Dr. Vijay Eswaran Shares Secrets of Success

Dr. Vijay Eswaran, founder and Executive Chairman of the QI Group of Companies, is the head of various business conglomerates with a presence in multiple sectors including direct selling, retail, financial services, and hospitality as well as education.

Dr. Eswaran’s flagship, CNET, was established in 1998 and is an international corporation. Through expert leadership, his businesses have merged traditional methods of sales with the e-commerce model.

“What I wanted was a new kind of business to merge the people power of direct sales with the Internet’s global reach,” Dr. Eswaran told Entrepreneur Magazine recently in a featured article. Dr. Eswaran remembers the beginnings of his business, “We merged the best and tested directing sales techniques with e-commerce.”

The path wasn’t always easy. “My partners and I argued endless about what we should sell to set us apart from the rest,” e added. “We decided on numismatics and precious metals models built using flourishing European market strategies.”

Dr.Vijay Eswaran obtained the rights to market the commemorative coins in time for the Sydney 2000 Olympics. Despite arriving late in the process, of the 42 global distributors, e finished in the top three regarding sales volume. “What the rest had not understood was the penetration of web-based sales combined with the human touch,” Dr. Eswaran explained.

When Dr. Eswaran first began, nothing was easy. “I had no connections, no funding and Asia was undergoing a terrible economic crisis. No one believed I could succeed,” Dr. Eswaran explains. “What I had was the conviction my life was not meant to be thrown away earning money for someone else.”

Dr. Eswaran found like-minded partners and enjoyed his wife’s unyielding support. Together, they faced failures and setbacks, but Dr. Eswaran sees that as a positive: “The day I don’t face problems, it means the business isn’t growing.”

Dr. Eswaran’s entrepreneurial path began by having to overcome what he calls ‘perception challenges.’ Despite owning one of the Top 40 groups in the industry, Dr. Eswaran finds many people don’t understand the business.

“To me, successes are interwoven with challenges. I deal with challenges by embracing them,” Dr. Eswaran said.

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