Bob Reina: He’s Always Been Ready

Bob Reina is living proof that people can make changes in life and they can turn out even better than they expected. It all changed for Bob Reina when he started up Talk Fusion in 2007. It is quite hard to believe it has been that long, and it truly shows how fast time flies by in today’s world. One minute, there is the first iPhone, and now they have released the iPhone 10. Technology is changing all of the time, and it will never stay the same. Bob Reina saw more and more people were using their phones and phones were capable of a lot more than just text messages and phone calls. Back in the day, people only used their phones for emergencies. That has changed, without question.  Learn more:


Bob Reina really felt like he was onto something with Talk Fusion, and he wanted to be ahead of the game. He wanted to beat others to the punch because he knew he had the right leadership skills and the right people skills. He also knew it could make a drastic difference in people’s lives. It was only a matter of time. That is how most successful businesses get started: people have an idea before anyone else. He saw a market where people would be using phones and other technology to work from home.


If people had the choice to work from home or work at a regular office, they would pick working from home. There are actually fewer distractions at home because they can focus and it is quiet. There is not a coworker that is going to gossip to them or tell them their life story. They can simply focus on the task at hand, and they can really do what they want to do as opposed to what someone else is telling them to do.


They are in the driver’s seat, and they don’t plan on handing over the keys to anyone else. When they obtain this type of joy, it really pushes them to a whole new level of greatness. It’s hard to ignore that impact.