David McDonald: Contributions to the Growth of the OSI Group

David McDonald is the current chief executive officer of the OSI Group, the largest protein and met manufacturing firm on the planet. David McDonald is taking care of the global operations of the company, and one of his significant contributions to the OSI Group is the establishment of local satellite offices that would oversee their overseas operations. For David McDonald, a lot of factors must be considered first before they venture into operating overseas, and through his effort, the company managed to address all problems that they might face if they will be establishing a facility outside the United States.

Through the years, the number of overseas facilities owned by the OSI Group experienced rapid increase. Today, the company owns more than 50 facilities, found in 17 different countries. Their first foreign operations took place in China, where they built a facility that would process their products. After the success of their Chinese plant, they decided to create more across Asia, Europe, and South America. Today, these satellite offices owned by the OSI Group are considered as their bread basket, as it generates billions of dollars for their income. David McDonald would occasionally visit these satellite offices, making sure that they are doing everything that they can to help the company earn more profit.

One of the newest facilities under the OSI Group was a meat processing plant in Toledo, Spain. David McDonald visited the site to promote it, and he was also presented with the latest technology found in their meat manufacturing plant. The new plant is seen to be the answer to the growing demand of the Spanish and the Portuguese people for chicken meat. The Toledo Plant is said to be the most advanced facility overseas owned by the OSI Group, and the whole process was demonstrated to David McDonald when he visited Spain once. He witnessed how fast the action would take place once the meat has been brought to the facility.

Aside from visiting facilities owned by the OSI Group worldwide, David McDonald is also responsible for ensuring that all of the workers in the company are given the right benefits. He also spearheaded the acquisition of smaller firms specializing in the food business industry. Baho Foods, a Dutch meat processing company, was acquired by the OSI Group recently, and David McDonald stated that it is a strategy from the OSI Group to limit the number of competitors in the market.

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