Ryan Seacrest’s Secrets to His Fitness

The ENews! host Ryan Seacrest is most recognized for his seemingly tireless work as a regular doing red carpet interviews, as an American idol host, and for his hosting during the Dick Clark Rockin New Year’s Eve show. He’s recognizable for his tailored suits, carefully quipped hair, and fit lean figure. Surprisingly the workaholic and fit entertainment host was once overweight when he was a child. Over the years he shed his the excess weight by improving his diet and sticking to a regular fitness routine. How does Ryan Seacrest manage to stay on task with the various entertainment industry work he does and with a regimented fitness routine.

Ryan Seacrest is the embodiment of being a workaholic. He is also somewhat of a workout-aholic too. He does find it somewhat difficult to choose to workout, so he plans workouts like they are meetings in his schedule instead of just choosing to do them. Because he is so busy, it is necessary for him to plan workouts carefully and to make do with the time he does have. When he works on TV shows or is hosting his radio show, he sometimes will do workouts during the commercial break. He often does pushups or lifts small weights. Another way he works around his busy schedule is by keeping two gym lockers at two different locations in Los Angeles. He says this allows him to workout at the hotel gyms in whatever part of LA he happens to be in whenever he gets the free time. These workouts are usually for 45 minutes including a shower.

According to Ryan, he tends to jazz it up with various workouts when he is at the gym. He tends to favor circuits and core workouts. He will also do push ups, sit-ups, core ball workouts, and sprints on stationary bikes. Ryan Seacrest swims during the weekends when he has time.

Ryan Seacrest tries to stay to a usual diet plan. He sometimes cheats from it, but he tries hard to stick to it. For snacks he sticks to veggie juices, almonds, cashew, and the occasional peanut M&Ms.

Ryan is living evidence that each of us can pull off regular fitness routines and have impossibly busy work schedules. If he can do, you can put some workouts and a healthy diet into your own busy life. Stick with it and you will see results.

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Stream Energy: A Winning Company Model

Stream Energy is no doubt a company that’s after the heart of the community. It is evident that they have no ulterior motive. They sincerely care about the well-being of the people in the community. No company would make the sacrifices that Stream Energy has made unless they genuinely cared. For example, Hurricane Harvey was a storm that will never be forgotten. Houston Texas went from being normal to being underwater. The storm dumped close to 60 inches of rain, leaving many of the residents displaced from their homes. Many were killed, lost loved ones, and even their pets. Stream Energy used Stream Cares, which their philanthropy organization created for community is giving. They were one of the first responders to the aftermath of the hurricane. What was most fascinating about their giving is that they used money that they earned from energy sales to fund the recovery. Whether anticipated or not, giving of this magnitude is enhancing the reputation of Stream Energy. The company is becoming more attractive to prospective associates as well as to customers. Associates at Stream play a major role in the success of the company as well. They manage the customer’s client base by ensuring that they always have what they need. They also meet with new prospective customers to explain to them the services that Stream Energy offers at a discounted rate. The business model is set up so that everyone wins. Associates don’t have to come into an office and work a particular shift for a certain amount of hours. They are essentially independent contractors that own their own business. They earn commissions on every sale that they close. Associates also get to participate in sponsored events by helping serve the people in the community. Clients get to enjoy great services at a discounted rate. Adverse circumstances can happen at a moment’s notice. There is nothing that prepares one for the sudden loss of a loved one and their home. It is reassuring that Stream Energy is there to help pick up the pieces. They are indeed the very definition of philanthropy in the rarest form.


George Soros And His Desire To Restart The Progressive Movement

There are many people who are hoping to restart the progressive movement after the last election, and this article explains how George Soros is becoming a part of that resurgence. He wants to the liberals in America work hard on the next election, and he hopes to pay off on promises that have been reported in Politico. There are many people who are hanging their hopes on George, and they want to see America governed in a better way because of the world he does. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

#1: Giving To New Campaigns

There are new campaigns to give to in 2018, and George believes that he must have as many partners as possible. He knows that these partners will be quite happy to work with him because they have the same goals he does, and he will help them ensure that they have the help they need to get better results overall. Someone who has questions about how to give may meet with his donor group.

#2: The Summit In DC

The summit that he held in DC was a time for all these donors to come together so that they could learn how to best approach the Trump presidency. They are working together to address every need they have, and they will find that attacking these problems from many sides will make quite a difference. They believe that it makes more sense for them to work on the things that will change their lives, and they know that midterms will alter local politics.

#3: He Is Watching The Economy

George knows that certain people will be excited about a conservative government, and he knows that certain people will jump into the market as a result. He has been careful with his money, and he hopes that others will follow his lead. He wants to show that there are many ways to invest, and he wants people to think about how a conservative government harms everyone. George Soros is a holocaust survivor who does not want to see the world go back to the way it was. He wants to serve all people who have needs, and he hopes that electing more progressive politicians will help. Read more about George’s life story at biography.com

The career of George Soros has made him one of the richest men in the world, and he knows that it is quite important for people to give to causes that will make a difference around them. He is giving to many progressive causes that he knows will make a difference, and he wants them to see a change in the way that they are living every day. He will continue to give because he believes he must be a part of the donor landscape in Washington.

