George Soros attacks Trump

George Soros often speaks whenever democracy is being threatened. The recent inauguration of Donald Trump left him with a lot to write about. The two have not seen eye to eye as they differ on many views. Some time back, George Soros referred to Trump as an agent of ISIS claiming that he was instilling fear in Americans. The two differ on several issues such as criminal justice reforms, immigration reforms, and religious tolerance. George Soros may be compelled by his past to stand for the oppressed. He was born in Hungary at a time when the Nazis persecuted the Jews. He only managed to survive persecution through the help of his father who provided him with fake documents on A few years later, he had the chance to attend London School of Economics and developed a passion for the theories developed by Karl Popper. This opened his eyes, and he was also keen to develop some theories of his own. He divided leaderships into two forms, the open society, and the closed society.

He refers to Donald Trump as a corn artist who is a threat to democracy. He also terms him as a would-be dictator and says he wishes he fails. George Soros criticizes Donald Trump’s behavior as well as his cabinet and advisors. He says that the cabinet that has been put in place by Trump comprises of retired generals and extremists who are incompetent. One thing that he does not doubt is whether the democracy will succeed. He says that the constitution on Biography and other institutions, as well as the fourth State, will protect the democracy. There is no way that the executive branch can be able to overpower them. He says that the would-be dictator will not transform into one.

However, he acknowledges that there is a group of people who will suffer. The Trump administration on Snopes is targeting the minority. For the internal struggles that the US will be experiencing, it will be unable to promote and protect democracy elsewhere. Soros says that Donald Trump will surround himself with dictators and they will seek refuge in the United States. The US is not the only nation that is being faced with threats to democracy, so is the European Union especially now that Vladimir Putin is in the equation. George Soros accuses Putin of controlling social media in his country and also manipulating other countries like Georgia and Ukraine.

George Soros has an estimated wealth of $30 billion and often spends it for good causes. In the past presidential election, Soros made a donation of over $30 to the Democratic Party. According to Soros’ spokesman, the billionaire felt compelled to make the donations as stakes were very high. This is not the first time that he has made the donation, he has done so in the past especially in the quest to defeat President George Bush.

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