William Saito: Businessman Serving the Cabinet of Japan

William Saito is an American entrepreneur who is most well known as the founder of the I/O Software. He currently works as an investor and a venture capitalist, and he is also helping out small businesses to take traction after they have been established. He gave witness to the rise of Japan’s tech revival, and William Saito tried to take lessons as to how the tech revival in Japan helped local businesses succeed. His primary objective ever since he graduated from his Alma matter is to improve the business people with their plans on expanding their businesses. His name rings a bell in the startup community because he has already extended assistance to those who have just founded their companies. William Saito believes that the younger population has a more active brain, and as a result, more idea comes to life. For him, helping these people is a great investment.


William Saito graduated from the University of California, and he used his talents and skills to create a software program that would allow the entrepreneurs to see their plans come to life. Throughout his career in the field of programming, he has already helped 25 businesses. For him, it is important that the business would always look to a positive vibe. If a business is always releasing negative energy, William Saito believes that the business would fail. He used this mantra to establish another firm, called the I/O Software that was launched in 1991. He became one of the most iconic figures in Japan after he served Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.


William Saito has a lot of experiences dealing with many issues surrounding the world of business and the society. He does not believe in failure, and he would always believe that failure would only lead him to go bankrupt. What he keeps inside his brain is that he should be willing to help other people who are having issues with their social or personal life. Today, William Saito is an active trader, and he would occasionally give out tips and tricks on how an individual could start training at the stock market to earn more money, and he stated that he is satisfied with how his work operates today.