End Citizens United Seeks to Stop the Abuses of the Masses By Big-Money-Backed Republican Candidates

End Citizens United, the political action committee formed after the Supreme Court’s decision in 2010 to allow corporations to pour unlimited amounts of money into campaign, namely those of Republicans who support the viewpoints of big money have filed a suit against the Republican candidate, Rick Scott. Rick Scott was the governor of Florida; he is now in the running for senator and so far it appears that he is undermining the rules that have already been expanded to fund his campaign.

End Citizens United discovered he had found a way to bypass the limits of who could give to his campaign. He is using a super PAC meant to be used by presidential candidates to pay his campaign bills. The New Republican PAC claims to be independent but its chairman is Rick Scott. That’s a perfect cover for the collaboration of Rick Scott and the New Republican PAC. So far it has been discovered that Rick Scott has recently raised money for the New Republican PAC and one of the ways he has done that is by hosting a dinner for donors.

The New Republican has returned the favor by sharing its quarters with Rick Scott’s campaign. It has raised money for Rick Scott’s campaign, including polling the public for him. Both parties are collaborating to raise funds with the fund raiser Jenny Rucker.

Based on his activities, Rick Scott does not believe in or desire campaign finance reform. Following his previously questionable history with finance abuses at Columbia/HCA where the company was found guilty of defrauding the government programs, Medicare and Medicaid, it’s not surprising to find him once again participating in underhanded activities.

End Citizens United is following one solution to this corruption; they believe electing more candidates determined to reform campaign finance laws is the answer. Those candidates have here-to-for been exclusively democratic. End Citizens United is taking the matter to the Supreme Court once again in an effort to amend the Constitution. It’s imperative to eliminate the 2010 decision that gave corporation the right to free speech. Thus far all this has resulted in is giving corporations free reign to pour millions of dollars into the campaigns of their Republican puppets who willing do their bidding no matter how it effects the population at large.

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George Soros And His Desire To Restart The Progressive Movement

There are many people who are hoping to restart the progressive movement after the last election, and this article explains how George Soros is becoming a part of that resurgence. He wants to the liberals in America work hard on the next election, and he hopes to pay off on promises that have been reported in Politico. There are many people who are hanging their hopes on George, and they want to see America governed in a better way because of the world he does. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

#1: Giving To New Campaigns

There are new campaigns to give to in 2018, and George believes that he must have as many partners as possible. He knows that these partners will be quite happy to work with him because they have the same goals he does, and he will help them ensure that they have the help they need to get better results overall. Someone who has questions about how to give may meet with his donor group.

#2: The Summit In DC

The summit that he held in DC was a time for all these donors to come together so that they could learn how to best approach the Trump presidency. They are working together to address every need they have, and they will find that attacking these problems from many sides will make quite a difference. They believe that it makes more sense for them to work on the things that will change their lives, and they know that midterms will alter local politics.

#3: He Is Watching The Economy

George knows that certain people will be excited about a conservative government, and he knows that certain people will jump into the market as a result. He has been careful with his money, and he hopes that others will follow his lead. He wants to show that there are many ways to invest, and he wants people to think about how a conservative government harms everyone. George Soros is a holocaust survivor who does not want to see the world go back to the way it was. He wants to serve all people who have needs, and he hopes that electing more progressive politicians will help. Read more about George’s life story at biography.com

The career of George Soros has made him one of the richest men in the world, and he knows that it is quite important for people to give to causes that will make a difference around them. He is giving to many progressive causes that he knows will make a difference, and he wants them to see a change in the way that they are living every day. He will continue to give because he believes he must be a part of the donor landscape in Washington.

End Citizens United aim at dismantling rigged political systems

End Citizens United was formed on March 1st,2015 as a Political Action Committee. Dedicated to preventing any disastrous effects of Citizens United, the organization is also a key player in transforming the campaign finance system. For example, there is a move to show elected government officials, voters, press and the candidates that the grassroots are repelling with an immense force against the rising cases of the rich trying to compromise the election results in their favor.


