Graham Edwards: The brains behind Telereal

Graham Edwards is a name you may have heard of, given he is the CEO of the largest privately owned real estate company in the UK called “Telereal Trillium.” Graham Edwards has had a vital impact on the handling of Telereal in what begins in 2001 with the joint venture between Trillium and Pears. He was said to have initiated the deal between the two companies and was named CEO as a result (

It was a clear sign of notable growth when Telereal made an investment of £750 million in real estate from the Royal Bank of Scotland. With the deal taking place in 2007, Graham continued to look for a way to expand the company, and in 2009 seems to have found it when the formation of “Telereal Trillium” took place. The new acquisition of Trillium created an equity pool worth more than £1 billion. While it was anticipated the company was going to rush into a deal, to show strength, Graham chose to remain patient and wait for the right deal to come along. Graham Edwards seems to be a long-term thinker but quick at making things happen (Glassdoor). It’s no wonder his company has grown to encompass 8,000 properties in the UK. The estimated portfolio value is upwards of £6 billion now.

Graham Edwards may have a steady hand in the business but that doesn’t stop him from building a giving work culture on the side. He is an avid charity donator and has increased staff participation in donation from 10% to an estimated 44% in 2016. Together, his employees have donated a little over £130,000. It’s astonishing what he has accomplished and contributed in such a limited time working with Telereal Trillium. Some might even say he was meant for this.

Graham Edwards is the man who has shaped this company into what it is now. Through his expert planning and long-term thinking, the company has grown more than anyone could have expected in only a number of years. Graham Edwards played an essential role in every major event in what is now “Telereal Trillium.”