Dr. Imran Hague and the Fabulous Job He Is Doing In His Career

Dr. Imran Hague is the Managing Director of the Horizon Internal Medicine. He has two main offices which are the Asheboro hospital and Ramseur hospital where both in northern Carolina. He specializes and offers internal medical care to the residents of Asheboro, Ramseur, and the surrounding areas. Through his experience of over 15 years, Dr. Imran Haque has earned a lot of respect from his internal medical clients. Apart from internal medical care, Dr. Imran Haque offers a multiple of other health services. Some of what he offers includes weight management, physical exam, Venus body contouring, 360 resurfacing, and diabetes management.


Dr. Imran Hague accepts and works with several insurance companies in his hospitals. This makes it easy for his patients to make payments for their treatment. Some of the insurances accepted in his hospitals include Aetna HMO, BCBS Blue Card PPO, and BCBS California Power Select HMO among others. Dr. Haque is affiliated with two main hospitals apart from his own. These are Kindred Hospital-Greensboro and Randolph hospital.


Dr. Imran Hague studied medicine in the University of Santo Domingo in 1998. He specialized in internal medicine. He has now practiced medicine for 15 years. He has a license to practice internal medicine in North Carolina and has done so for some years. Dr. Haque has treated several serious conditions including abdominal virginal bleeding, and abdominal hernia. As a result of his dedication to his work, he is an award winner. He won the CMC stage 1 HER award in the year 2013.


Most of the patients that have been attended by Dr. Imran Haque speak highly of him. Some say that they always look forward to their appointment with him because they always feel at home in his hospital. Others describe him as that one doctor who is very caring and who wants to listen to all. They say he takes the time to listen to his clients to understand them. Others say that they cannot hesitate to recommend Dr. Imran Haque to their relatives because they are confident of his work. Many of what the patients have to say can be found on his official page on the internet.


The Midas touch of Bruce Bent II

Bruce Bent II is without a doubt one of the leading financial investors and experienced entrepreneurs in today’s financial market industry. He has been accredited with initiating and catalyzing some of the best innovative short-term skill management, cash and all money related solutions, and qualified plan as well as retail and broker-to-dealer markets. He currently holds office of both the President and Vice Chairman of Double Rock Corporation, a company at the epitome of financial technology. He is also the senior executive to the company’s wholly owned subsidiaries as well as affiliate companies, including Island Intellectuals Property LLC, LID Capital LLC, Intra-sweep LLC, and Landing Rock Group LLC.

Mr. Bent has proven his leadership and managerial skills as a Manager and C.E.O. He is attributed to the remarkable growth of The Reserve. The Reserve was a FDIC cash management and money market mutual fund business, which he successfully run for close to two decades. Following the 2008 financial crisis, he was tasked with liquidating and selling a part of the company’s affiliates and firm subsidiaries.

Renowned publications such as the New York Times, the Financial Times, and the Wall Street Journal among others have many times quoted him on financial matters. Recently, he penned an article in the World Journal and China Press. He has also been featured in books like the Leadership Secrets of the World’s Most Successful C.E.O.s and The Corporate Insider’s Guide to United States Patent Practice, where he is referred to as a patent subject matter expert.

Mr. Bent has held various positions at different organizations throughout his career, including the Young Presidents’ Association which he is a member. He is also the previous Gotham Chapter (Manhattan) Finance Chairman. He was a member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization based in New York. He was also on the President’s Advisory Council of Scenic Hudson amongst other positions.

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Mexican Government Relaxes its Law on Foreign Investments with Talos Energy Seizing the Opportunity.

Mexican law has always been tough on foreign investors making it difficult for them to begin or expand their operations in the country. This has been so in the last 80 years and has affected mostly the oil exploration industry. However, this has changed as the government has relaxed its stand on foreign companies. This is a move that has seen a foreign company start drilling oil in Mexican water for the first time since the early 1930s. The firm that has been allowed to carry out this activity is a joint venture consisting of Sierra Oil $ Gas from Mexico, Talos Energy from Houston and Premier Oil from London.

One thing to note is that Mexico decided to nationalize its oil in the year 1938 and has been controlled by Petroleos Mexicanos since then. This new well is located in Sureste Basin and is called Zama-1 well. According to previous explorations, the well is estimated to have a capacity of 100 million barrels to 500 million barrels of oil. At the same time, during a joint statement between these three companies, they also revealed that the mission will cost $16 billion and is estimated to take around three months to complete. However, to win this tender, the three companies applied through a bid in the year 2015 and was conducted by the Mexican government. The aim of this move is to help the ailing Mexican oil industry.

