End Citizen United Making their Name a Reality

In 2010, the United States Supreme Court made a ruling that will alter the American Election for years to come. The Court established that corporations are people and thus they should be allowed to make contributions towards the election. The ruling has paved the way for the billionaires to contribute untraceable money toward the elections. The rich will be able to alter the elections to their advantage.
That means there will be no accountability and transparency amongst the politicians and the leaders of the Country. According to the End Citizen United, elections need to be democratic as that is the only ticket that the people have a better life.
End Citizen United, established in 2015, want to fight back. Their goal is to pass a constitutional amendment to reverse the Supreme Court ruling. The Court was responding to a case that was presented by Citizen United. Citizen United are conservatives, and that means that they support the Republicans. The group wanted to air a documentary about Hilary Clinton. Airing the documentary would have been a violation of the United States Constitution.
End Citizen United has established a goal of raising $25 million towards the cause. The PAC was able to raise $2 million within the first month. They had also gained 325,000 signatures from different people who support the vision.
The PAC is Democrat support, and they participated in the various campaigns. The group also helps all the other individuals who are against the Supreme Court ruling. It is ironic that End Citizen United are not supporting the Republicans. They, however, stated that they wanted to support leaders whose dreams aligned with their ambition.
The move to have the constitution amended is a long short according to the analysts. The constitution has not been amended since 1992. It is, therefore, going to take a lot of effort to have that dream achieved. The critics say that it is a pipe dream as the members of the Congress may be not inclined to change. It is not a matter of money: the group can raise $100 million and still nothing will be done.
Whether or not the Group succeeds one thing is very clear, they have significantly improved the community through education. Today, many people know about the court ruling because of End Citizen United’s efforts.
The main activists aligned to the group are from the grassroots. It is a strategy that has enabled them to reach many people.
The mission of the Group is to:
ü Elect leaders who are reformers who will overturn the ruling
ü Raise the money issue as a national threat
ü Demonstrate political power on the issues by targeting the grassroots

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