The Influence of Perry Mandera and his Career

With more than three decades of experience, Perry Mandera has made a name for himself by giving back to others. Founder of The Custom Companies, Inc, Mandera has become respected as an expert in the transportation industry (Releasefact). Along with this transportation industry, Mandera has a successful charitable organization. He has made a major impact on the Chicago community and to people all across the nation.

Perry Mandera’s business model has had tremendous success. His companies include a large variety of entrepreneurs some who have been the leads of major companies. His business has hundreds of employees and has managed to produce more than $200 million worth of sales. The company spans across the country with offices in Illinois and California.

Perry Mandera’s success is in large part the result of his philosophy. He has a high value for his role as a CEO and takes the job very seriously. Mandera believes the customer should come first and is committed to meeting their needs. His clients don’t have to work with other companies. Mandera has built an incredible reputation. He prides himself on having reasonable prices and outstanding overall service. His customers have the opportunity work with highly trained professionals. His company is open six days a week and 24 hours a day (

Mandera is focused on giving back to the community. Mandera is well known for giving large sums of money to people in the Chicago community. He supports groups that assist veterans, children and teenagers. Mandera has even donated money to cancer research. Over the years Mandera has worked with a number of charitable groups including Jesse White Tumblers and the Walter & Connie Payton Foundation. There are no limits to his giving. He once gave nearly 7,000 coats to children in the Chicago area. Perry Mandera continues to be a respected businessman in his area. His impact will be felt for some time to come.