However, experts revealed that since this is the first move of its kind, it will be watched by other parties in the industry. This is according to a report revealed by a research company from London known as Edison Investment Research. In this deal, Talos industry will own 35 percent of the stake while Sierra will own 40 percent of the stake and Premier, on the other hand, will own 25 percent of the deal. Talos Energy was established in the year 2012 and specializes in gas and oil. The company has worked hand in hand with key players in the market such as Phoenix Exploration and Gryphon Exploration. The company is committed to keeping a safe and clean environment.

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Honey Birdette Taking the Lingerie Business by Storm

In 2006, Honey Birdette became Australia’s go-to boutique for high-end lingerie, intimates, and erotic toys. Entrepreneur Eloise Monaghan and her team of dedicated saleswomen (or, as the website refers to them, “Honeys”) provide a sleek, luxurious adult shopping experience that strives to imbue the sensuality and playfulness that other adult retailers lack.

Monaghan, frustrated by the lack of sophistication on the erotic market, designed a small chain of boutiques that all Brisbane locals soon knew by sight. Honey Birdette boutiques have signature glossy black doors and guests can sip on champagne as they shop. In addition to lingerie and high-end sex toys, Honey Birdette offers candles, massage oils, and even an S&M collection complete with cuffs, collars, and harnesses. Ranging from fine lace to tough leather, Honey Birdette bras and panties are some of the most trending lingerie items on the market.

As of 2017, Honey Birdette is expanding exponentially. According to The Industry’s London website, Honey Birdette is one of the fastest-growing adult boutiques in the world. In the UK alone, there will be over 40 stores by 2018, a monumental rise from its current three. Their first store outside of Australia opened in 2016 in London’s Covent Garden with boutiques in Leeds’ Victoria Gate and Westfield White City following soon. Next up are locations in Westfield Stratford, Leeds, Newcastle and Liverpool.

Additionally, the boutique recently expanded its online store to the US after seeing a skyrocketing sales increase of 374% in the last year. Monaghan wanted her international shoppers to have a similar product range and fast delivery time to what is currently offered in Australia.

Honey Birdette currently has 55 locations in Australia and is seeking new opportunities for stores across Europe.

Brazil’s Fast Growing Economy and Cassio Audi’s Influence to It

Whenever Brazil is mentioned, the word soccer is what rings in most people’s mind. Being the home to notable football legends and hosting the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Brazil has come to the limelight. However, most people may not have noticed that a country that was previously known for sports is recently gaining recognition due to a steady increase in economy.

Over the past few decades, Brazil was among the few Latin Americas experiencing horrifying challenges. As a result, the country’s economy continued to lay stagnant. On the other hand, the markets remained weak. Previously, Brazil recorded growth rates of as low as 7.5%. Institutions such as the Banco Central do Brasil who hiked their interest rates up to 11% were among those organizations that created harsh economic environment which scared away new investors.

However, recently investors around the world are rushing to secure a piece of share in the much promising fortune. Brazil is blessed with many necessary resources hence creating greater opportunities for investment managers. Also, the large population of Brazil creates a perfect market for any investor. Cassio Audi being among the key drivers of Brazil’s economy and remains a notable figure for his exceptional contributions.

About Cassio Audi
In Brazil, Cassio Audi is a highly respected individual for his courage to take Brazil’s economy to a higher level. Cassio boasts of holding a 23-years’ experience in the investment game. During his career, Cassio has served with almost all forms of institutions, from startups to multinational firms. Serving different positions significantly contributes to the successful investor he is today.

Many who have had the chance of working closely with Cassio Audi term him as a ‘Change management champion’ a title that he continues to embrace through his ability to drive investments to higher heights. Cassio’s career began in 1992 when he joined J P Morgan Chase where he worked as a trader. In 1997, Cassio joined DOW Chemical as a senior financial analyst. Later, Cassio joined Gillette before moving to Brookfield Brasil Real Estate Partners as the CFO. After several years of service, Cassio joined Rossi as the firm’s CFO. Today, Cassio works as a managing director of GVMI Real Estate, a private company partnering with international investors. Over his career, Cassio Audi has remained truthful to his goal which is delivering more than what is expected out of him while improving the economy of his home country.

