Nick Vertucci: Using Real Estate To Go From Rags To Riches

Nick Vertucci has used real estate to become very rich. He is now using his NV Real Estate Academy to help others enjoy the same economic opportunities he has. Vertucci had begun to struggle financial when the bubble burst and his computer company went out of business. After barely getting for about 18 months, he was worried about how he would take care of his wife and children. Then a friend took him to a real estate presentation that changed his life. When the three-day program was over, Nick Vertucci had a clear vision of how he would make the money he needed to become financially secure.

Using the information he learned at the real estate conference, Nick Vertucci began buying distressed properties, fixing them up and either selling them or renting them out. Over the next 10 years he not a tremendous amount of research about real estate and used what he learned to create his Fortunes in Flipping system. The system is so simple, anyone can use it to generate significant income. Vertucci never forgot how learning to work with real estate changed his life. He promised himself he would do the same thing for as many people as possible. That’s what motivated him to start the NV Real Estate Academy.

Today, countless people from coast to coast and from all walks of life have attended the NV Real Estate Academy and gone on to become financially secure. With the training, information and strategies the academy teaches, it is simple and easy to generate tens of thousands of dollars a month. Vertucci has also created a support system students can access if they need help. It is all part of Vertucci’s goal to give people the freedom to generate as much money as they need to ensure their families are taken care of and they can have an excellent quality of life.

Every day new people of all ages are enrolling at the NV Real Estate Academy and learning the skills that enable them to create their own rags-to-riches story and live the American Dream. Nick Vertucci is living proof that everyday people can become rich using real estate. Nick Vertucci did not come from a wealthy family, have a college education or any special training. He simply followed the principles taught in the Fortunes In Flipping program and the NV Real Estate Academy and became wealthy.

Dr. Mark McKenna, a Medical Doctor in Surgery and Medicine

Dr. Mark McKenna lives in Atlanta, United States. He is the founder of ShapeMed (Shape Medical Wellness Center located in Atlanta GA. Dr. Mark McKenna is a licensed medical practitioner by the Louisiana and Georgia State Board of Medical Examiners. He holds a degree in medicine and surgery from the University of Tulane, School of medicine. Dr. Mark McKenna is a dedicated practitioner as well as being an aggressive entrepreneur. He is one person who is dedicated very much to helping the community in the provision of medical services. One of the areas of health care that Dr. McKenna is involved in is in helping patients who have weight loss problems. He has a comprehensive solution to weight loss challenges. He is also good in Non-Surgical Aesthetic procedures. After completing his medical studies at the Tulane University, McKenna stayed in New Orleans and assist his father in his medical practice. He also took his time to establish a real estate venture capital firm. Dr. McKenna is known to very knowledgeable in his areas of practice. It is for that reason that he was able to start and run ShapeMed.

Shape Medical Wellness Center is the biggest non-surgical aesthetics and weight loss solutions, provider. The firm has highly trained specialists in the areas of dentistry and nutrition. Dr.McKenna helps his patients with affordable, convenient, and sustainable wellness and weight loss solutions. The approach in addressing every individual is unique. Every medical solution is tailor made according to ones’ health status.

Apart from investment in the medical services, McKenna also took time to invest in the real estate sector. He owned a venture firm that was engaged in developing real estate establishments all over New Orleans. He was able to grow the firm to become a leading company in the state. In addition to real estate development, he was also offering mortgage services to the people as well as real estate closing services. He was also able to raise the workforce of the firm to more than 50 employees. In 2017, he established the OVME, another medical firm aimed at providing elective healthcare to the people.

Todd Lubar: Corporate Generosity

There are a lot of people who enter the corporate world with great intentions. After working some years in the business, they may lose sight of their original intentions. By the end, all they’re focused on is making money and bettering their own lives. If they have a near-death experience, there’s a chance they’ll start giving to charity.

For people like Todd Lubar, it’s possible to make a lot of money and make the world a better place. At least, that’s what Todd Lubar believed in 1995. He joined the workforce as a loan originator for Crestar Mortgage Corporation. Over the next few years, he learned everything he could about conservative mortgage banking.

His experience at Crestar proved most enlightening. But after only four years with the company, he decided to take a more capable position at another company. In 1999, he took an equity position at Legacy Financial Group.

He could broker loans with outside investors and operate as a direct mortgage bank. The three years he spent with the company was all he needed to take his final step toward entrepreneurial independence. In 2002, he founded Legendary Properties. For more details visit Crunchbase to know more.

Legendary Properties began as a small residential development business. Over the next few years, the company bought, fixed up, and sold over 200 properties; everything from single family homes to multi-family buildings. He later used his great reputation to establish multimillion-dollar lines of credit with some of the most notable banking institutions in the area.

After Legendary Properties, Todd Lubar explored other industries. He’s had success in every venture he’s pursued. Despite his love of adventurous business, his greatest talent is mortgage banking. It was only a matter of time before he returned to finance. He did so in the form of TDL Global Ventures.

If he had to choose between finance and helping people, it would be a toss-up. Luckily, he doesn’t have to choose. In his brilliance, he found a way to enjoy both his passions. Recently, his focus on TDL Ventures inspired him to create RELIEF.

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Why JHSF is a Torchbearer in Brazil’s Real Estate Industry

JHSF is one of the most prominent and successful high-end real estate developers in Brazil. The company mainly deals in residential and commercial properties. Nonetheless, it recently ventured into shopping mall management, acquisitions, and the management of executive and international airports. Since its establishment in 1972, JHSF has established an enviable reputation for itself by offering its clients cutting-edge services and products that exceed their expectations.

