to copy this system and use it for themselves. Nobody is truly on the same level as NuoDB.

The most important thing to understand about NuoDB is that it expands the size of its servers by increasing the number based on your needs. Cloud databases are a clearly difficult line of work and plenty of attempts at this kind of thing can lead to extreme bandwidth issues and such. Fortunately, this is not an issue with NuoDB. Much of this is accomplished thanks to the tiered approach NuoDB takes. Using layers of storage managers and transaction engines, the system allows you to scale the size of the cloud database to whatever you need. Effectively, you can receive a virtually limitless amount of storage this way.

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