Desiree Perez is Resurrecting Tidal

Tidal, which is the company owned by Jay-Z is making huge strides regarding music streaming. With the Kanye West’s album The Life of Pablo, the company is achieving success. The album is available on Tidal, and music lovers can access it. It is the album that contributed in pushing the Tidal app to the highest level of sales on the iTunes store. In just a few days, there were millions of users signing up as trial members. Jay-Z and other co-owners made the best decisions to seek the services of Desiree Perez who is also making Tidal famous. Check this on


The app is co-owned by others stars such as Kanye West, Beyonce, T.I and Rihanna. Since there are other big names in the industry such as Apple and Spotify, such artists make the company achieve competitive advantage over the Giants. It is because of willing customers who want to sign up to listen to the music of such big names in the entertainment scene. Also, the decision of Jay-Z to work with Desiree is making the app attractive and more people are signing in as users.  Source:


Desiree Perez is an experienced businessman and having run her own business. She knows what it takes to make enterprises to the top in the market. She has also run Jay-Z’s company SC Enterprises, and they also work with her husband Juan Perez to run Roc Nation Sports which is Jay-Z’s sports agency. Many people know the woman as a tough negotiator with experience in the music world as well as football. She has had success in negotiating the Formation tour for Beyoncé. She is also the one who helped Rihanna when she was sealing a deal with Samsung. Meanwhile, she is helped Jay-Z in the management of the 40/40 Club in Manhattan.

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Perez with other members of the Hova Circle runs Jay-Z’s entertainment company Roc Nation. They are also the people behind the success of Tidal in offering music streaming services. With Perez Tidal together with Jay-Z will go far. Jay-Z himself has been successful in the music industry, and with the right person, they will push Tidal.


Jay-Z bought Tidal from Aspiro which is a Swedish tech company. After buying it, they launched it as a new corporation for hip hop startup. Its aim is to offer streaming service with young stars, and young hip hop fans. It pays artists their royalties and the pay is higher than Spotify.

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