The Business Accomplishment of Jason Hope

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur among many other titles such as; he is an investor philanthropist and futurist. Furthermore, Hope is intrigued by technology. Moreover he sometimes spares his time to contribute into politics. Jason Hope resides in Scottsdale, Arizona. He attained an MBA from ASU’s W.P Carey School in the department of business as well as a bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University in Finance.

As a philanthropist, he spares his time in helping those in need by offering some of his facilities and resources. His charity work involves developing the local firms in Arizona due to his exceptional skills in business. Jason Hope contributes to organizations that have the aim of also helping people especially the elderly so that their lives can be better.

Since he has a passion for technology, he is mostly involved in opportunities that deal with development and research. This invention of technology that he takes part in includes; mobile applications, gaming software and desktop software. He contributes to this growth for the sake of improved communication. If people have a better communication more peace will develop thus better relationships.

Having a good eye for technology helps him to be able to notice new trends in the market so that he can work on them. He passes on this information to various companies and as a result more development is enhanced to create success. A business is bound to succeed if there is commitment and hard work. In a nutshell a business must initiate an exceptional idea for it to succeed.

Jason Hope has become an accomplished man because he chose to link up and work with entrepreneurs who are getting started so that he can help them accomplish their dream in business. He offers them a capital for them to carry on. He believes that technology can create a big difference in a business.

To know more visit @ www.youtube.com/watch?v=HIrKoNVbIzs

Tony Petrello – Going and Growing

A President and CEO Who Is Always Teaching and Learning – Nabors Industries Ltd.

Anthony G. Petrello’s the President, CEO and Chairman for the Board and Executive Committee of a top company known around the world – Nabors Industries Ltd. This organization’s based in Hamilton, Bermuda and is also the world’s biggest geothermal and natural-gas drilling contractor. It operates within the United States, the Far East, the Middle East and even Africa. Anthony Petrello, also called Tony by most, has a significant role within the development of this company – which was originally founded as Anglo Energy, Ltd. back in 1968.

Scholar – Top Graduate of Harvard and Yale

Anthony Petrello is also a proud graduate of both Harvard University and Yale University. He acquired a J.D. degree from Harvard Law School. From Yale University’s top ranks, he acquired a B.S. and an M.S. in Mathematics. His professional journey took root in 1979 as he joined the law firms of Baker & McKenzie. From 1986-1991, he served as Managing Partner for the firm’s New York office.Later in 1991, he joined Nabors Industries as its Chief Operating Officer. In 1992, he became the President. In 2003, he moved to Deputy Chairman and held his position until June of 2012. In 2012, he became the Chief Executive Officer or CEO. Since 2012, he has faithfully served as Chairman of the Board as well. Since February of 2011, he has also been the Director for Stewart & Stevenson, LLC.

More Endeavors to Note – He’s Done It All!

Petrello has also served as Director of MediaOnDemand.com and continues as a current Director for the Texas Children’s Hospital. Petrello’s total calculated compensation, as of fiscal year 2016, is $27,512,939. From this amount, he received $1,580,077 as a salary, $7,727,000 as a bonus, $16,863,656 as a stock option and $1,342,206 through numerous additional forms of compensation. He also oversees certain operations for Hilcorp Energy Company and is likewise respected as a top advocate for research programs that address the problems of children with multiple neurological disorders.

What you probably didn’t know about Halvorssen Thor.

According to Crunchbase, Thor Halvorssen, a 39-year-old is the founder and the current president of a humanitarian organization known as Human Rights Foundation. It is interesting to note that he speaks a fluent accent-free English with a good command despite the fact that he is a half-Norwegian, half-Venezuelan, who was born and raised in Carcas. Through a combination of fate in his upbringing, he ended up being a human rights activist and a liberal minded one at that.

His biological father was tortured after an expose about the corruption in the government of that time. That was the beginning of tragedy, which would later loom in his life. About the same period, Halvorssen’s mother was shot dead during a demonstration. As if that was not all, the man’s first cousin was captured and is being held up as a political prisoner for his radical views against the Chavista regime. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | Forbes

With time, it has become clear that Thor has a deep feeling of attachment and association to dissents, defectors and free minded people alike. To this effect, he selected Václav Havel to serve as the chairman of his organization, Human Rights Foundation, till 2011, where he was replaced by Garry Kasparov, a chess grandmaster. Garry’s extremism and radical nature did not do him any good as it led him to be sentenced to two years’ imprisonment for participating in singing an anti-Putin song.

Although there have been some claims that Thor’s action led him to be considered as part of Latin America’s dictatorship, he can only admit being a philanthropist, nothing more or less. However, there have been some other claims that he has some links with traditional conservative groups. The basis of this claims is that there were suspicions that his foundations were receiving donations from

About Halvorssen Thor.

Thor Halvorssen, a controversial philanthropist, is the founder and the current president of New York-based Human rights foundation. The 39-year old has a passion for protecting people from oppressive regimes by assisting them to fight for their rights through his humanitarian organization.

He is a dedicated and hardworking man who works tirelessly to help voices of political prisoners from different parts of the world be heard and their plight felt. His desire to see children become better people of tomorrow has made him continually work against child labor.