Securus Technologies Exposes Integrity Breaches in Telecom Industry

Securus Technologies has recently exposed an integrity breach in the telecommunications industry by a company known as GTL. The company has found out that GTL has taken advantage of manipulating rates of phone use in correctional facilities in Louisiana. Due to this price manipulation, Securus is looking to make sure that these breaches never occur again and is therefore looking to inform the public about unethical conduct by rival company GTL. Along with informing the public about this integrity breach, Securus Technologies will investigate the situation themselves and look for ways to help restore ethical practices for GTL in the telecommunications industry.

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Recently, Securus has exposed wrongdoing by GTL in terms of phone use rate manipulation. One of the first things that Securus Technologies found out was that the company Global Tell Link programmed clocks on phones at correctional facilities which would at an additional 36 seconds per call. As a result this led to the company increasing its revenues in an unauthorized manner. Due to this being unlawful and unauthorized, Securus is looking to find a way to end this practice immediately. Another discovery in terms of unethical conduct by Global Tel Link is that they would charge rates higher than allowed in order to boost revenue. The company artificially inflated its charges and therefore took advantage of facilities phone use. Global Tel Link has also charged the same call multiple times as well.

Due to these practices being both illegal and unethical, Securus Technologies has been willing to assist the Louisiana Department of Corrections in putting an end to this conduct. Therefore Securus has decided to provide a comprehensive report on the unethical conduct by Global Tel Link and try to convince the company to stop manipulating phone charges in the various correctional facilities in the state of Louisiana.

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