With a mission to fight against Big Money working in politics, End Citizens aim at dismantling rigged political systems. Campaign finance reform champions elected as well as passing strict measures on the state ballot. The Champions’ basic role is to bring to an end the unrestricted money menace in politics and stopping the dark money.


The principal source of funds comes from donors in the grassroots whose support has always been consistent and reliable. The group collected an amount totaling to more than $4 million during the first three months of 2017. A projected estimate of more than $35 million would have been raised by 2018 during the midterm elections for Congress. That could be a major increase from $25 million during the PAC’s first election cycle operation in 2016 election.


Close to 100,000 individuals made their contributions to PAC at the first three months of 2017. The president and executive director of PAC, Tiffany Muller, noted that among those who contributed, 40,000 were making contributions for the first time. The donors felt as if the system in favor of a candidate that is not their choice, where those who can raise an enormous amount of money takes the day.


The fight seems not to end soon as momentum keeps increasing. Democrats were not satisfied with President Trump’s win and were prepared to oppose his moves. For instance, they have been against Trump’s agendas and his nominees in government such as his pick for Supreme Court Judge Neil Gorsuch.


Lately, political action committee played a significant role in urging donors to contribute $500,000 to the campaign of Democrat Jon Ostroff who was a political candidate in Georgia for his first time. In his 30s, Ossoff made a surprise move in the political arena by raising more than $4million. It was during a special election to fill up a Republican House seat in suburban Atlanta that had been left by Tom Price, Health and Human Services Secretary.


End Citizens United functions as a conventional PAC. In spite of the fact that they do not accept donations more than $5,000 from individual persons, in 2016, its fundraising raised the group to the top ranks of Democratic-affiliate factions of elections spending than in the previous year.

End Citizens United Collects $4 Million In The First Quarter Of 2017

End Citizens United receives its funding from the grassroots. The Political Action Committee (PAC) is committed to contest Citizens United’s disastrous effects as well as reform the campaign finance system. End Citizens United was founded in March 2015. Its mission is to counter big money in politics and reform the rigged political system. End Citizens United aims to achieve this objective by passing state ballot measures and supporting the election of pro campaign finance reform candidates. The agency seeks to enable champions of such reforms to get into a position where they can actively work towards ending dark money, unlimited money in politics, and Citizens United’s political influence. End Citizens United demonstrates to candidates, the press, voters and elected officials that the grassroots are challenging the increasing influence of the wealthy individuals in elections. The organization is working towards establishing a broad coalition that will assist in accomplishing this mission.

In 2010, the Supreme Court made a decision in Citizens United vs F.E.C. The outcome of this ruling changed the American elections. It also established a legal basis of the notion that firms can be identified as people. Additionally, it opened a door for unlimited and untraceable money to be spent by billionaires and special interests in the elections. Such activities have eroded accountability and transparency. This information was originally reported on End Citizens United’s Website.

End Citizens United has been raising considerable amounts of money on its own. In its efforts to get rid of big money in politics, the PAC collected more than $4 million during the first quarter of this year. The management of the agency is optimistic that they will collect $35 million before the midterm elections for Congress. This projected amount will be an increase of $ 10 million considering that in the first election cycle of 2016 they raised $25 million. During the initial three month of this year, close to 100,000 people made their contributions. Among them, 40,000 made donated their cash for the first time. The group’s leaders, including Tiffany Muller, who serves as the president and executive director, said that their objective is to elect supporters of the campaign finance reform to Congress.

Tiffany Muller posited that the average donation, which the PAC received this year had reached $12 million. According to Muller, the individuals that were contributing towards enhancing the entity’s objectives are certain that the election system is rigged. To them, those that can draw the biggest checks have a higher say in matters of election. By supporting End Citizens United, these people are sure that the court will reverse its decision. Democrats, most of who are furious about President Trump’s win, are adding momentum to End Citizens United’s cause. The Democrats are ready to fight back against President Trump’s agenda as well as his nominees such as Judge Neil Gorsuch. This information was originally mentioned on USA Today.

