Desiree Perez’s Contribution To The Renaissance Of Tidal In 2016

In 2016, Tidal’s rapid improvement was visible in the iTunes store ratings, right after The Life of Pablo, Kanye West’s album. Since the 2nd of February 2017, Tidal has opened more than one million trial members to its database. Before the rise, Tidal was undergoing a massive fail and following resignations from its top executives. One of the recent app’s administrators includes Jeff Toig, who also worked as the chief business officer at Soundcloud. After his resignation, Tidal experienced the sudden resurrection from failure by showcasing album debuts from major artists. Sources close to Tidal’s owner, Jay-Z, disclosed the Desiree Perez orchestrated the serial album exclusives, higher ratings, and increased profitability.  See

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Jay-Z added Desiree Perez to the enterprise’s administrative team for more than just her illustrative leadership career. Desiree is a long time manager of SC Enterprise which she co-runs with her husband, OG Juan Perez. Desiree is a member of the Hova Circle and has substantial knowledge of the details of managing Jay Z’s app. She has a long history of associating with Jay-Z and principal singers such a Rihanna, Kanye West, T.I and Beyoncé. Desiree pulled strings during the planning of Beyoncé’s Formation Tour to reach an amicable negotiation solution. She uses her husband’s influence to sharpen her skills in managing artists and dealings in the music industry. Desiree has worked with Jay-Z for years and helped him transition into the music industry, as she is helping him transition into music commercialization. Jay-Z began gained music interest at a young age after overcoming the hardships of growing up with gang violence, poverty, and drugs. In 1989, he teamed up with Jaz-O to receive mentorship and inspiration. More recently, he proved his business skills in music by promoting the album, Watch the Throne. Jay-Z is determined to rival Spotify and Apple music with the trusted services of Desiree Perez.  Source:


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