A Brief Look At Brazilian Investment Manager Cassio Audi What Is The Current Domestic Investment Climate In Brazil

Brazil’s current domestic environment is not all that great. The real, which is the Brazilian currency has dropped by more than a quarter of its value when pinned against the dollar. Government corruption scandals and an economic recession have also hit the country’s equity and capital markets. Inflation is also increasing at above central bank target rates.

Despite all of this gloominess there is some positives for domestic investment in Brazil. While equity and capital markets may be devastated, high interest rates on products such as agribusiness and real estate credit bills are now an attractive investment. Tax exempt bonds are another investment that is seeing a resurgence. Such products typically had low interest rates but now offer a return of up to 5%.

Commodities have dropped in price in Brazil and are not seeing much investment. A weak real, an economic recession and corruption at major corporations may mean that credit bills and tax exempt bonds may now be the most popular form of investment for both professional and private investors.

Background On Brazilian Financial Investment Manager, Cassio Audi

Cassio Audi’s educational background includes a bachelor degree in business and finance from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo. He attended this university from 1989 until his graduation in 1994. Mr. Audi also holds a masters of business degree from the University of São Paulo, Brazil. He completed his MBA during the period of 1999-2000. Cassio Audi is fluent in Portuguese, English and has a working proficiency in the Spanish language as well. This makes him trilingual and allows him to easily communicate with investors and traders from the major world financial centers.

White Shark Media: Quality assurance Marketing Solutions you can Trust

White Shark Media is a progressive Digital Marketing agency dedicated to providing online marketing solutions (PPC, SEO, and web services) for small and medium-sized businesses. Their reputation of affordable search marketing campaigns and superior customer service have significantly contributed to their tremendous growth over the last five years. With the use of their proprietary online marketing tactics and tools, White Shark Media has assisted thousands of companies with marketing strategies.


White Shark Media, founded in 2011 by three Danish entrepreneurs’ with substantial experience in marketing. Their intention was to provide an exceptional product combined with outstanding customer service. Within a few years, White Shark Media was a leader in the growing SMB market in the U.S. and Latin America. Today, they employ over 150 people in three countries. These employees are mastering the techniques of AdWords search, display advertising, Bing Ads and Google Analytics.


White Shark Media was hand -picked by Google to be a Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner. This program supports small and medium-sized businesses that do not have the time or the resources to manage their advertising campaigns. White Shark Media operates the businesses marketing campaigns, so the owners can focus on running their business. White Shark Media is an excellent partner by over-delivering on all their services through honesty, loyalty, and transparency. These are the core values that White Shark Media is built on, creating an environment that allows their clients to grow as professionals.

In an area where new technologies and innovations are being “rolled out” every month, White Shark Media has an open mind for new ideas and strives to be proactive. These actions are why thousands of small business put their trust in White Shark Media. These companies have seen results of consistent growth and increased customer sales due to improved websites that generate leads in a timely, accurate and efficient manner.


White Shark Media is committed to their client’s continued success. With their innovative, affordable, flat-fee transparent marketing solutions, White Shark Media is on the right track for continued growth and success in the Digital marketing landscape. It will take dedication, experience, and creativity to keep moving forward, but White Shark Media is up for the challenge!

Why Is Seattle Genetics Doing Well On Sales?

Seattle Genetics is well on sales for three very good reasons. The first is their leader Clay Siegall who is a geneticist who has been working on their antibody based drugs for a long time. He is also a great marketer of his product because he had to get it to as many people as possible. That meant that he has to be a salesman, and it has worked for him really well. His company is also getting results for patients who have cancer. They are selling to doctors who know that their products work, and that means that they are saving people who would have been in trouble otherwise.

Seattle Genetics (SGEN) Clay B. Siegall on Q2 2016 Results – Earnings Call Transcript

The best part of the equation for Seattle Genetics is that they are helping people who have common types of cancer that have not been treated as well in the past. They are looking at lymphoma and other kinds of cancer trying to treat them, and then they can do other kinds of drugs if they want.

A company that is selling nearly $100 million a year in medication usually has a lot of different drugs, but Seattle Genetics is targeting the market with just two. That means that the people who are looking for a new kind of drug should at least think of trying Seattle Genetics. This makes it a lot easier for everyone to get better, and it gives them hope.

There are meeting notes online that people can read showing how well the people using the drugs are doing, and it shows that their company is reaching out to more doctors every day. They could sell over $100 million in the next year, and they will have a chance to help more people. They are still in trials, but they are making the best go of it that they can.