JHSF has attained immeasurable success in the competitive property market due to the attention-to-detail that is employed in all its business deals. The firm similarly employs professionals in various fields, who are able to identify business opportunities besides providing sustainable solutions. The company’s activities are mainly consolidated in the metropolises of Salvador, Manors, and Sao Paolo. To diversify its interests, JHSF operated under four main units, which handle different projects. These are hotels and restaurants, incorporations, executive airports, and incorporations.

Besides its investments in the three cities, JHSF recently made inroads to the US and Uruguay where it has made notable investments in the real estate and hospitality markets. In Brazil, the company’s flagship projects include Iguatemi Shopping Mall in Sao Paolo, Shopping Metro Santa Cruz, the Fasano Hotels and Restaurants, General Motors Racetrack, and Shopping Ponta Negra. To offer support services to its projects, JHSF similarly operates Sustainable Telecom and Sustainable Energy. These subsidiaries offer affordable telecoms and energy solutions to the group’s projects.

About CEO José AuriemoNeto

Mr. Neto is the current CEO and Executive Chairman of JHSF Group. Under his leadership, the conglomerate has undertaken impressive projects, something that has enabled it to gain a stranglehold on Brazil’s real estate sector. Being a proactive corporate executive, Neto is directly involved in all of the group’s development projects. He personally supervises the firm’s construction projects.

Mr. Neto has been JHSF’s head honcho for 14 years. Nonetheless, he has served the company in different capacities for 24 years. In the past, he served as the Chief Executive Officer if JHSF Partcipacoes, a subsidiary of the conglomerate. Mr. Neto is an alumnus of Fundação Armando ÁlvaresPenteado where he graduated with a degree in engineering. When free, he enjoys spending time with his family.

Samuel Strauch

Samuel Strauch achieved his undergraduate degree from Hofstra University in New York, where he studied business degree. He went on to Harvard University to continue his studies. He then began a career in banking, but ended up getting into real estate in South Florida. Around 2002, he began his own business and he went on to incorporate all aspects of his talents in studies to become a leader in Florida and Latin America as well.

When he arrived in Miami he felt that a new wave of real estate had begun. He also noticed that the city was becoming a major player in the world economy. His awareness that creating a team of investors could lead to enormous wealth for all of the investors. This is a talent that people must be born with before they are able to think in that way. Samuel Strauch thinks exactly like that.

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Samuel Strauch brings his ideas to life from the sheer creativity that is spawn from this way of thinking, and creates wealth for those that have sought his advice. It goes without saying that bringing those ideas to life is a skill that Samuel Strauch possesses as well.

Stauch advises people to practice meditation in order to be able to access that level of creativity. It’s one thing to have the ability to do something. It is quite another to access it successfully.

Samuel Strauch goes on to say in one of his many interviews that failure is going to happen from time to time. The ability to learn from that failure and progress to a higher level of success in any given field is part of the process. All big names in business practice this. No matter what you take away from the inspiration of Samuel Strauch, his success is obvious.


JASON HALPERN: A Real Estate Entrepreneur

Jason Halpern is a very successful real estate developer who is making waves in this lucrative field. This entrepreneur is a guru in the real estate business and his Midas touch has been felt in various developments.

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

JMH Development

Jason Halpern took control of JMH Development on June 1st, 2010. The 41-year-old has continued to break barriers by ensuring that his family business continues to soar. Currently, JMH Development has a $500 million investment in New York state projects.

Jason Halpern with his Mates

In addition to creating distinct luxury properties, the company is renowned for developing outstanding housing and business establishments. In fact, the company carried out a vast reconstruction of 184 Kent warehouse in Brooklyn int0 luxury apartments.

The structure was built in 1913, and it used to be occupied by the largest grocer in America.The building is a high rental building and it’s the most sought after in the area.It has exquisite amenities which include a state o 34 of the art gym and landscaped courtyard.

Jason Halpern with Model

The company also deals with designing, construction, branding and marketing property. These services are carried out by an experienced, knowledgeable, friendly staff that has the highest integrity.

JMH Developments luxury projects

Other projects that Jason Halpern has spearheaded at JMH Development include the renovation of The Cobble Hill Townhouses in Brooklyn to luxury apartments.The company has other high-end developments in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Miami Beach. JMH Development also prides itself as a real estate developer that not only renovates but also preserves historic property.

Jason Halpern: with Crunchbase Production

In 2014 Jason Halpern was in charge of renovating the historic Motel Ankara South Beach to Aloft South Beach. This is a bigger hotel with larger rooms, strategically situated near several amenities which include Art galleries, Bass Museum of Art and many other nightclubs, restaurants, and boutiques.This Aloft Hotel is part of 100 others, the chain of hotels can be found all over the world in 14 countries. These luxury hotels are part of Starwood properties.

Parametric dining LLC:

Jason Halpern is the Director of Parametric Dining LLC.This company was started in 2012 and it builds software and interfaces for restaurants.The mobile technology company built the SuiteMate software, which allows customers to order food and drinks in real time. This software also enables the restaurants to deliver the food and makes the payment convenient. In addition to this, it provides the food outlets with accurate statistics.

Jason Halpern wigh His Wife

Parametric Dining LLC also developed the CheckMate Mobile App.This app gives you the power of a restaurant on your phone. It allows you to connect to the SuiteMate website, it lets you swipe your card securely and even email receipts, it offers you your bill and even digital checklists, you can even manage your tools and dashboards from the comfort of your phone and order for merchandise, food and beverage from your phone.