From Writing To Building – Robert Ivy’s Career

As far as famous architects go, Robert Ivy might be the one that holds the crown. This native Mississippian works as the Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer for the American Institute of Architects (AIA). Having assumed his position back in 2011, Ivy replaced AIA’s previous head of operations Christine McEntee.

The company that Ivy leads offers various services for architectures such as education, community development, and even government relations, thus making him one of the most relevant people in the rounds of architecture. He obtained his Masters of Architecture from Tulane University, while his Bachelor of Arts in English came from the University of the South, better known as Sewanee.

Prior to taking charge of AIA, Ivy worked as an Editor in Chief for the “Architectural Record”. During this time, he helped established this journal as one of the most prominent journals in the world architecture. He then took part in McGraw-Hill Construction Media by also working as an Editorial Director and a Vice President. Ivy’s editorial skills enabled him to lead some of the worlds most journals such as Architectural Record: China, HQ Magazine, and SNAP.

A fruitful career that he leads enabled Robert Ivy to win several awards for his accomplishments. His journals won dozens of publishing honors, journalism recommendations, and even one award for General Excellence. Eight years ago, Ivy was a recipient of the Crain Award, which is given by the American Business Media, and stands for the highest recognition one can obtain by them.

Robert Ivy also took part in some personal writing, thus publishing a biography labeled “Fay Jones:Architect” in 2001. A decade after its publishing this book has reached its third edition, and it has been marked by multiple libraries around the country.

Ivy continues to achieve excellence through his endeavors as reflected by his current position. He is in charge of an agency that hosts over 90,000 members across the United States, making himself one of the most prominent architects within the nation today. He also dedicated his time to writing since his Bachelor’s degree came from that area, and his legacy speaks for itself.

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