End Citizen United Making their Name a Reality

In 2010, the United States Supreme Court made a ruling that will alter the American Election for years to come. The Court established that corporations are people and thus they should be allowed to make contributions towards the election. The ruling has paved the way for the billionaires to contribute untraceable money toward the elections. The rich will be able to alter the elections to their advantage.
That means there will be no accountability and transparency amongst the politicians and the leaders of the Country. According to the End Citizen United, elections need to be democratic as that is the only ticket that the people have a better life.
End Citizen United, established in 2015, want to fight back. Their goal is to pass a constitutional amendment to reverse the Supreme Court ruling. The Court was responding to a case that was presented by Citizen United. Citizen United are conservatives, and that means that they support the Republicans. The group wanted to air a documentary about Hilary Clinton. Airing the documentary would have been a violation of the United States Constitution.
End Citizen United has established a goal of raising $25 million towards the cause. The PAC was able to raise $2 million within the first month. They had also gained 325,000 signatures from different people who support the vision.
The PAC is Democrat support, and they participated in the various campaigns. The group also helps all the other individuals who are against the Supreme Court ruling. It is ironic that End Citizen United are not supporting the Republicans. They, however, stated that they wanted to support leaders whose dreams aligned with their ambition.
The move to have the constitution amended is a long short according to the analysts. The constitution has not been amended since 1992. It is, therefore, going to take a lot of effort to have that dream achieved. The critics say that it is a pipe dream as the members of the Congress may be not inclined to change. It is not a matter of money: the group can raise $100 million and still nothing will be done.
Whether or not the Group succeeds one thing is very clear, they have significantly improved the community through education. Today, many people know about the court ruling because of End Citizen United’s efforts.
The main activists aligned to the group are from the grassroots. It is a strategy that has enabled them to reach many people.
The mission of the Group is to:
ü Elect leaders who are reformers who will overturn the ruling
ü Raise the money issue as a national threat
ü Demonstrate political power on the issues by targeting the grassroots

George Soros attacks Trump

George Soros often speaks whenever democracy is being threatened. The recent inauguration of Donald Trump left him with a lot to write about. The two have not seen eye to eye as they differ on many views. Some time back, George Soros referred to Trump as an agent of ISIS claiming that he was instilling fear in Americans. The two differ on several issues such as criminal justice reforms, immigration reforms, and religious tolerance. George Soros may be compelled by his past to stand for the oppressed. He was born in Hungary at a time when the Nazis persecuted the Jews. He only managed to survive persecution through the help of his father who provided him with fake documents on opensocietyfoundations.org. A few years later, he had the chance to attend London School of Economics and developed a passion for the theories developed by Karl Popper. This opened his eyes, and he was also keen to develop some theories of his own. He divided leaderships into two forms, the open society, and the closed society.

He refers to Donald Trump as a corn artist who is a threat to democracy. He also terms him as a would-be dictator and says he wishes he fails. George Soros criticizes Donald Trump’s behavior as well as his cabinet and advisors. He says that the cabinet that has been put in place by Trump comprises of retired generals and extremists who are incompetent. One thing that he does not doubt is whether the democracy will succeed. He says that the constitution on Biography and other institutions, as well as the fourth State, will protect the democracy. There is no way that the executive branch can be able to overpower them. He says that the would-be dictator will not transform into one.

However, he acknowledges that there is a group of people who will suffer. The Trump administration on Snopes is targeting the minority. For the internal struggles that the US will be experiencing, it will be unable to promote and protect democracy elsewhere. Soros says that Donald Trump will surround himself with dictators and they will seek refuge in the United States. The US is not the only nation that is being faced with threats to democracy, so is the European Union especially now that Vladimir Putin is in the equation. George Soros accuses Putin of controlling social media in his country and also manipulating other countries like Georgia and Ukraine.

George Soros has an estimated wealth of $30 billion and often spends it for good causes. In the past presidential election, Soros made a donation of over $30 to the Democratic Party. According to Soros’ spokesman, the billionaire felt compelled to make the donations as stakes were very high. This is not the first time that he has made the donation, he has done so in the past especially in the quest to defeat President George Bush.