Kerrisdale Capital Releases Negative Report on Proteostasis Therapeutics, Inc.

Sahm Adrangi’s company, Kerrisdale Capital, released a unfavorable report on some of the recent findings of the Proteostasis Therapeutics, Inc. company. Proteostasis Therapeutics, Inc. (PTI) is a biopharmaceutical company that works to develop new drugs and test them clinically. PTI’s lead drug in development is called PTI-428. This drug is intended to treat the effects of cystic fibrosis by boosting the messenger RNA and proteins to the CFTR gene that is believed to cause these debilitating effects, effects which are eventually fatal.

In December, PTI released results from a trial that seemed to show the drug was working. The stock market responded to these findings with approximately a 100% jump in the company’s stock prices. The FDA even granted the drug a “breakthrough therapy” designation based on the report. Sahm Adrangi’s firm decided to take a closer look at the results of the trial. The trial seemed to show the effectiveness of the drug when it compared the test group and a placebo/control group. The report released by Sahm Adrangi’s firm, Kerrisdale Capital, said that the the test group didn’t exactly do unusually well, but that rather the control group under-performed. When compared to proper benchmarks, the drug actually had little to no effect. The unbalanced report issued by PTI is Phase 2 of testing. Their Phase 1 report showed much the same that Kerrisdale Capital found: no statistically-proven improvement.

Sahm Adrangi founded Kerrisdale Capital in 2009 and remains its Chief Financial Officer. In the past, his firm has exposed fraudulent findings from several Chinese medical companies. Sahm Adrangi’s reports have to lead to those companies receiving enforcement actions from the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Sahm Adrangi’s report concerning PTI said the company had “little value” and that there was a 70% – 90% downside to purchasing their stock. As seen with other companies in the past, PTI may become subject to enforcement and loss of stock value due to Kerrisdale Capital taking a second look.

What you need to know about the Market American Events

Market America Events, an organization that holds seminars, conventions, products symposiums and boot camps, aims at building products and empowering people. The organization aims at guesting opportunities that will empower people with advanced implementation techniques in their fields. Top professionals in the conventions share tips and insight of success that help the other upcoming entrepreneurs achieve success in their enterprises. Also, Market America Events offers a platform for exchanging ideas and networking amongst the corporate organizations that attend the conventions.

Besides, this organization has a wide variety of events listed on their website. In accordance to the area of interest, you can choose to attend one of the upcoming events or training and get a ticket. The events range are diverse, and therefore, analyzing the information from the website about the motive behind the event is a crucial before engaging. Market America Event has three categories of venues: US Regional Sites, International Sites, and Community Sites. This enables them to reach a wider audience globally.

For example, the upcoming nutraMetrix®Annual Convention scheduled to take place in October this year will engage the best in this field of nutraMetrix Health. It aims to deliver best first-hand accounts of best practices to health regimens. The sessions will begin on a Friday and run through to Sunday afternoon, scheduled to happen similarly to the Regional convention.


The Business Accomplishment of Jason Hope

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur among many other titles such as; he is an investor philanthropist and futurist. Furthermore, Hope is intrigued by technology. Moreover he sometimes spares his time to contribute into politics. Jason Hope resides in Scottsdale, Arizona. He attained an MBA from ASU’s W.P Carey School in the department of business as well as a bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University in Finance.

As a philanthropist, he spares his time in helping those in need by offering some of his facilities and resources. His charity work involves developing the local firms in Arizona due to his exceptional skills in business. Jason Hope contributes to organizations that have the aim of also helping people especially the elderly so that their lives can be better.

Since he has a passion for technology, he is mostly involved in opportunities that deal with development and research. This invention of technology that he takes part in includes; mobile applications, gaming software and desktop software. He contributes to this growth for the sake of improved communication. If people have a better communication more peace will develop thus better relationships.

Having a good eye for technology helps him to be able to notice new trends in the market so that he can work on them. He passes on this information to various companies and as a result more development is enhanced to create success. A business is bound to succeed if there is commitment and hard work. In a nutshell a business must initiate an exceptional idea for it to succeed.

Jason Hope has become an accomplished man because he chose to link up and work with entrepreneurs who are getting started so that he can help them accomplish their dream in business. He offers them a capital for them to carry on. He believes that technology can create a big difference in a business.

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