Rocketship Education Bridges the Gap in Modern Education

Rocketship Education is a revolutionary method of helping students bridge the gap in modern learning. In the traditional classroom model used in most schools today, a few students are ahead in the class, many fall behind and most of them are somewhere in the middle.

The actual education that these students receive is mediocre at best, as most of them can find no practical use in what they have actually learned in school. Grouping students in general classroom schedules just don’t serve the needs of the students. It only serves the needs of the school in scheduling.

Rocketship Education is a non-profit charter public school system that is primarily found in lower-income neighborhoods where excellent schools do not exist. Rocketship stresses a partnership between teachers, students, parents and the community at large. The ultimate goal is student learning and the more all of the participants are involved then the students benefit.

Rocketship uses a concept called “Blended Learning” which takes place with a beautiful efficiency because students embrace it and thrive. It is geared to help each student learn individually at their own pace. Students have different learning styles and the blended learning enhances individual pace in learning.

The traditional classroom setting is utilized for broader concepts where the broad brush of learning is set before the students. Then digital learning is used to learn rote items such as math, English terms, history facts, and other things such as definitions, places for geography and the like. Individual tutoring sessions then take apart all of the learning and address what the individual student needs to do to master the material. Tools are given to the students to help gain understanding from a practical standpoint.

Learning and knowledge are useless unless it can be put to some practical use. That is what Rocketship learning is all about as evidenced by the test scores that Rocketship students display upon graduation. On average, Rocketship students are from one to two years ahead of public school students upon graduation in their respective areas.

Rocketship Education has enjoyed remarkable results and the results tell the tale. Children are anxious to learn, they just have to be given the chance on their own terms.